Matrix Ride - How About A Theme Park Attraction?

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I was thinking. Many big movies have attractions that eventually became associated with them, especially franchised movies.

How about a ride based on The Matrix.

One idea I thought of off the top of my head was a motion ride that would take you aboard a hovercraft where you'd be hurled through the pipes, attempting to avoid Sentinels and other hazards on your way to either the surface or Zion.

While waiting in line, the indoor lobby would be decorated with all the computers and jack-ins. The ride would take place in the "cockpit" so-to-speak.

I think this would be a wondeful idea for a theme park to consider, perhaps Six Flags (since Warner Brothers seems to have rights associated with that park).

hmm...I think that'll be pretty cool...but considering how long the lines would be, they should hook up TVs inside the "cockpit" so the people dont get bored and stuff. I have an idea...have you ever seen that E.T. ride in, I forgot the place...I think disneyland. Anyways, they go inside a huge ship thing and there's a big screen in front of them and they travel places, but he ship isnt moving. That'll save plenty of time waiting because there are more than 5 rooms like that next to each other.

great idea.

Dude, that's a cool idea.

P.S. The ride would be at Six Flags because it's a Warner Bros. Series.

I've had this idea for a while now, with a chamber where you're hooked up like JP-S and AC when they were doing footage for the game, and you'd wear a VR helmet and have to hit these thingies that'd come at you (sponge mannequins with sensors on them?)

As well as the obligatory 'ship' VR flight sim.

Screw just a Matrix TPA, how about a Matrix Theme Park?



Quick, contact the Wachowski Brothers!

laughing out loud

Like the T2 attraction in Universal!! Make it 3D matrix... and a few more rides... its own theme park!big grin

Alias Neo
i been on a rollercoaster called the matrix. on the front of the rollercoaster train it said neburcanezar. and at some points along the rollercoaster there were replicas of sentianls. it was cool cool


This is a cool idea!....Hmmmm... cool

Alias Neo
in a theme park in Devon

They should have a replica of one of the ships and there are large screens at each side so you cant see the ends like the back to the future ride at universal studios and you man the guns at each side of the ship.

just a suggestion....if u have ideas..keep them to urselves....u don't want someone else picking up onit...actually producing it then takin all thre credit! i'm currently designing a Harry Potter Ride...(keep ur comments to urself!!!!!!!!!) it's a lil ahead of it's time, but if i were to tell someone about it, it cud easily leak out.....and be "invented" by someone else....i am actually thinking of presenting it to Warner am keeping it strictly between me and the paper....i suggest u shud do the same!!!!

I'm sure something like this might have been thought of before. Besides, even if it was "stolen" from me I really wouldn't care anyhow.

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