WHo is that?

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hey in the trailer for ROtk

Is that Eowyn, Eomer is holding while crying??
this question came up in another forum

I thought it was Pippin holding Merry myself.

EDIT: Shit, missed that one. There IS a shot of Eomer (before the shot of Pippin and Merry) and it is probably Eowyn. But it's possible it is Theoden wink

tiger lilly
ive seen a still pic of the scene i think ur talkin bout, and im pretty sure its pippin holdin up merry... tho first time i saw it i cudda swore it was eowyn holdin up theoden.....

oh the confusion... confused

No, that's how I got confused. There is a shot of Eomer holding somebody (I am pretty sure its Eoywn but it could be Theoden due to what happens) and after that, there is a shot of Pippin holding Merry (not Merry holding Pippin like I originally said...LOL) smile

* looks for some pics*

ok here's the one i'm asking about

and this is the one which some of u were mixing up with

looks like eowyn, but it's hard to say for sure, they all have long hair, so it's hard to extinguish the guys from the girls sometimes.

Eomer is holding Eowyn....becuz he thinks she is dead from the battle with the witch king, but later on she is healed in the house of healing from aragorn himself. I think he is also grieving from the death of his uncle too. Its hard to say about the other pic...probably thats when merry wakes up from battle and is told both king theoden and lady eowyn dies during the the battle with the witch king. Reality finally sets in for poor merry.

I think it's rather Eowyn because of the direction the hair flows - well, Eomer didnt even know that Dernhelm was Eowyn before.

"Ride now! Ride for ruin! And the world's ending!!"
(Eomer when he thinks Eowyn is dead, in the film Theoden)

Yes, it is supposed to be Eowyn......I think!!

Anybody any idea whats that thing in the background?

on the merry n pippin pic its a menber of gondors or rohans army, on the one with eomer it looks kind of like a being in black armour, the witch king is dead at this point so.......

the 2nd pic is eowyn holding merry

thats pippen holding merry...........pip has on the armour of Gondor( black and silver)

and notice the ELVEN brooch???............both have them have one............only people who were in lorien would have those..........and Eowyn DID not go to lorien so she has no reason to have one!!

lol thats exactly why ppl in a war use to wear banners and flags to show who they are big grin big grin

in the 2nd pic THAT IS NOT eoywn, sorry its not...it doesnt even look like her...it looks like someone totally different, pippin maybe, but not eowyn, i know what eowyn looks like and that isnt her thats holding merry

the first pic...it does look like hes holding eoywn

and i just read back about the elven brooch thing, why would eowyn have a elven brooch if she didnt go to lorien, it makes no sense, IT HAS TO BE PIPPIN! Because 1. it doesnt look like eowyn AT ALL 2. eowyn shouldnt have a elven brooch

And...doesnt the elven brooch mean Fellowship??? Eowyn isnt even in the fellowship so thats another reason why she WOULDNT have the elven brooch

its pippin

fellowship as in...well yeah not in the movie fellowship but not what i meant...she wasnt in the 9 fellowship thats what i mean, so she shouldnt have a elven brooch

damnit this music is trainin my thoughts....im telling you...i cant take the torture of waiting any longer...its driving me nuts...the songs from the ROTK soundtrack and trailers arent helping either

*falls over*

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