What is the Matrix?

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Jedi Shmedi
Jedi Shmedi here, just I was just wondering what peoples thoughts are about what the Matrix is.

My theory is that the Matrix could be considered a minipulation of a controllable dream, so to speak.

Think about it, in a dream you can bend the laws of physics and do things you couldn't normally do in real life. You can be and do unorthidox (sorry if that's spelled wrong) things that would otherwise be imposible.(dodge bullets, jump 50 feet into the air, FLY, etc.

And when you "jack in" you aren't asleep but your not awake either.

Just want to here other peoples ideas and theories. big grin

The Matrix = Control.

If you mean what it actually "is".

"Its a computer simulated dreamworld pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth"


Morpheus says something like that.

Morpheus also describes it as part of a neural-interactive interface, or something. I thought it was more of a computer game type thing.
confused Except the "Your mind makes it real" thing still confuses the hell out of me. I can't explain that without resorting to MWAM, which many people resent.

Tired Hiker
Plus when you die in the Matrix you die in real life, thats how crazy the Matrix is. The Matrix should not be taunted.

Tired Hiker
Neural interactive, that's what separates the Matrix from a dream world.

The One Himself
That was discussed many times before but here we go: The Matrix is a reality for the humans that is so convincing the humans believe it to be real and cannot tell they have been enslaved. Everything within The Matrix is the visual representation of an immense computer program. The visual representation of life is so realistic, the manner that everything happens within the program is so believable the humans understand this to be life, unwittingly providing power for the computers to live off. When humans died in The Matrix their brains are so tightly integrated into this existence that they die because their brains have been given so much stimulus to say "your dead", that the human dies.

Tired Hiker

Could someone please tell me what MWAM is??

I can't figure it out.

mwam=matrix within a matrix which was one of the theories on the end of the movies.........but the wac. bros had something else in mind.,,,,,,,

also this is something i think the balancing equation was very impt......
see as smith told in m1 and archi. that the first matrix was a sort of heaven........but quite strangely humans were dying........
this is where balancing of the equation takes place........for every good there needs to be a bad........so the next version of the matrix was more realistic i.e in other words it included traumas,and agrressions and all the evils to balance out the good.........

and the human mind is so deeply involved and used to evils that altogether it jsut can sustain all the good........this thought runs parallel to the theory that old brains cant be unplugged or else they will die,,,,,,,,,,,,

give me ur views.........

wtf are u guys talking about?



To quote the website, there are numerous discontinuities from the dream analogy.

Most importantly of all is that what you impinge upon reality there is also perceved by, and affects, otrer people.

In that way it acts like conventional reality- just not physical- rather than a dream world.

It's a big computer.

MWAM was the idea that the matrix was built on 3 total levels:
level 1) the matrix as viewed in M1 (the matrix neo is freed from)
level 2) the "real world" which is also another matirx, mainly built for machine reality (as in, the sentinels are plugged in like humans) and that as humans break from level 1, they invade level 2, and "cramp" the machines matrix
level 3) the Real real world. nothing is known of this world, but i imagine that it is very clean and white, prolly like a sterile room.

Something that comes from this theory is that maybe humans are already extinct, but that AI keeps the race alive within the computers, and because of that, they can only possibly ascend into level 2, because there would be no host for them in level 3, and that the machines have created the levels of the matrix as a sort of "game" and that really the world is now completely run by machines, no humans w/s/o, and not as bad as it looks on tv...um, that might be confusing...i was kinda rambling...sry.

Shouldn't everyone know this already without having to explain it? sad

The Matrix is a way for the bros. to make a statement about reality without appearing dry and cold. It's a movie - therefore it's edible and tastes good. You don't have to agree to enjoy it... and if you enjoy it you might consider agreeing.

More than that... it's the reality created by so many thoughts of *our* past. When Neo is foretold to be the one that can change The Matrix as he sees fit... it's actually a little girl instead that does this. A program in fact. She manifests the rising sun into a new day... a new day for all - where things are different.

So humans are now not the only ones who have the potential to be anything they shape themselves into.

I think Neo was an example. The Oracle had other potentials to see when Neo first met her. So other humans can possess such gifts. They can choose to wake up and smell the free air. Or stay in their ignorant bliss.

Programs breath program air. In that way free humans and programs differ. To be enlightened is to breath free air? Perhaps? Maybe.

People seem to be missing the point of the question. Ther person is asking about the fundamental nature of the Matrix, not what it physically IS which is indeed obvious.

