metal face vs kemekonkga(whatever his name is)

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metal face
alright homie remember you called me out but i'll spit first, being the nice guy i am

kem called me out but was to much of a p***** to start/show's you right off the bat he's a softbatch employee at wal-mart/while i gotta mic in my hand you gotta mop and bucket janitor kem/take this up a notch/battle war intesity/i dont hit girls but i'll battle this fem/dispose of ya quick get famous off metal face you got your own thread/this is your last meal face it instead of jesus ima double team ya like whine and bread/cmon just a little rhyme and i'll still beat ya in many ways/watch me watch....face it son you're weaker than seven days/let this be a lesson for talking smack to me i wont forget the bash/game over i destroyed you john smith take out the f***** trash

in flames
started off real good but got weak in the middle but ended decent!! good rhyme metal face

John Smith
metal face ripped it

in flames
shame on you :P

Yo, Metal Face, they call you that because you steal rhymes, right?
When I'm done with you, you'll be stiffer than when limes fight,
seriously, you come prancing in like Robin Willaims acting all Pacino?
Being pissed because the last thing you ripped was the as-h-le of some old whino?
And the backpacker bit take it as a compliment that someone actually thinks you know hip-hop,
You've proven me wrong so far, in this battle your flow like a dry faucet, it goes drip-drop
Ah man, that was weak, but it still topples your top ****,
I'd smoke your ****, freak, but you're not dope enough to warrant a hit.
Yeah, I'm pointing out my multies because I doubt your decyphering skill,
You're so stupid you got frostburns from the freezer first time you tried to chill,
If you keep spitting against the wind, they'll be forced to call you Rust Face,
I made these 12 bars in six minutes and they still set the pace in this rap race,
Oh by the way, these two lines are an addendum just to say:
You can't make fun of fanny packs when you pack John Smith's fanny everyday.

Ah man, that was wack. Anyways, I took that from the top of my head so the quality is so-so, except for the Metal/Steel concept. I've been thinking about that **** since I first saw your nick.
Oh, and I know I had some obvious punches in there.. Ah well.
Keep dropping 'till you go down like your girl did.
And next time, spell my name right kid.

Edit: A*sh*le got completely wiped out. ******** autocensorship...

in flames
pretty cool! Kemekongka

nice both of u guyz. Mf that was tight s***. gj guyz

metal face
the only thing you're setting is the worst rhyme ever written record in guiness/and that's to bad i thought i had a challenge but i'll still handle my business/still mangle ya rip even if ya call me whitey or a cracker/that last comment pssshhh we all know out us two you're the fudge packer/so while im a backpacker we all know whats on your back/it's over kids disposing your rhymes before they can say WACK/
only six minutes to write that? fast isnt always better but im sure youve had people tell you that/but youve prolly had people tell ya you cant rap/so i dont know what else to tell you cept if it's a dry faucet there's not going to be any water/im battling everyone even you kemewhata?/

Ok, I'll drop my next lines later tonight.
I'll put some work into it this time.

Yo Yo
That was some good shiit kemekongla
Metal FAce can't rime
I am the Prime
Minister of Spain

Hey Metal Faker I'm back again,
Blingbling rapper bawling a perfect ten,
heh, sorry that was just a commercial before the main event,
Someone should put a sign in your brain saying "Space for rent"
Seriously, rhyming that with rap and water with whata, I see you're running out of rhymes.
and that crap about kids not liking me, well, you see, we can't all commit pedophilia crimes,
Never predictable so I'm not even going to mention MJ,
I'll even shut up about the time you spent in his mansion, ok?
F*ck, they should call me Death Metal because I'm killing this shit,
That retard is so fat that when he goes to the movies it turns into a mosh pit,
Only thing fatter than you are the words I'm writing down,
Congratulations, you're the burger king, here's your crown,
Ah f*ck my rhymes are so fat you could deep fry my notebook,
Alright, screw this shit, I'm out, I don't have time to battle this wannabe-crook.

I know I was going to put some work into it, but then I saw that shit GantaMan wrote and I just thought f*ck it.
That crap had me laughing for ten minutes. Seriously,
I am the Prime
Minister of Spain.
That shit right there is classic.

I've reconsidered my actions and am re-opening this thread for the time being.

Just thought I'd bump this up, still waiting for some comments or Metal Face to give up/go for another round.

This thread is on thin ice..... So get wise no more cuss for this fuzz or this thread will hit the dust.

Serious there will not be tolerated any foul language at all, next bad word will get it closed.

I thought the G rating policy had been revoked?
And seriously, can you really read this thread without having your funnybone poked? wink

Leon s.kenedy

Leon s.kenedy
c u

Thank you Leon. You took us to another level with your highly original lyrics.


metal face
"shut ya pie hole"

metal face
sorry i havnt something called a life and job

my bad

alright how you gonna tell me im reaching/when you coming with fat jokes and youve never seen me huh its time for a teaching/cuz kids never learn and im about to teach one/thats when you come against metal face you're going down and not getting up son/so you're a wannabe gangster? got your doo rag and glock?/cmon i know your 12 and live in the burbs while i smoke some green you smoke c**k/dont try and lie homie ganstaman has your back you know it/sick of these eminem wannabees after 8 mile think they can rap here's a lesson and a rap starter kit/number one if your freestyles have been wack the past two times you should stop/number two sorry homie tupac isnt coming back that's like waiting for your balls to drop/number three next you talk smack to metal face your heads gonna go snap crackle pop/

Umm. I'll shut my piehole when you post a picture of your own ugly mug
You already said you were white and then you go get a black pic off google so you can pretend to be a thug?
Sorry, I didn't realise my fat jokes hurt so much,
When I'm done with this battle I'll pop over to McDonalds once in a while so we can keep in touch,
See you cruising down the street in the hanger of your mom's range rover
Black paint in your face so you can trick people you don't know, but halloween's over,
but here's a treat, I'm gonna let you keep your mask,
because I don't want to see your face I don't think I'm up to the task,
And what's this about me acting gangster, I'm not the one who needs weed to write,
You could smoke your garden and still be six feet under in this rap fight,
That's it, I don't need more than twelve bars to take out this pretarded before birth poser,
These are my worst rhymes yet but it still beats the crap out of this generic canadian hoser.

Additional lines so I can say I ain't waiting for Tupac to come back,
I'm waiting for you to stop being so f*****g wack,
neither is gonna happen so I'll keep dissing your fat face.
I didn't think people could steal their rhymes from nu-metal but with you that seems to be the case.

Oh, and that cr*p about you having a life, after seeing you post fake pics I doubt it...

I am from spain
Feel the Pain
In my words

damn.... where you at metal. looks like he tryin to go hard now.

this is the last of the battle rap threads

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