Elrond's descent (generally pointless)... *Silmarillion Spoilers, teasers really*

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Did you know that Elrond (and his brother, Elros,) are 9/16 Elf, 6/16 Human, and 1/16 Maia (low-level "angel."wink

His father was half-elf, half-human, and although was mortal and more human (man) than elf, he chose to be an elf, mostly because of his wife. His mother, Elwing, is 1/4 human, 5/8 elf, and 1/8 maia, and is an elf. Elrond and Elros were considered half-human half-elf unlike their parents which were considered to be on one side, and were given the same choice of elf or man, and Elrond chose elf, and Elros chose man. We all know about Elrond, but Elros went on to be the ancestor of Numenorean Kings (making Arwen and Aragorn distant relatives wink)

Galadriel is at least 500 years older than he is (approximately how long the Noldor remained on Middle-Earth,) probably more like 2 or 3 thousand (we do not know how long she stayed in Valinor...at least I don't.) While Galadriel is 3rd generation to the first born elves, and witnessed (although really didn't take part significantly) in the events of the 1st age, Elrond is much further down the chain, as wasn't born until the end of the first age. It's also not widely known, but Elrond married Galadriel's daughter, Celebrian.

Elrond, as you can see, has quite a large mix of bloodlines, and is the mix of all the famous people of the 1st age (most, at least.) He has the blood of 2 houses of elves, and 2 houses of men. Galadriel is a mix of the same 2 houses of elves as Elrond, Noldor & Sindar/Teleri (Elrond is descended from Sindar, Galadriel from Teleri...slightly different.)

Just some useless information that may or may not make you want to read the Silmarillion. It's really good, I strongly recommend it. Not nearly as epic as LotR though, obviously. Not much is said about Galadriel, sadly, whom in LotR I love much greater than Elrond, but the Silmarillion pretty much is a story that outlines the decent of Elrond and Elros.

I want a book of the 2nd age, that would be really cool. I know Christopher Tolkien wrote some...are they on the same par as his father or not really? Any recommendations? I love epic fantasies and they are so rare....(good ones at least.)

(I apologize if any mistakes are made in this post...i'm only human, and the history of Middle Earth can rival our own. I did my best to make sure I didn't make any vagrant errors but as I said i'm only human.)e


very interesting, i thought that he was half human, but i didn't know the statsitics because he was called somethin, that i can't remember now, but it was in the movie... sorry i blanked.... wink

thats cool, i didn't know any of that, very interesting

Ah, i'm such an idiot...I forgot Turgon's mother was a Vanyar...so yeah 3 houses of elves, 3 houses of men...I couldn't keep track of the Edain (Men) too well, it had too little purpose and too short of mention and too many details for me to pick it all up in one reading, but definetely my goof on the elves...

Wait...Elrond doesn't have any blood from Aqualonde, does he?...(in a rush, no time to thoroughly think this through...be back later.)


Yeah, mother's mother, that's what I meant...I don't think Turgon's mother is mentioned at all.

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I will exchange my Tolkien's books for the current 2003 EXA's encyclopedia of Tolkien as soon as possible.

It is easier than read all Tolkien's books again wink

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Turgons mother... she is mentioned somewhere in the Histories, I think. Either it was amarie or anaire... I always mix then up as I found them at the same time... I think it's Anaire.

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I'm sorry it only exists in German and has only about 800 entries at the moment wink wink and nearly only humans from a to d *lol*

The histories are by Christopher though right? I personally don't consider that "canon" (not literally.)

NO Christopher didnt write them!
They're by Tolkien himself, and his youngest son Christopher just put them together, analysed them and wrote comments.

He didn't write any of the histories? *Brain malfunctions*. According to everything i've read about JRR, he had a hard time finishing LotR, nevermind have enough time to write an encyclopedia of his world...

Wow I was dead wrong....looks like he wrote LOADS more, including the Histories....what do you suggest I dive into next? Why was I under such a strong impression his writing career consisted only of the Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, and Lord of the Rings, with the former 2 not even being completed by himself...

EDIT: I get a very strong "intuitive" feeling that JRR wrote much less of the other books than Christopher would have you to believe...but what the hell do I know...I mean he (Christopher) put together a book of scraps of writing (by his father) with some being no more than rough drafts called Unfinished Tales, and then finds that his father wrote a whole encyclopedia essentially of Middle Earth that has MORE detail and information on the things in Unfinished Tales? Please do clarify if I have no idea what i'm talking about, but logic of things I don't know about put aside, I still get that intuitive feeling I mentioned...but who cares. I am happy nonetheless to learn of my error.

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Nonono, he finished LoTR about 20 years before he died...
And most of the History is far older than LoTR (some of the books show earlier versions of LoTR), it gives mainly earlier versions of his texts and Christopher put them together and commented them.
And the History is NO encyclopedia
I don't know about any encyclopedia he wrote (save appendices...)

Yeah taking a closer look it seems like scraps of rough drafts and stuff...

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Elrond aint nothing speacil...Aragorn had just as much maiar in him as elrond did and he was elven-blooded too.

No Aragorn had far less
And well over so many generations that doesnt matter anymore

Of course he has elvish blood as Elrond is the brother of Aragorns greatgreatgreatgreatgreat(....)greatgreatgreatgrandfather big grin

But thats also not sooo important Boromir also had elvish blood - and far "more" than Aragorn wink

being a geneticist, I'm wondering how 144 Elves can evolve to a stable population wink ....

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good question
but obviously it works ^^ save for some exceptions like Legolas stick out tongue

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