If You Could

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if you could change some things in the film what would it be

mine would be to have the battle of the pellenor fields ragoing on when melkor returns and have sauron get the ring and they could rule the world together

Make Aragorn marry Eowyn and Faramir die because he acts like an a**, Arwen should go to Valinor and find someone to marry of her own kin... but that would be only a dream... sad


Someone actually agrees with my opinion! Yea!

Eowyn will die of old age before Aragorn even has any grey hairs you realise? Arwen and Aragorn are distantly related.

Even then, I imagine that Morgoth would have been a lot weaker than at the War of Wrath. How would he compare to Sauron if Sauron could retrieve the Ring?

actually... i don't think that's correct... he was already like 40 or so when Eowyn was born, I think that man kind in Tolkien's work lives longer than expected... and shaber Aragorn is has so little of elven blood in him, it really doesn't matter, he may live a few extra years, but not too many... so Aragorn and Arwen are VERY distantly related...

no because malkor would rule WITH sauron

(making room for a new book, featuring melor turning his back on sauron and then there would be another great war, and read)

Make the Nazgul get Melcor back from the Void and let him rule Middle-Earth forever smile
Yes, and Sauron can be his servant and rule the hobbits or something.

no exa your missing the point

the treason of isengard imagine that, but replace saruman with melkor and insstead of saruman being killed by wormtongue there could be another huge battle for middle earth remember the hoobit war of the five armies well we could have that sauron vs melkor vs men vs elves and right in the middle the valar show up

now you CANNOT tell me you wouldnt want that to be a book and movie

LoL big grin
But I do want to have Melcor ruling in the film

right fine, just for exa we will have melkor win heres a run down of event

melkor turns back on sauron sauron using ring decides melkor is to dangerous to keep around so he assualts the newly built angband whilst this is going on men realise that they should let these two fight then charhe in at last minute with full forces which they do, unfortunately the elves have the same idea while elves and men do battle sauron and melkor rearm with new forces and there is a great battle outside angband, just as the fate of middle earth seemed loth to chaos ulmo using his waterness forces a new river to the very doors of angband down this river the valar arrive, the whole battle gets out of control and as all side fight on melkor uses his last trick he opens the gates of his fortress and out pour his servants of flames the balrogs and dragons and legions and legions of orcs, and crush the enemy forces, the leaders of the other armies unite to fight but begin to loose spectacuarly and flee and are ultimately defeated

or are they?!?!?!

you like?

Ohhh wow..of course add the scouring of the shire, the whole sauraman thing, of course..have aragorn with eowyn, and arwen and legolas together, it would magical!!!!

but dont give me wrong, i root for arwen and aragorn!!!! But i was just thinking that it would be cute if arwen was with legolas!


Sauron, you assume that Morgoth's sojourn in the void would have done him absolutely no harm? When he was defeated he was already much weaker than he was when he was called Melkor. When he crawls out of the void he will be a shadow of his former self.

Sauron, being, bound up with the Ring, has different properties; the Ring is the symbol of infinity.

Still, not a bad idea, you got it from Freddy vs Jason I presume? wink

Anything to change in the film...

I would change the scenes... like some are too dark too see...

And I would make sure the actors had a little skit going on in the background while the credits are rolling.

Plus, I would make sure there was a female in the Fellowship and when the Nazgul go to Bree, they stop to get an ale...

BingaBonga, a quote for you from LoTR: Return of the King, spoken by Aragorn at the time of his coronation soon after the fall of Sauron:

Aragorn:"...being what I am ...and due to the task I have to do I (have a longer lifespan)..., but when those in the wombs of women grow old, so too will I."

The Rohirrim only lived to be about 80 or so. The Numenoreans lived longer, the Numenorean royals longer still. Eowyn has had her first bloom of youth already. Aragorn has still to live the equivalent of her ENTIRE lifespan at the very least. If she conceives with Faramir, Aragorn would live at least until the end of the lifespan alotted to their first child.

Due to Aragorn's pivotal role in LoTR, Eru and the Valar must have alotted him a specially long lifespan, whether or not that meant kindling the vitality of his watered down Numenorean Royal blood...

I would like to see a screenplay of Utumno though! That would be muchmore spectacular than Bara dur.

no shaber, its from my own overactive imagination,

in fact im going to write a screenplay for it, every1 help start of a story n ppl carry on and il save it all in my pc and show when its done

hear hear... i loved faramir in the books, in the movie i was like wtf mate, wtf

thank you! they made him look awful... and theoden too... they made aragorn look mighty fine... and the other guy that was going to play aragorn was way to young.... and ugly... and looked like he was on somethin... or to me i think...

THX big grin big grin big grin
Cool story
Why cant PJ have ideas like that big grin big grin

because he is not as inventive as me

(anyone gonna start on that screenplay)

exa wen im older i will make my story into film big grin

Darth Revan
Err....Isn't Aragorn human?

I don't think they'll put any of this in the movie....but I would've changed the way Frodo was treated at his return to the Shire!....He was given no acknowledgement whatsoever from the Shire folk!....The other three hobbits were praised, but not poor old Frodo!....He's the one that lost a freakin' finger! sad

That's what i'm thinkin... but it's true that he has some little bit of elvish that makes him live longer..but not too much longer i thought.

Aragorn is a man, but he is of the blood of Elros, aka Numenorean Kings, who had 500+ year life-spans at the peak of the bloodline. He has elven blood via Elros, who is Elrond's brother and the founder of Numenor

yes at the peak, although not much of aragorns blood is numernorean im thinking hel get 200/300 years, (hey it would suit me)

plus if arwen and aragorn are related isnt that sort of incest????

But all important persons are related in middle-earth
Just name two - you can be nearly sure they are more or less related
More or less

And of course practically all elves are more or less related as there were only 144 elves who awoke at cuivienen wink

yeah god point

im changing the point of this thread its not only if u could change things in lot but in any tolkien literature

excellent, excellent smile

Perhaps it would be nice to point out in the film that REALLY everybody is related a bit... even Arwen and Boromir, somehow...

yeah we could open the film at a family re-union and they will all be there

how old did aragorn live to be anyway?

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