Pirates of the Caribbean

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My expectations were very high for this movie, given the glowing reviews and mega $$ at the B.O.

Big Mistake.
I dont know what all the fuss is about roll eyes (sarcastic)

It was just OK.
Johhny Depp is the movie's life saving grace! Without him this would be a major zzzzz fest.

And that Benk it like Behkham girl, smokin'

The story gets a little boring, and the movie is entirely too long!
The special effects were specatcular though!

The main problem with this movie...Orlando Bloom! I cant stand that mouse face! He totally ruined the movie! He's such a camera whore! I cant stand him!


Tex I think this movie has been reviewed a 100 times already but still this one is the best so far big grin

I totaly agree with ya man

*Robocop 2 voice*
Thank you, thank you!

oh, the drama! roll eyes (sarcastic)

BOPRecruit 16
i thought the movie was a blast after the first time i saw it. but after seeing it a 3rd or 4th time, it loses its power to be watched over and over.

I would never watch it again, its too long! eek!

tex, thankyou so damn much.. finnaly someone with since.. it was a good movie, entertaining, not great! possibly if it wasnt attached to disney and had a more serious feel it could of gone to the great side

Darth Vicious
Thanks God Tex, most people in here praise this movie but i thought it was boring as hell, i liked the girl though, i didnt like Legolas in it though and Johnny Deep was to excentric in it, What the hell was worg with his voice? stupid ass accent, couldnt stand it!

gonna get it for Christmas

In my opinion the movies a right "No Brainer". I was expecting more to be honest. Highly over-rated in my opinion.

lil bitchiness
Woah! Its a disney movie..what the hell were you expecting from a disney movie?! a brainer? Of what sort?!

I think it was a good fun film...Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Depp did so well!! thumb up

And if you wanna talk about which actor spoiled the movie, it was that pouting little..whatever she...is Kiera Knightly...UGH!

Orlando was average...as usual!

This review of Pirates of The Carribean that the film was just ok is coming from a person who thinks Terminator 3 was amazing with very emotional ending roll eyes (sarcastic)

Give me a break! roll eyes (sarcastic)

Well perhaps disney shouldnt make movies anymore. Stick with Mickey mouse perhaps.

lil bitchiness
I really dont think so....you dont like any disney movies? whatever mate...

They were ment for younger audiences you know...for the whole family in fact...there should be more disney films....i love disney animations, which are in a sense movies too...

What a stupid comment....''disney shouldnt make movies anymore''

It's all about opinions mate.

They should make a movie about a friendly dog that goes Rabid or summat. Broaden their horizons a bit. Perhaps call it "101 dalmations 3 : the return : rabid rex".

Guys please no arguments!

lil bitchiness
Sure, sounds like an aswome movie idea!!

I didnt mind disneys "Remember the titans" thats was ok. Had some controversial (mild) content in it. I just wish they could do a bit better at times. They seem to be a blatantly commercial company (arent they all?)

lil bitchiness
Disney is there for one thing only, and that is to make films about fairy tales, or similar...you cant expect much more than that...

BOPRecruit 16
i had fun seeing potc the first time in theaters and on dvd, but after watching it 3 or 4 times, it can get boring at times. but i did watch it a couple of nights ago and got a wonderful idea for a new fic of mine!

I happened to really like the movie actually. I'm not saying it is everyones idea of a great film but i personally really enjoyed it. Johnny Depp was fantasic and Orlando Bloom was great for his character in my opinion. I think its done very good for a pirates movie and Disney is just fantastic i've always thought that. I know i'm not the only person who thinks this because the friend who I went to see it with agrees with me. Like I said i'm not saying its everyones idea of a fantastic film but there are those who really enjoyed it.

i agree this movie was not all it was wokred up to be i was kind of bored through it.

agrees... i loved the movie and thought that all the characters played their parts really well especially Johnny D!! he was Fantastic! i think that Orlando Bloom could've done a lil more to his character but hey that my opinion... Keira Knightley also played her role really well, just she seemed knida annoying in some ways but anyhoo the character was good, and Geoffrey Rush played Captain Barbossa really well too.. he brought out the evilness in Barbossa which was great.

teh contrast of the characters was great, you got a pirate with a 'roguish yet charming'.. Jack Sparrow, a like confused guy that always does the right thing until he has to save his beloved.. hes a tight character in teh beginning but loosens up near the end.. Will Turner, a gal who wants some adventure in her life, but has to be all smart and protected as shes the govenours daughter.. Elizabeth and the evil Captain Barbossa who doesnt really care about anyone but himself.. i found it quite interesting and an enjoyable watch..

well i dunno if this makes much sense, but overall my opinion of the movie was GREAT!!!

anyhoo take care

luv AS!!!

I finally got to see this film about a week ago and rather enjoyed. I do agree there were some slow parts but overall it was well done. Johnny Depp pretty much did steal the show so-to-speak, Geoffery Rush was great and Gore Verbinski (who also directed The Ring) is proving himself to be a very competent director.

i think the movie was amazing. hey, my opinion.

Tex is right in that it's way way overrated. It's good..but nothing I'd watch more than once, and that one time I wasn't exactly thrilled.

I agree with ya mah, it's just an ok movie.... but everything besides that is over rated

tho I did like it when he stood on that lil sinking boat at the start

While Johnny Deep is the stuff as legend in this movie, as always, I was bored to tears. It was too long for starters, it wasn't very action packed, and it couldn't hold my attention.

But, of course, what am I supposed to expect from a movie based on a theme park ride at a Disney resort.

Moving to POTC.

Hey i REALLY liked it... and i agree with kiyana ayame in the fact that everyone isn't going to like it. i mean you have to WANT to watch it if your going to like it. if you go in thinking it's gonna be a drag. DON'T SEE IT!! and don't expect too much. i just wanted to see it cuz it seemed good. and when i saw it... i was very pleased. i've watched it 7 times and everytime i like it. and i have to admit that after the first time of watching it some parts were boring. but other parts are veryt exiting... Well thats my oppinion. Bye

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this movie was good it could of been better but no the less it is a movie to see..depp if fantastic as captian jack..one of his best rolls yet..i am looking forward to part two

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