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Personally i liked all the female characters in LOTR, and i always wished Tolkien included a few more female characters. But i think Eowyn was the best,because she really knew how to use a blade(kicked butt in ROTK!!lol),and was strong willed.Arwen wasnt in the book very much which surprised me when i read it.

So this is the place to talk about the females u liked and hated,an d the obvious gender imbalance in LOTR!!!smile have fun!!

yeah there is a gender imbalance in LOTR..........but as was said SOOOOO MANY times before........this book was written before women actively sought equality.........the mere fact that TOlkien put in strong women characters in his story ( ie, Eowyn, Arwen, Galadriel...who is the most powerful elf in middle earth by the way) made tolkien write a bit ahead of his time

well i didnt think she did to well in rotk, the only significant thing with a blade i remember her doing was killing witch king

and as iv said before, without merry she could not have done it

well...definately agreed, eowyn is so cool, an arwen is not, lol, but i think as fini said we've had this discussion so many times before... but i really don't mind, as long as it's not about arwen...hehe stick out tongue

i wish there was a female in hte fellowship or something

say a female elf... that had sex with legolas... played by me

somehow, i knew thar was comeing big grin

lol, thats great. i would want more Eowyn types. Say a whole village of them. SHE KICKS MAJOR @$$!! Cany wait to see her in ROTK, should be great.

how many ppl now repeat the speech on the pellenor fields

not a sniff of it before then i said how great i though it was and now BOOM everyopne using it in sigs

i lik ethe galadriel because of ho wpowerful and majestic and beautiful she is....
i also like arwen, tho it bugs me ho w she SUCH a big part and other parts *cough* pippin *cough* were dwarved by on the TTT poster, she is huge on that but merry and pippin didnt even make it on, when they are more important.

yes i wish there was one sex scene with viggo... but NOT with arwen... well i think i may watch some scenes with him in other movies... yum... love

Eowyn is definitely the coolest LotR character. And Galadriel too. While it would be great if there had been a female in the Fellowship, at least there are some good female characters.

alot of people are goin to moan at me but i didnt like her in thetwo towers but finking about dat i blame her uncle coz he wont let her fight

ive got the feeling dat i will like her more when she starts fightin ROTK

by da way give me warning if you are going to post spoilers

why didn't u like her? theoden's character was an ass... i'm like pj what the f*ck are you doin to him and faramir...?

she doesnt do much useful

its not so much dat i dont like her its just i prefer other characters like aragorn and legolas the ultimate fighting machines

but like i said i will probaly like her more wen she starts to fight


Eowyn actually sings in the TT EE! I love that!! big grin

what did arwen EVER DO TO YOU PERSONALLY??? bingabonga??????

I like that Eowyn pic!! Cool!! (Methinks I am starting to like MO beer )

I love the character of Eowyn!!

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