He is making it a dream analogy but as I point out that is highly objectionable despite the numerous dream metaphors used in the film- they are supposed to get you into the idea that it was not the real world, not that it was literal dreaming.

The Matrix = Shallow.

give it a break!

Just answering the question.

Not even close to answering the question and also not a vaguely useful contribution so please desist with that sort of thing., BF.

The Omega

I do it too keep things interesting, what fun would it be too have a constant one sided discussion about the film, how boring. Sometimes confrontation is needed to keep things juiced up, I'd love for people to go into the horror forum and bash some of th efavorites for a change, it would certainly make for some interesting conversation. Besides, it's not like I go into every thread on this forum and put the films down, right now I have a current conversation in two threads, this thread, which is about the matrix films themselves, and the other thread isn't even having to do with the matrix, it's about obnoxious people in theaters. So don't exagerate, it's not my fault that most people can't defend the films without getting upset and taking it personally.

I also do it because I love trivializing bad films that people take way to seriously, and the Matrix, especially the sequels, are ripe for this.

And too anyone who complains about this post, Omega asked WHY I do it, I simply answered.

no confrontation is required from a lame ass mask toting wannabe who thinks he knows anything about the matrix to even be considered here. btw: that mask sux w/e it is, and i dont care if Omega warns me for this, u jus piss me off a lot! n if u dont like the movies this forum is about, why even bother? ur buying into ur own hype by making a big deal out of ur "trivial" movies, that u prolly coulnt even comprehend on ur own. SHALLOW? the movie is so deep that it was way over ur head!

That is the typical way out, saying/assuming he doesn't understand the movie, its an easy way out to actually bringing up good points that defend the movie.

Because the truth is the movie was way over your head as well, why else would you come here and discuss all these theories about the movie?!?!?

Your searching for a definate answer, which means you don't truly understand it either.

He has every right to be here as you do, him saying whats wrong with the movie is the same as some fanboy saying whats so great about it.

Your post was useless flaming because someone trashed your poor little movie, you need to calm down and actually discuss some points as to why you think BackFire was wrong, not get pissed off because he has an opinion just as you have yours.

........ no expression

see my animatrix thread, n tell me if u even knew about that, before u tell me i didnt understand something. i dont care wut u think, i came to talk about interpreting the movie, not making stuff up about it, and not to bash the movie at all. the question was about the program "the matrix" not the movie
the program is more deep than anythign out there "does LOTR" have computers even? didnt think so...but that was pointless
anyway, if backfire doesnt like the movies, he doesnt need to come here, and neither do u if u feel the need to defend people who dont accept a FAN FORUM. this isnt a place to bash my favorite movie.

I was just pointing out that you assume too much, but i was indeed assuming at the sametime, i could've assumed wrong, thats fine.

Basically i did exactly what you did to BackFire to you except without all the 'you piss me off so much" attitude.....meh.

I got nothin against what you said, but you said it the wrong way.

The movie is no deeper then any of the other thousands of movies with a similar philosical message, the only difference is that the matrix surfaces this message in an extraordinarily obvious manner so even the most dimwitted individual will "catch" it. The message is tired, their have always been religious meanings in films, just not very many have been as popular as the matrix films.

Oh, BTW, the mask you are reffering too is the mask of LeatherFace, the finest horror character ever to grace a screen.

You're right Backfire why the hell do I or any of us watch these movies? Do you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna quit watching any of the Matrix movies and then I'm gonna go to a Matrix forum and waist my time telling people who love the movies how crappy they are. Doesn't that sound like a good idea and like it's not a waist of my time. Yeah, I'll join you on your useless crusade to get people to stop being happy with the Matrix. Let's go!!!!!!

People, topic. This argument is pointless.

Shallow?? confused

according to many encyclopaedias
"matrix is a thing from which other things originate"

Kinda misisng the point again there Osiris. Can I please impart upon people the importance of reading the first post of a topic and not just the subject line?

oooops! sorry ush
i agree with the jedi point of view

The Omega

yeah, i do.
the matrix is the physical representation of a reality created. it is the that which we cannot realize because it is based off of the reality of the real world. however, like morpheus asked neo, if the matrix is so much like the real world, how can u tell the difference? the difference is that the fact is that the matrix is not a true reality, and therefore things can be changed within it based off of a being's "will" (i say will in " " because will is open to interpretation) i think that the matrix is a way of using the mind in ways formerly unknown.
the matrix is what takes ur thoughts and makes them reality.

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