Do You Hear That Mr. Anderson...?

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... That is the sound of waning interest, it is the sound of Matrix hype fading into the past.

Well, do you think now that the movies are finished that interest substanitally drop. I realize it's probably a pretty obvious question given the fact the trilogy has ended, but I've already noticed signifigantly less interest in the franchise. I suppose when Revolutions is released on DVD and the online game comes out they'll be a bit of a peak. But unlike Star Wars, I don't think we'll see much of an "expanded universe" so-to-speak. With SW also, many knew or at least were expecting the prequels.

I'm just curious what your thoughts are on this and if you've felt at least somewhat diminished interest in the franchise as a whole.

I know I have a diminished intrest in Matrix universe. But you never know, the game and the DVD or what not might boost it back up!

Captain REX
Always a possibility.

But yes, like everything, it has been fading. Especially since Revolutions has been out for a month or so.

There is indeed a big question mark over the future of the franchise that only time will tell about.

Nope, no diminishing effects in my book. The effects will live on in my memory and that is all that matters. So "believe" what you want wink

While the movie have ended, there is still more to discuss. The movie has been left open and there could be more.

I think that the matrix is not over, it will make a come back in 20 years, when it all kicks off again between the machines, the wachowski's will wait for some unberleavable tech to come out and start over again

Here's what might happen...
"Hey, kids. You ever here about the matrix? It's about this guy,he was real cool. Just like superman. And...
Kid: Man my great-grandpa's nuts. He used to watch those stupid movies. There's tons of problems with it. The effects are cheap. How doe those guys move so fast. There's not enough nudity.
Kid #2: What about those LAME catch phrases like "There is no spoon. Or"It is inevitable."
Old man:BUt KIds! The matrix is a timeless classic!

P.s.:It be sad to watch the matrix fall that way.

Where's one of those "i'm with stupid" emoticons when you need em =\

well I think M1 as a stand alone film with a bit more unanswered questions in it would have kept the interest of the big public better than the triology

no i don't think so, because I became even more interested with reloaded i'm big fan of, the matrix just got me into it, reloaded kept me, and as soon as i see revolutions i'll be complete...

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