I Have The Revolutions Script!

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I finally have it! Well, I've had it for about a month, I made it myself, here ya go...

gexus . com / chocolaxchix

If you read it, plz comment!

You rock!, I tried the reloaded one but 404 page comes up

hey, mistique wher can i find more movie scripts

Yeah, I'll have to fix that.

Maniac: It takes a good 5 hours to make the script, WITHOUT all the dialouge. So I think I'll just stick to movie scripts I like. it doesn't help when the guy you get it from gave it to you like this:

sati r u from the matrix neo yes no I mean I was sati why did you leave neo I had to sati I had to leave my home too ramakandra sati come here darling leave the poor man in peace

so I had to put all the capitals and full stops in, you instead of u. Stuff liek that, but it was worth it smile You can find them on google by simple posting one or two lines in the script. Maybe more complicated words that you would probably only find in that movie. If you can't, then it's either too new or it's not on google. You can always pm me and I'll find it for you smile



Hey Mistipue. Great job. Can I hav ur number roll eyes (sarcastic) stick out tongue

lol... I'm really young...

Thanx for the script!!

The script for the whole matrix series has been around for hundreds of years, under the name of 'the bible'

It'd be great if you were in there, they could use a bit more comedy in the good book smile I guess you can't blame them for being so miserable, people being crusified, naked people being chased by lions, sounds quite funny really wink

Dude i back you fully the bible is the script of the matrix , for instance Zion, the whole idea of the one choosing to die ... come on it is most definaly linked happy

Yeah, I agree, like Neo's sacrifice and all that...

Mistique>if your young, then what does that make me?? laughing out loud btw, great script, I've been looking all over for it and couldn't find anything but one liners. smile

Yeah, it took a lot of work, but I did it smile I'm 12, I guess that aint too young...

thats cool
specially for me as i m bad at english smile

glad I could help...

The Omega
Mistique> If you're 12 you're NOT here as the age-limit is 13.
If you're 23 as your profile indicates, you're older than the average forumite around here big grin

Can I have ur number? Im only 13

Larry> shut up.
Mistique> Can you fix the Reloaded page. Also, could you do M1?
The script seems so short. Hard to imagine that the script is 30 pgs, yet the movie last 2.5hrs.

mors823>*Classic Neo middle finger*

Larry> No offense, in here and other threads.

same to you. In here or other threads

anybody knows if the official script is available???

Osiris>whats the official script?

Mors> I'll get right on it. I've been wanting to make it for a while, but as I said, it takes a good few hours yes

But I will get it done, I'll post when it is up...

thanx.....I'll be waiting, too

big grin

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