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"Celebrain the fair of the lands with her light brown hair and sea bright green eyes the life and death of all that behold her for it is that is the fairest"

yeah and the reason for this thread is?????????????????????

The author is Celebrain202. (S)he is promoting themselves. That's the point.

However, we all know that Luthien is the fairest of all time.

JRR seems to have a habit of making several people the "est" of one thing. He really seems to love his characters.


hey, like i started a thread like a little while ago about celebrian, celebrian202 so if you want to start a new thread, u may want to search the site before you start a thread like this for just promoting yourself... but your new... u deserve a break...

back to what exa said, how tolkien made multiple characters the "est" of there respective traites. well heres one for you, whos better feanor or fingolfin? he at different times states that either one is "the best" but more so with feanor. i lean towards fingolfin that is just cause i like him more. what do you guys think?

wait wha.... are we still trying to translate celebrian, the meaning i mean?


Fingolfin took on Morgoth in one on one combat, wounded him many times and held his own, in what would have made an awesome action sequence. Enough said.

Feanor just made me hate him. Especially the burning of the boats, that was the worst of all his deeds IMO. I don't like Feanor, but he certaintly has the brightest burning light, which manifests mostly as pride...

When is a person "better" than an other?
I think we have to add what sb. is better or best for

Hm Fingolfin is simply too good.
That makes him a bit boring
But I love the scene of his death... so exciting... and then his horse Rochallor smile dying of litterally broken heart... but he was simply so good, and nothing but good.

However, Feanor, is far more interesting, which makes him one of my fav characters.
Of course he's kinda evil and everything, and he did so many bad things, but he's a genius... and the best smith and everything.

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