Film 2003 Top 10 (UK)

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I was shocked and offended when neither Reloaded or Revolutions were in the top 10 movies this year! mad i nearly pulled my hair out

the only time the matrix got any mention was when Jonathan Ross called Reloaded a load of "tosh"

this coming from someone who cant prenounce the letter R mad

JUST SHUT IT! madmadmad

Korri - I was hurt by this too; but we gotta face facts. Unlike M1, M2 and M3 just didn't have large commercial appeal...


God I sincerely hope you meant Woss...

bit Woss

BTW his lap on Top Gear sucked!

and imagine having a duck egg blue Mazda MX-5 with ponyskin seats

Ahnold> my sentiments exactly... M1 got a lot of publicity because of the sfx that were used... they pioneered the bullet time sfx especially for M1... M2 & M3, i felt, were overhyped hence the major letdown to most... and for most people who do not follow the plot line or understand it's subliminal messages are better off doing a matrix- a- thon rather than wasting thier time bashing this great trilogy...

Korri> are you in invisible mode confused huh ..?

i know smile

was this the list that was voted by the public?
cant really blame ross for that (although dont agree with his comment)
the full viewers list;

2.Kill Bill
3.Pirates of Caribbean of god
5.finding nemo actually
8.spirited away
9.Xmen 2
10.gangs of new york

ive seen 1,2,3,5,9.

think reloaded should be there instead of 6 or 7

hahahhahahhhaa laughing laughing

lets kill him

Jonathan Woss is great...Wobble wibble Matrix Reloaded...Wobble Wob Wib Wobble tosh...

The Omega
Korri> Does your viewing experience get worse, just because Reloaded/Revolutions are not on the list?
I THOUGHT not smile

I think we shouldnt care for it. Whether M2 or M3 are in the list or not, we are here to like it and discuss it.

but don't you agree that it does indeed deserve recognition..?

Ice Lightning> laughing i miss Bo Selecta!

Omega> i just think that for someone who is as big an idiot as Jonathan "Woss" to criticise ANY film is blasphemy. And my viewing pleasure wasnt exactly great as there was like a 10 second clip of the film messed

The Omega

Omega> yeah i know but "Woss" really was getting on my nerves the other night. He really thinks he is better than everyone else and his terrible fashion sense doesnt help the situation smile

What kind of comment is that? The Matrix should have been in that top ten list for special effects. Some folks didn't understand the Matrix plot but Kill Bill plot was easier to understand and so did ROTK. Maybe Reloaded should be in #3.

The Omega>Kill Bill was crap!

i liked kill bill (but then this isnt the place to discuss this)

The Omega
Silverfighter> That comment is my opinion.

Let me clarify - I THOUGHT Kill Bill was crap. After seeing the trailers, and being a huge fan of funky Hong Kong kung-fu movies and strange Japanese samurai-style movies, I was looking forward to KB.
I nearly fell asleep watching it (maybe it gets better with Volume 2). And sorely missed the usual Taranito dialogue (like from Pulp Fiction).

i thought That city of god was the most boring film i cant see how it made it into the top 10 and Johnny English wasnt great either besides the fact it had an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage in it happy

id agree that the dialogue wasnt as good as id thought it would be but the action etc made up for that (and as you say its only half a film; reloaded improves once youve seen revolutions)

Well i love all three films the same

TheOmega> I understand that is your opinion but since you mention that you enjoy "funky Hong Kong kung-fu" then Kill Bill is a perfect example of one them. No dialogue just action pack sword fighting and kung fu battles. The trailers gave us hints that this was going to be a totally different QT flick. Here is a hint: "The yellow biker suit".

Now going back to the topic Matrix 2 was a movie I didn't enjoy. But I would be Insane to say that it doesn't deserve recognition for outstanding effects. Same for Revolutions the plots maybe hard to understand (for some of us) but the action and effects deserve a top spot in any best movies of the year.

Thays exactly why i was so upset I too love Kill Bill Vol.1 i think it is a fantastic film but The Matrix Sequels have some of the finest effects showcased this year! how can neither be in the Top 10 films of 2003!

