Ttt Ee

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I got it and the extended scenes were really cool
so anyways if you got it tell how you liked it heresmile

I WANNA SEE IT SOOO BAD!!!! IM GONNA RENT IT NEXT WEEK!!! were the pippin scenes good???

The added scenes were good.

Eowyn SINGS in this (I saw this topic somewhere here already, I know) big grin

Yeah, and though I didn't enjoy it, she did pretty well.

I actually wound up buying it Tuesday morning, then watching it nonstop, from disc 1 through 4, from the time I got home from school up to the time I went to bed. It's great stuff, and rather interesting - though the WETA stuff and all the Gollum hype got somewhat annoying.

I found the extended scenes to be, on the whole, rather humorous. I was laughing quite a bit.

After watching the extended version, I now have deep respect for Boromir, and understand why he wanted the ring...

Yeah, most of the scenes were just extra things of humor. I liked the part with Legolas and Gimli after helms deep and with pippen and merry at isengard

It was so good and i felt so bad for faramir cause all the stuff denethor says and boromir and faramirs parting made me cry. so sad. LOVED THE COMMENTARY! so hilarious

I LOVED the extended edition... the only thing I didn't like was the Old Man Willow thing they put in there.. if they didn't put it in the FOTR then they shouldnt have put it in there at all... I'm still upset that they put that in there, but besides that tiny part, I LOVED the EE.

Damnit! For some inane reason it's been delayed over here so I won't be getting it before the 27th! BAH!


I really loved the EE (ok I still havent finished all these extras)... the new scenes are perfect... I dun understand why they didnt put the Osgiliath-scenes into the cinema version, they show Faramirs character far better than it (sadly) was in the normal film

TTT EE=Most excellent
TTT TE=not excellent

Yeah Faramir was cool, but I think he was a little too harsh on Gollum at the end, though I know he deserved it.

I agree, this scene should really have been in the Theatrical Release. It explains a lot about Faramir. Plus you get two see both brothers together. But alas, that was not to be. The scene was too long I guess.

God, i envy you guys, i have no money so i cant get it, i will have to wait until i GET money until i can see all of this sad OH the pain, the pain of it all.

I cant believe Eowyn told Aragorn she loved him!

My dvd got here yesterday. I've only torn myself away from it for a little while to work on my homework. It's so good!!!

Yes they were! He's soooo cute!
Anyhow, I liked it all! I think the movie ties together so well with the extra scenes! I mean, it's not like I didn't know already about those parts....but in general, it was so exciting to see things like Sam and his salt!. Can everyone see it so I can comment without spoilers? stick out tongue

That scene was intense..... big grin

EE was so cool i got it Tuesday night its the best i am glad they put some comedy in the film so its wasnt like 4 hours of drama/action stuff, it was great!!!

More scenes with Elves in them?
I won't be getting de DVD till 5 December, that's a sort of Christmas here...

Anyone else listened to the actor commentary yet? Billy and Dom are the greatest.

yeah i listen to straight afta watchin it without it.

the ant comments are great

bless sean astin and his over weight self

the extra scenes are sooo funny with legolas and gimli at helms deep and merry and pipin at the end

i felt sooooo bad for faramir, i like his character so much more

the funeral was sad also

i like it when aragorn went to spill the digusting thing- bill and dom loved dat

I haven't gotten to that yet! They must be hilarious!


Shame on me...I bought it yesterday and still haven't seen it.

New born daughter you see, one and a half months old. Must be quiet!


That DTS-ES logo is just taunting me, I'm having nightmares, mmmuuusstt wwwaattccchh iiitttt, ppprreecciousssss....

I think I'm gonna cry...

I went on my lunch break and got it the day it came out! So I had to sit and look at it staring at me all day! I LOVED IT! big grin It was the movie I wish I had seen 6 times last dec. and not the TE.

I like the way they portrayed Faramir so much better now that I have heard why (Directors Comentary). The scene with Eowyn singing brought tears to my eyes, and the one with the soup made me roll laughing.

What I am most excited about tho is the scenes with Dom in them, he was sooooo cute. I just think they were so funny..... laughing

I have listened to the cast comentary and I laughed my butt off at Billy and Dom, they crack me up. Although last years with all 4 of the hobbits together was very funny.

AWWWWWWW Dom *faints*

yes the soup... wah and I watched it while having lunch...

That thing even looked half cooked!
Ok so she can't cook. Big deal. But I'm sure she can fight with a sword with the best of them.

The TT Extended was really great. I've watched it 10 times now.

BTW, anybody saw something wrong with the scene at Faramir's hideout?
When Sam was telling Frodo to wear the ring and escape, there were large barrels at their back. But when Faramir came, the barrels magically dissappeared!! Not only that, Sam somehow managed to move from Frodo's right to his left after seeing Faramir!
Wierd. You'd think they'd get this right before the DVD release.

Congrats though..

I haven't gotten it yet. Damn these problems with region2 TTT SE's for Scandinavia. But I've ordered it online, so getting it in few days.

eww that soup hahah...i was thinking to my self that Viggo had to have had a hard time eating that eevn though its was a prop it looked very nasty. (omfg was that a big ass chunk of fat!?)

Most of this should have been left in the movie. The faramir/boromir a must, and also the last scene with faramir.

Good management by the director to make people buy an "EE". Milk it man! lol

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