Anyone seen the Langoliers?

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Darth Revan
Has anyone besides me seen this? It's a little odd but has a very good take on time travel. I thought that it was overall fairly good, despite a lot of the actors being really irritating.

Is that a mini-series from a Stephen King book?!

Lady Ellie
I've seen it and I think it was pretty cool. Great story!

I have seen it at least ten times, and I enjoy it. big grin

Bad Boy
Starts off pretty good, with a decent David Morse, but goes reallllllllllllllllllllly stoopid at the end!

It was good though the special FX at the end were...special whistle

I agree that it starts off interesting then gets really really dumb.
"They sound like Rice Krispies." -- HA HA HA!!!

Yeah I saw this a long time ago, don't remember exactly when. It was a TV miniseries. Very good, one of the best Stephen King stories adapted to film IMO.

Btw, shouldn't this be moved to the horror movies forum?

Was that the one with Dean Stockwell on the plane?

In my opinion I thought the Langoliers was a great mini series. I didn't see it on television, but I rented it. I thought the story was great. I saw it altogether 2 times.

Heather 29
Yeh, i've seen it years ago and I didn't like it at all. it scared me alot
but, it was a chance to see Bronsen Pinchot though again after I saw him in the sitcom perfect strangers way back from the 80's. but other then that I hated that movie

It was ok, I have it on dvd, def. wouldn't say it's one of King's better book to movie translations...

I liked the short story though, the movie just doesn't do it justice.

King Burger
Great tv mini-series, marred only by that super-annoying little
girl!!!!! miffed

good up until the "giant hairy mouths eat the past" revelation...i like the idea that everything in the past is lifeless and the food has no taste

and the impending sense of doom with the noise in the distance

suffers from what most stephen king stuff suffers from...crap endings

look at the stand...great mini series...then everyone but the retard and one other person dies

or "IT"...scary clown...hidden past...childhood nightmares...then BANG...giant spider...

I saw it. I thought it was okay as far as plot... but then... gah.

i like this movie

it wasn't time travel it was different dimmension they landed because all those who were awake vanished

Evil Dead
It's a decent little mini-series......about what you can expect from a made for tv budget. The ending does ranks right up there with Pennywise being a spider.

no......nothing resembling horror to be found in the series. It's a time travel story about a group of people who get mis-placed in time.

it's been a while since I watched it.......but wasn't it explained that the group of people had basically time travelled because something or another in the storm caused their matter to slow down, allowing all other physical beings to pass them up in time, which resulted in only the non-biological pieces of them to be left behind (pace makers, dentures, etc.).......they didn't vanish, their physical bodies were simply out of sync with the rest of the group whom the story focuses on.......their physical bodies had moved ahead in time whereas the group's bodies had moved backwards or something.

no never seen it

Evil Dead
you're not missing too much......

I just other dimension kind of stuff.

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