Muse and Placebo

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I've heard a few songs by both bands; I started properly liking Muse when I heard Feelin' Good and Plug In Baby being played on the radio and I'd watch the videos when I babysat the hellspawn-children in town.
Placebo performed on V Graham Norton once, and when I babysat again, there was a Placebo special on MTV2 or something... anyway, I don't really know that much about them so if you lot could help me I'd be most happy.

Also, has anyone heard of an artist/band called In The Nursery? The vocalist is a girl who sings in French.

I don't like Muse coz they're a wee bit too pretentious. Placebo are amazing coz when it comes to songs about pain, self loathing and despair theres none better! Placebo rule!

I have two albums of Muse, they rock!
Placebo wink, I have few songs and they are good, don't know much about the bands... only the music they make.

Thankyou God! other people who love placebo! which placebo songs do you like? I absolutely Love the bitter end, taste in men, and also Pure morning...I can't beleive I missed V Graham Norton, would the repeat be on anytime soon? also, Brian molko is FiT!! *sigh* love

My fave song? "Every me, every you" It also contains their best lyric - "Carve your name into my arm/instead of stressed I lie here charmed"
Absolute genius.

couldn't even start to say how much i love them *grins and grabs placebo cds*
i like my sweet prince alot for a song

Every you Every Me is great...But I love the songs off of thier new album, Also, Bruise Pristine is a favourite...Why does everybody say that Brian molko hates everybody? Probably because he does, but that's not the point...I love his smile, it's really cheeky, and his eyes...Absolutely gorgeous!

Placebo and Muse rock, although Muse slightly edge out Placebo in my favorablity ranking, both are two of the best British bands around.

placebo absolutely RULE!!!!
my fave songs are
Pure Morning....This Picture....Brick Shithouse...and....Special Needs.
also, their cover of jackie is really haunting!

I have loads of fave placebo songs. I've recently listened to their songs a lot more closely and I've found a few new favourites. The Crawl is a good example.

i dont know a lot of Placebo but i really like Muse.
i have all 3 of their albums, all of which are good but in different ways.
their most recent (absolution) is great and due to matts (lead singer) break up with his girlfriend is very personal and effecting while still being a rocking album.

i think the lyric posted by 'amity75' - "Carve your name into my arm/instead of stressed I lie here charmed" sums up Placebo pretty well - "pain, self loathing and despair"

Sex Pistol
I love Muse. Matthew Bellamy is Gorge. I have all there albums too. My fave songs are 'plug in baby', 'bliss', and 'Stolkholme Syndrome'.
I know its not nice to say but you made my day that matt broke up with his girlfriend. I know its horrible to say.
And placebo fan really loves placebo, i know her and shes always going on about them!

I have all of Muse's albums but my favourite is still the first which was 'Showbizz'. My fave songs are 'New Born', 'Sunburn' and 'Stockholm Syndrome'.

I like Placebo as well- got three of their albums. I prefer their older stuff like 'Nancy Boy' but their new stuff is pretty good. Did anyone buy the new Placebo album with the extra 'covers' cd with it? I love their cover of 'Where is my Mind'; originally by the Pixies.

I have to say, I don't have that one, but I've heard the cover of 'Where is my mind' on the internet. I've also heard 'Running up that hill'. The covers I have heard are really good.

bonjour a tous
je suis francaise
j adore placebo et muse
mais ce sont deux genres different pour moi
disons que les textes de placebo sont beaucoup plus noirs que ce de muse
entre les deux je choisis sans hesiter :

Sex Pistol
I have a feeling that hes french!

en tout cas
j attends avec impatience
les prochains concerts de ces artistes love

I also like 'Daddy cool' which is a great cover.

yea daddy cool
j adore elle me fait trop triper! Happy Dance

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