Good News (Depends on how you take it)

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OK, This has been driving me nuts, there are so many different reports on which the starting date of POTC 2 is to start shooting...

So I took it upon myself to find out what the stars are doing and this is what has come up...


The Jacket filming to begin 1/04
Tulip Fever filming to begin 4/04


Kingdon of Heaven currently filming
Haven curently filming


Currently filming a french film in which, i don't even want to begin to try and spell or pronounce for that matter (lol)

The Libertive begins filming 2/04
The Rum Diary (Ironic!!) filming in december 03
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory filming a sometime in 04 reports say almost immediately after The Libertive

Now I'm putting all of this together, and although i may be crazy it seems to me that all of the actors could be free as of the summer, or could it be wishful thinking.......

Let me know what you think

jack's dudess
I think they will be free 2005 summer.......i have a hunch...

What is your hunch?

jack's dudess
that they will film in 2005........well they knew about potc before lotr had even started shooting so they're bound to take a while and all the guys seem free summer 2005..........and ......the voice in my head said so...

i think they will film late 2004 and early 2005 to get it out in the summer aroun the time the last one was released or maybe christmas time

the sooner the betta

I agree

i can wait, it wants you to see it even more.

yeh i know but if they release it too late then peeps prob go off it... (not me though im addicted to that film).. but maybe others, it would be better if they could release it later this year, but THIS year, lol.. and the 3rd one could be released next year so it all goes by years and we'll be happy big grin hehe

take care

luv AS!!!

Yes, except for the poor acters who work their butts all off makeing this movie so it will come out early and so casey doesn't squish them with her steamroller. where did you get that, anyways?


now, i'd like you to look at my signature, i added and it's cool.

yeah go homestar!!!

*everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody...*
you gotta watch the intro.

I still think that filming will start late 2005. People may forget about it up until then, but the craze will be fantastic once people hear that the sequel is going to be released. Just look at X-Men...the sequel wasn't released for about 3 years or something, but the hipe is still there. The trilogy wont be released for another 2 years or so as well, but the hipe will still be there!
I don't think people will ever get over Pirates of the Caribbean. I know that i will always be a fan!

yeh me too, i hate having to wait that long though hehe, oh well i might go watch secret window... gotta watch charlie and the chocolate factor tho i love that hehe big grin

jack's dudess

lol, ahh the potc dvd is starring at me saying 'watch me watch me' ahh the temptation.... i promised myself i wont watch it till tuesday! dunno if i can do it..

hehe, i just watched the really good parts like, well mostly all of it!!!!

hehe The Rum Diary.. sounds awesome

hmmm do you know when the french one should be coming out by?I have to learn french better then I know it now so that I can understand Johnny's lines at leaststick out tonguehehe Johnny speaking Frenchlovelovethe romantic languagelovelove

The Libertine I heard alot about.. I've got to see thatyes

well i hope it comes out in 2005, the sooner the better!!!!!

Just to update my info...Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is to begin filming in 5/04 so perhaps, they may start filming a little

that would be cool.. I heard that they were going to do a kind of 'darker' side of the story.. does anyone know details?

Well I heard that the search for 4 10-15 year old girls is false, I don't know if they may be leaking some false info out so that way no one will know anything about the movie


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