what is one hting you're NOT looking forward to in ROTK?

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saruman's death... i fear it will be too different from the book

It's been cut and will only make it to the DVD...apparently. But I am looking forward to absolutely everything in the next movie...EVERYTHING smile

I... I dunno... I bet the movie'll be great though there are some things...

Im not looking forward to seeing some memorable charcters die , it will be hard to watch but you must sacrafice certain things to gain victory.

agreed, i don't want to see anyone die, exept maybe frodo .... muuuhahahahaha

yes i dont want to see myself be defeated. i hope p.j changed the ending


I'm really afraid that their going to cut out the part where the hobbits go back and free the Shire, but if they don't the movie is gonna be five hours long. :s :/

they do cut it, its been confirmed for a while

Well, first of all i'm goin to LOVE lotr, because rotk will probably be one of the best movies that i've ever seen, in fact i know that it will be...

1. The war in the shire.... has been CUT... that ticks me off, because i was looking forward to it so much... but i understand that.

2. Along with that Saruman's death will be so much different but that goes with the shire since sarumans death is in the shire...

3. I'm not going to like watching Aragorn and Arwen get married, but hey i don't like the actress or the character, so you can't blame me, and it's my opinion, so people please don't tell me how wrong i am and blah blah blah i know i know your opinion, so yeah...

Other than that this movie will be awesome... espically the crowning of Aragorn... and the action scenes, and yum... *drools* embarrasment

well i am very affraid of where the army of the dead is going to be used. i hope that they do it like the book, but it seems like everything is pointing to them being on the pelenor fields.

Lady Bri
i already know the shire part's been kicked off the agenda (which sucks) and i honestly can't say i'm looking forward to RotK as much as I was the other two. PJ's a good director but he's taking too much liberty with the story. i am interested in seeing how saruman dies though. it's still gonna be a great movie! wink

yea....the rangers are already not gonna be there...which bugs me cuz i always thought they were cool...

Well I CAN'T WAIT FOR ROTK!!!! but everyone's gotta understand, there is NO conceivalbe way to completely adapt a novel to a film: It just can't be done, and you know those hollywood guys haven't read the books and could care less about preserving the story, but hey, we all have read it and APPRECIATE the story, and THATs what counts, right?

YOU KNOW What i am not looking forward too?!?!?!?

THE movie ending..............bwaaaaaaaaaa!!!!....the journey ends

Yeah, that's the stuff I'm not looking forward to seeing. Well, at least we know they kept the Mouth of Sauron, so Jackson didn't screw that up.... let's see, his blunder in saying that Sauron is formless (written all over the official site)... hmm... Sauron has a form throughout the books. It's simply that he's clever and doesn't walk into battle, instead lets people fight each other... weaken each other, and stays hidden in his tower until his plans come to fruition. Now look back at the films and see what's been screwed up about that so far...

Yup, me too, i hope that they do other movies on Tolkien's work... such as THE HOBBIT!! Why didn't they start with that? Just my opinion, well they should do a movie on it, because i don't want to keep watchin a cartoon! stick out tongue


I'm not looking forward to the time of the day I'll walk out of the cinema, seeing I have a preliminary exam the same morning.

Alot of changes PJ made pissed me off, and while I do understand it's impossible to transform a novel into a movie without changes, I think alot of them were done needlessly and/or badly (I think a long series, perhaps on TV, could have done it loyal to the book, and I would have enjoyed much more.)

However, the whole Shire thing at the end is a must-cut (for PJ's adaption,) even die-hards would be bored to tears at that point. There's no way around it. I have no qualms with that.

I feel like saying that I do think at least the casting and characters were done excellently (for the most part,) but I don't like the portrayal of Merry and Pippin, especially at the beginning. And things either should be cut or uncut...like Bill the Pony, he was obviously not with them then all of a sudden he was there for a second in a very awkward attempt to stay loyal to the book. Either do it or don't. But now i'm starting something I shouldn't. smile

Yeah, I agree with fini!! Definitely the ENDING!

I'm afraid of seeing the lack of the war in the shire... and I'm also afraid of seeing the paths of the dead, yet this is one of the scenes I can absolutely not await.

it is soo sad about the shire .. that was like one of my favprite parts in the bookk !!!! darn!

i kno me too

Woot! right on wink

i dont think they were being against arwen, i think they were saying it would be sad w/no more arwen...maybe not...

lol, the chunk of the movie would be misssing.... i admit...

RoTK is the only part where I think we MIGHT see Arwen and it could PERHAPS make sense
Because she marries Aragorn.