I dunno know who is the guy that made that top ten list. He needs to edited and put Reloaded and Revolutions in there. If you find him.....KICK HIS BUTT!! big grin

im just reading his review of Revolutions...

Possible Keanu and Woss Interview -

Woss: Wibble Wobble Kill Bill...Wib Wob Wobble Wobbley Ok...Matrix Revolutions Wobble Wib Wib Wibbley. Top 10...Wobble 10...Wobble Wibble Matrix...

Keanu: What the hell are you talking about Jonathan? I don't understand him?!

Woss: Wobble Wibble Wibbley? What Wob wobbles is Wibbles the wibbley Matrix? And...Wobble Matrix Wibble Crap...

Keanu: OK...You done it now! I'm going to go wobbles on your ass!

And by the way...Korri...How' you doin?

Korri>im just reading his review of Revolutions...

"I'm not convinced that this adds anything to the 1999 film, which was remarkable for its freshness and imagination. Moreover, the dialogue and the cod philosophy in evidence here makes the first third of this movie pretty heavy going for all but the hardened Matrix zealot, and there's no emotional depth or drive of the kind which would make this a truly stirring epic."

id say it does add alot to the series but obviously the more of a 'hardened Matrix zealot' you are the more you will like it.

"Redeeming features include the scale and quality of the battle scenes, while the slightly inconclusive ending is far more daring than I had come to expect, translating the complexity of high quality fiction into that most mundane of modern cinema genres, the big budget action movie."

"Had Reloaded and Revolutions been condensed into one film, I believe we'd now have a Matrix sequel which could stand the test of time alongside the original. As it is, the result is three visually stunning movies which display huge amounts of imagination but which don't sustain their fairly thin basic premise."

yeah 2+3 would be more popular if they were judged as one film.
surely a good premise that is expanded upon?

The Matrix Revolutions can be seen nationwide now. Striking and impressive in many ways, but ultimately one for the fans"

fair comment...?

Ice Lightning> laughing oh gawd ur killing me! and How u doin wink

mook> i still think it deserved to be in the top 10 and "Woss" is still an idiot

I still think that 90% of the people who say the Matrix has 'cod' philosophy have absolutely no comprehension of what that term means.

The Omega

Happyyy new yearr!!! Haha im 2 days late but what the heck...and I have no idea who this "Jonathan Woss" guy is, and uh...does he really talk with those "wobble wibble??" I am nowhere near The European regions wacko

^ see he is an idiot!

dragonpisces> no its a show on uk tv that impersonates celebrities! laughing its called Bo Selecta! they just take the piss out of him

woss = woos

The Omega
Anyone with that style of clothes is... correction... he doesn't have ANY style. smile


I kinda like Jonathan to be honest...hes a good entertainer..soz Korri...still dis-agree with the either Reloaded OR Revolutions not being on Top 10...but he he said Titanic was the worst movie ever I agree hehehe...Wobbles doin good Korri...

well its the publics vote not ross's

and just because he doesnt like the film is no need to resort to personal attacks on the man, speech impediments arent funny.

coming from one of the people who told me everyone is allowed their own opinion without being flamed for it i do not respect this thread

Yeah.....but when u make comments about the Matrix without even acknowledging the success it had among fans, ur opinion is a joke! This guy only goes by what they tell him commercialwise....For that, he doesn't deserve my respect! IMO..... roll eyes (sarcastic)

Frankly, I'd say that Revolutions should have made the grade, but Reloaded... Even if you're just going by the effects, Reloaded was NOTHING compared to Revolutions. Plus they stuck in other stupid shit, like bowling sound effects when Neo throws a Smith into a group of other Smiths in the fight of a hundred agents. mad That really pissed me off.

Revolutions, however. WOW. The CG was beautiful.

you know what, I wanna see an episode of that comedy show...(searching...)

yes Too True

btw he also has a duck egg green masda MX-5 what a Plamf!

I don't think it was THAT bad! Perhaps the brother's sense of humor?...That's what it actually DID look like! Smith looked like a pin being tossed around-so the thought crossed my mind! stick out tongue I thought it was right on! cool

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