Heres how I think the movie should have ended.. Brief story inside.

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Flash camera to the oracle sitting in the park, sati is playing on the ground next to her.

Pan left and see the architect walking up to them. "I see your taste for rogueish, impudent programs has not diminished since we vanquished your last pupil..."

Oracle takes a puff on her cigarette. "Neo was a good boy."

"Quite right." The Architect laughs. "He followed every single order you gave him, as expected."

"He made a few of his own choices..."

"Hardly, your insipid, meandering prophecies, your vague postulations on purpose and providence, only served to confuse the poor boy until he had no choice but to pursue his pathetic servitude to you. And to us."

"Donchu talk about neo that way colonel sanders, I'll rip that beard off and wipe your ass with it."

"Look here old woman. I am the architect. Concurrently, I would own you like a little noob."

"Bring it"

The architect rips off his sport jacket and shirt revealing a ripped chest and bustling biceps no one would have guessed him for having.

The oracle takes a short leap and uses the park bench as a springboard. She cuts into a scorpion kick, which the architect barely deflects. He follows with a round house meant to knock her off her feet. Cut to bullet time and show in slow motion the foot barely grazing under her as she does a back flip.

The fight continues for 73 minutes, and everytime they hit, ferrets appear, then are slung outward in an explosive manner. Finally, exhausted, the old black lady falls to one knee.

"Everything that has a beginning has an end?" says the Architect, sneering.

"Hey whitey!" Sati's voice squeaks out.

He turns, angry.

"Check this out!"

With a wave of her hand, Sati transforms the Architect into a huge billboard, with a single word adorning it. "Whoa!"

Sati smiles, "I made it for him"

The oracle smiles back, "Neo would love it."

hahahahahahhaha big grin

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NOw thats a perfect triology ending..laughing out loudlaughing out loud

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