Disappointed in Aragorn's speech.

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Is anybody else disappointed with Aragorn's speech at the black gate? It seemed so much more powerful and dramatic in the trailer.

not really - just as I expected - they left the "die hard" speech to Theoden,

I liked it when it totally went silent and Aragorn looks to the eye and turns back and states "for frodo!" and charges!.........

Discos - hell yeah, discos likes his battle scenes, don't we precious

hummmm i dont really remember it... well i check when i go see it again smile

i liked Aragorns speech. it was good

uh, everything seems more dramatic in the trailer. But in the movie it was oh so more powerful.
At the end of it all when Sauron whispers Aragorn.....Elessar. Aragorn lowers his sword walk forward a bit, turns and watched the people behind him. Then quietly says "For Frodo" and charges in........................that is part of the speech scene and its awefully perfect. It starts the last fight for middle earth and you wanna cry, cause those two words were what it was alllllll about.

Rebel Racer
the speech was good, but i agree, it was a little better in the trailer. i also agree w/ discos, the "for frodo" part was killer

everythings always better in the trailer. thats how they get people to see the movie

agree Discos, it was so great.
I want that DVD now


it was ok...but i cant belive they left out the mouth of sauron!!

Rebel Racer
what was sauron supposed to say?

I think you think that the one in the trailer sounded more appealing was that you hear it for the first time and you have that sudden thrill to see it y'know? And all the action scenes along with hearing Aragorn's speech.

Rebel Racer
yea, kitoky, yep.

I thought it was great! I am usually weary of movies that have outstandingly funny or great trailers because in my experience if the trailer is stuffed full of everything then you have practicly seen the movie. LOTR traliers are wonderful only giving u a taste of what is to come. I don't like traliers that give you a whole scene, usually they are trying to compensate for something.

That was sooo cool big grin I can't wait until the DVD with the extra 45 mins of scenes comes out ^^

I wasn't disappointed with the speech itself, just where and when it was used. On the trailer when it was used, scenes of the battle that Theoden leads are shown. So, I assumed that's when he would do it. Still, the battle he lead was just as dramatic.

Happy Dance ~**MASSIVE FILM!!**~ Happy Dance

I would say Fini says it better than i did, thats what the speech was all about, "for frodo", my friend darren thought thatAreagorn was going to turn evil or something after looking into the eye but the silence was so awesome and then the "for frodo"....and aragorn charged himself....

Discos - God damn it Tolkien why are you so...good and precious! big grin

I don't remember it that well - I'll come back on friday once I've seen it again!

that was good. The speech at the black gates was awesome. no arguements.

I also liked the speech far better as it was presented in the trailer, especially because of the music and the combinations with these people screaming (esp. Dernhelm) ... sounded a bit lonely and lost in the movie. But, well, the whole situation WAS lonely and lost for Men, so perhaps suits it. Yet more dramatic in the trailer.

trailers are deceiving.

i think that one of the reasons PJ allowed that silent moment w/ aragorn and sauron was because in the book aragorn used the seeing stone to let sauron know the king has return to challenge him...u'r thoughts??

well it had too look lonely....i mean this batlle was pretty much hopeless wasnt it, you dont go to mordor empty iy out, have saurons eye staring right upon you and feel full up to the brim with cheer,

if that battle scene had looked as though there was no chance the men would lose then the movie would have kinda failed.....

True the more hopeless it looked the stronger the emotional relief is when it is over!

and you realise the heros AREN'T that big mutilated body in a hep on the floor youv been looking at and crying for the past ten minutes big grin

ummm yes that too.....

sauron - laughing out loud

i was all i saw was aragorn disapear into this crowd of orcs the only other people attacking the hobbits, well i thought hes dead, p.j would NEVER kill aragorn if he didnt die in the book i know but then....i was sure he died then i saw this guy jst fall in the top corner RIGHT where aragorn had been and i was like NOOO

laughing out loud i was so confused.....when aragorn gets likebeaten up by that big thing outside the black gate i swear i didn't see that the first time!!!! the second time i saw it i thought he'd died too and ellie put her hand over my mouth so i wouldn't say "that didn't happen in the book" loudly........like i did in TTT embarrasment

well i was suprised they went for aragorn at all lol

1. because if i were an orc i would go for the weak ones and not the big scary sweaty one who has the sword that got rid of my master
2. frodo was within 20 miles of a bad guy....and he didnt get attacked normally if theres a orc troll watcher in the water....nazgul...anything with an evil thought in its body...its just automatically attracted to frodo

Something like this can't remember it very well and I missed out the forst line it just can't get into my head. But I thought it was touching it did make me cry a little!

"There will be a day when the courage of men fails when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day, today we fight...."

A day may come wheen the courage of men fails, when we forsake our firends and break all bonds of fellowship...that day is NOT today today...WE FIGHT!!!!!!

^trailer version, still gives me chills^

ya i was kinda disapointed in his speech his voice was kinda weird....

The TRAILER speech is in my sig smile

ah now sauron I would have to disagree with you on one of your statements, I wouldn't go for the weak ones to start with, the strong guy is the heavier target - once the main guy is out then all else should fall into place?

Discos - just a thought but I would probably change my mind if I was in a gang war or something

agree Discos, take the big once first because they can do alot of damege, if they are killed, then it'l strike fear in those not so strong and brave. and It will give the men on your site better hope in winning the battle http://images.killermovies.com/forums/moresmilies/starwars.gif

yeah but

you go for the strpong one (you are orc number 70937924698264)

you: arrrrggghhhhh *run at aragorn*
aragorn: *doesnt think twice* *stab* *without even looking*

you go for the weak ones

you: arrrrggghhh *run*
gondor soldier numer 21334: noooo
you: *stab*
aragorn: shouldnt someone fight me
yoiu: NO!
you and other orcs: *kill weak stab pathetic little creatures*

*aragorn legolas and gimli left, oh and gandalf*

90000000000 orcs: charge!

heros: damn

leave the heros till last big grin


stick out tongue

im dying of boredeom sad someone pleease PM me or email me sad smile smile sad

awwwwwww sauron, dont you have school?

never heard of tv, books, sports, cooking, homework, learning a new hobby, SLEEPIng?????????????????? people have little excuse to get bored these days, there is so many things to do around. sheesh

i apologise sad, but i cant watch tv read as im doing homework, sports are out of the question as it is pitch black outside and i have cold, and sleeping is also undoable as i have homework stick out tongue

which in itself isnt too thrilling

theodans speech was better, 15x better. RIDE NOW, RIDE FOR RUIN AND THE WORLD'S ENDING!!! DEATH!!! DEATH!!! FORTH EORLINGAS!!!http://http://ftp.wallpaper.cz/pub/lotrpellenorfields-1280.jpg

the best speech ever was sarumans in the book of ttt,

Totally agree

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