Who have been your best/worst teachers

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Darth Revan
For me, my favorite teacher was a guy named Jason Keuter. I took a current events class from him god that guy was so freaking smart you would not believe it. From watching him teach you would have thought he was insane. He would pace across the front of the room, gesturing wildly and scribbling on the board. He could totally wrap the whole class up in the discussion, even the kids that normally hated school. Everything he said was so convincing, I swear he could have told you one side of a topic and then the other and leave you entirely confused, even if you had had an opinion on it in the first place.
The worst teacher I've ever had was a choir teacher in 6th grade (it was required to take choir even though I hated it) who was such a f***ing idiot!!! She often used up half the period talking about how her car broke down this morning or how her husband was scottish or just about ANYTHING ELSE as long as it was irrelevent to the class. So do you people have any?

Mine are actually the same teacher...

I had this one math teacher, an' he was completely out there. But he was a great teacher. For some odd reason though he called me Max-squared huh

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Darth Revan
Alrighty then....

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The best teacher I ever had was my middle school band teacher. You all are probably laughing right now, but he's no joke. He got me started on "the path"

my best teacher was Erika Martin... really nice! she was a good teacher and taught easily...anyways best teacher

BOPRecruit 16
Best Teachers:

Mr. Anderson
Mr. Dorr
Mr. Johnston
Miss Harrington (b/c she ride the outsiders to the class, my fave book!)
Mrs. (forgot the name of my first grade teach)
Mr. Deegan

Worst Teachers:

my 8th grade algebra teacher
mrs. sullivan

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