Geoffry Rush

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He may not be the youngest and hottest dude but I love the character Captain Barbossa and he did a really good job of itsmile
and also I was watching the credits of Finding Nemo and he does the voice of the pelican Nigellaughing I didn't recognize him because he put on an Australian accent for the character.. does anyone know of any other movies he was in?confused

p.s. I can't spell his first name rightstick out tongue

Yeah, you were just off by one letter, it's Geoffrey (I believe).

He's a great actor, and he's better at playing more of the villian, the antoganist.

He was great

lolz I couldn't figure out what was wrong with itstick out tongue.. yea what other movies is he in?

Fallen Jedi
Aside from Johnny D, I thought he did the best acting.

Note: Johnny is #1 and so hot! love Yeah, I know this was about Geoffrey Rush, but I couldn't help myself.

lolz can anyone ever?stick out tongue
yea I agree I though Geoffery did an awesome job and made the best Barbossa.. and my friend even came out saying she actually thought he was hot.. well no offense to him but how old is he?

Fallen Jedi
She thought he was hot? I've never heard anyone say that before, but I guess everyone has different taste. And his age...I have no idea.

lolz I know when she told me I was like whatblink but then after I was like well I would like him for his acting because he's awesomeyes

Fallen Jedi
Yes, he's a really good actor, but he's not really my definition of HOT.

me neither.. I'd like to see him try something kind of comedic or something that involves a change in character.. because it sounds like he's awesome with accents and stuffstick out tongue

Fallen Jedi
I've never really seem him any other movie, well at least not one that I remember. Actually, I did see him in the beginning of Intolerable Cruelty. (I snuck in while waiting for the movie I paid for to start.) He looked really different. His hair was pulled back in a ponytail and he played a rich snob. He came home one day and caught his wife sleeping with the pool boy. Geoffrey chased after him with a gun. It was pretty funny but wierd.

lolz did he do a good job of it?
and I agree when not in costume as Barbossa he looks really different

Fallen Jedi
From what I saw, yeah his acting was pretty good. I only saw the first ten minutes of the movie so I don't know how he did in the rest of the film. And yeah he looked a whole lot different from his role as Barbossa.

He is also in the movie "Banger Sisters".....very funny!

I searched for a list of his filmography and he's been in a lot of stuff.
Here's the link:

wow 30 movies.. that's almost as much as Johnny D!!!!!

and here's a picblink very different from Barbossa but I see the resemblancestick out tongue

whoa he has a natural Australian accent I didn't notice it in POTCblink maybe because he was using a Brit accentconfused and he's 53stick out tongue

yeh he also was a greta actor in the film... very nasty, evil character but played well smile

ye i know i just calculated n hes 53... woahhh but anyhooo hes a good actor

yea and he's cool for 53.. Barbossa is cool I like his hatbig grinstick out tongue

Geoffrey Rush is a fellow Australian, and so I hear a fair bit about him. He's going to be in a telemovie 'The Life and Death of Peter Sellers' as the title character, which would be a VERY challenging role.

Something else I heard about him from a few years ago was that kiss he had with Kate Winslet at a news conference... eek! laughing out loud

Kate Winslet!!!!How old is she?

Uh... her late twenties .

Something like that, anyway...

There's the link

Oops, forgot - that link is the video clip of the kiss at the news conference. It was after Kate & Geoffrey were in 'Quills', a movie where they have some rather steamy scenes, apparently.

It may take awhile to load... confused

he was in Mystery Men

It's not dirty, by the way... Just to let you know. laughing out loud angel

Fear not, G-rated crowd. smile

laughinglaughingGeoffry and Kiera.. heated scenes the age difference!!!!

wow.. Mystery Men.. that's that one that.. oh wait no it's not.. lolz sorry what's it about?

Calico Jack
Greetings all!

I thought I might add some info regarding Geoffrey Rush's career.

He won an Oscar for Best Actor in 'Shine.' He's since received two more Academy Award nominations, Best Actor in his lead role as the Marquis de Sade in the movie 'Quills' and Best Supporting Actor as Philip Henslowe in 'Shakespeare in Love.' He's been in at least 26 films and his stage career spans almost 3 decades.

All-in-all a remarkable man.

Oh yes! Loved him as the wicked Captain Barbossa. His was the standout performance IMHO.

He also played Steven Price in House on Haunted Hill

Calico Jack
Donovan Donaly in Intolerable Cruelty.
Harry Plummer in the Banger Sisters.
Leon Trotsky in Frida.
John Knox in Lantana.
Casanova Frankenstein in Mystery Men.

big grin

Iv never ehard of all of themsmile

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