Yet I fear it will be far more than that sad


arent we all sad

Yes...me too....sad

A screw up on Saruman's death! I hope not!...I know also that Theoden dying is going to make me cry!! I kinda don't wanna see that....but of course I will anyway...http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/down.gif

hmmm...that mite make me cry...but, knowin my reaction from when i read the book, i bet im gonna cry when gollum dies

I am looking forward to seeing eowyn and faramir getting married (if dats even in the movie anymore) Wait was that even in the book. Well they kissed and iim looking forward to that.

yea i dont think they actually got married in the book did they? didnt it just say they were married?? who knos i didnt pay much attention to them

yeah, agree wit fini 2. Why does the movie hav to end??? No more Orli, no more Viggo, no more Elij
No more LOTR!! sad They might even close down this message board no

OH HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL no...........dont worry they eh closing this down for a good while still

haha yea...we can talk abou tbooks and how we wish there was a hobbit

Orlando Bloom stick out tongue

I completely agree. I'm going to be so sad for Eowyn, who is such a greater character than Arwen. Grrrrr.

And the scouring of the shire is not in it--that was a great part of the book.

But what is the thing I am not looking forward to? THE MOVIE BEING OVER!!!!! Because then we will NEVER see another LotR movie for the first time ever ever ever again. I'm sure I will bawl my eyes out.

well they defiantly fall in love in the book and I am looking forward to seeing that

Theodens death is going to be very sad...sad but.... in the movie they made him into such a jerk to aragorn and everyone else... what's the reason? does anyone know? other than he's jealous of aragorn...

and with saruman's death, yeah they messed it up completely, and it's true we don't get to see him die... i say wtf with the rest of the lotr and they don't seem to care...whatever.

Well I heard he is going to be tossed from the tower and by Grima...and land on a pike of some sort.....then Legolas shoots Grima with a bow!.That's not so different! About Theoden....he wasn't a jerk was he?.....I think he was just out to do what he thought was best for his ppl!....Perhaps a Numenorian who is destined to rule Gondor could pose a bit of a threat to a King who was considered to be absent and weak minded for a while!

i know that's a rumor, perhaps something like that will be in the extended version, but i thought it was declared that we wouldn't see him die in the movie, and christopher lee is really pissed... i would be too, actually i am embarrasment

I hope we do too...I wanna see the bastard die! stick out tongue

I agree. They made Theoden so annoying and he wouldn't go into battle or anything. I'm betting that it will be sad though. My friends and I are going to have to take a box of tissues when we go see it.

Yes, that's going to be sad. Like Faramir, though, Theoden gets better.

There is one death I AM looking forward too, though. *cough* Denethor's death*cough*

It's going to be a very sad movie.

im not looking forward to the ending of the lord of the rings series. i wish they could continue forever!!!

When does Theoden get better?? confused

Well, near the end. In my opinion. When he rides out with Gandalf--simply because he does it, and finally goes out and fights.

Amen to that !!!

well. I do agree with you on that one with PJ's made some mistakes, if it's right, about the moviecuts! But NOT about the long serie on TV!
3 books=3 movies!!
I do not think I would have enjoyed a second if it had been split in 30 parts or something like that! No, no, no, no!
But. you may have your opinion. I have mine.
I really think it would have destroyed it all.

And now I'm going to answer the thread!
That would be the Path of the Dead.
I know he has made Gollum really great and all....but I've got my own version of the best in the Aragorn story! The PATH of the DEAD!
I do really think so that it is really stupid of PJ to cut out Aragorns brothers, the Rangers! They should have been with him, Legolas and Gimli into the Path of the Dead! But they've cut them out, so it's only Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn! I think that is very very stupid!

Well....that's what I think. First he takes Tom Bombadillo, which I've comed over. Now he is taking Sarumans death out of the theatrical version, the Hobbitwar out of the MOVIE!


I don't know how hes going to get any better... hes such an a** already...


how do you do spiolers?!

is it blah blah blah just without the second

i just dont want it to end! sad

LOTR luver
I luv Orlando BloomU? love love

Well they just removed Sauruman from the movie so we wont be able to see it until the DVD comes out.

well, no shit, just about half the girls in this place do... you are a girl right? stick out tongue

He he! I could imagine a boy, calling himself LOTR luver! *I love O.B!*
Love the name O.B...
That's the name the NazGirls gave him. Very......Yummi!
*I've lost my O.B*

Well, Now I'm just cracking. I better stop, before I get hurt....


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