Few Comments about Zion.

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In Reloaded the nebuchanezar comes into zion and the "command" lets them in. What i dont get is the command is pictured as a very sifisticated high tech white room with clean women operating it. But in Zion it is all machineray and pugagent. Where the hell is the tech?

it is a program...

Hrm...A program. That program obviously used A.I. Why would they have a program that used A.I. if the enemy that they were fighting in the first place was A.I.

I am stumped.

Its just a program...like one of the traing programs from The Matrix?

the Zion command is a program, just like the dojo or the training construct that the Neb uses...it doesn't use AI, it uses programs...

MC Mike
Watch the scene RIGHT after she talks and you see her and the rest plugged into a program (and a code-reader reading some sort of code they probably made... maybe).

I wonder why the devil they need that setup for Zion control?

Ahh, Yes, I remember that. Very nice. Thanks.

There is a thread on the Zion Control and it looks like the question was answered, so I'll be the first to say "closing!". Too bad I don't really have that power, but so many other poeple do it, and i guess I wanted to join in.

mors> laughing Welcome to the un-mod club...

man this place is full of alot of stupid computer nerds. Gives the matrix a bad name. Give me a break. Why close a topic when a question is partly answered? Can it not be open to more debate. Give me a break, what are we, 17?

um, you must be forgetting the fact that those that are freed from the matrix ARE 'stupid computer nerds'...and what is so bad with having a little fun?

Last time i checked fun wasn't allowd around here.

You say one thing thats a bit off-topic or not suitible oor "not adding to the topic" in your post even if its a joke and The Omega and all the the other "Thes" give you shit about it and say it shouldn't be there.

PS. Don't give me shit, i am NOT complaining, i am simply pointing something out.

Having some fun, and going off-topic just because, are totally different things, and should be seen as such. Also, there are very specific places for certain topics, which is the reason for the 'strictness'. It is very hard to keep track of a few threads, much less a few pages of them, when you are a mod, and i think that Omega has done an excellent job so far.

I never said The Omega doesn't do a good job, i think she does a great job in governing the forum.

I was just saying that from what i've seen almost every joke/bit of fun has been shot down in flame.


I apologize. You guys donot deserve to be called computer nerds. The word nerd is made for intelligent people. There is nothing intelligent about you guys. You are all wanna be moderators. Obviously lacking something in your life that you are wanting to fill in with "power" in a message board on the internet. Seriously boys and girls. Lets grow up.

Topic Closed

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let's be mature, and it seems that you're not one.

what makes you better than us?

who's the saddest, pathetic, inmature person here?
any of us that share their thoughts and respect other's opinions, or the one who thinks has the power to call us names and post shitty inmature post

have some respect plz

...and this sure has gotten out topic, omega plz close it.

whoa.... all those thread awoken started are gone.... that's great

Sigh... well, this has already been dealt with, here and elsewhere. Closing.

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