Fav quotes...and will they use any in potc2

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mmmmmm_ob :)
So whats your fav quotes from the 1st moie?
And do you think they could use them in the 2nd movie, and will they if they can?

"and really bad eggs for me...drink up me hearties ya ho....ya ho ya ho...a pirates life for me"

"Welcome to the Caribbean,love"

"Bloody pirates!!"

"I think we've all arrived at a very special place... spiritually... ecumenically... grammatically."

"I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request."

"A wedding? I love weddings! Drinks all around!"

"You like pain?Try wearing a corset."

"Stop blowing holes in my ship!"

"I'm not sure I deserved that."

"There'll be no living with her after this."

"'Ello, poppet."

"Take what you can...Give nnothing back beer"

These ae my favs.....what are yours?? beer


I have all my fav quotes up in my room all the characters have their own wall Johnnys is the biggest big grin

mmmmmm_ob :)
lol....thats cool.....do u think they will reuse any of the quotes....like do u think they cood fit em in somewhere??

Rebel Racer
i dont get it. what the **** does 'and really bad eggs' have to do with anything? that part alwaays ****s up the movie

No one. He's no one. A disstant cousin of my aunt's nephew, twice removed. Lovely singing voice though. Unice.

it's "eunuch'

and i KNOW they'll use "savvy".definitely.it's CJS's trademarkbig grin

'really bad eggs' is a little lyric from the song - "We're devils and blacksheep, we're really bad eggs"

mmmmmm_ob :)
o yeah....n Johnny depp has 2 say opertune moment alot liek in the first 1....he says it alot....

mmmmmm_ob :)
i was just thinking....have you people noticed most of the good quotes are from Jack Sparrow....he got all the good lines don't you think?

Fallen Jedi
Well, Johnny did add a lot of his own lines in the movie. He's a guiness!

yes he is yes awww my babey is such a genius!!! big grin love yeh Savvy... is Cap'n Jacks trade mark lol

yea he has alot.. the hat thing, the eunuch thing, the savvy thing, the oppertune moment thing.. those will all have to be in the sequel

it's like Johnny gave Jack his own habits which is like bringing him to lifeyesyes

yeh it is, its kewl though big grin

i cant wait for it wooohoo *gets all excited again*

mmmmmm_ob :)
i cant wait 4 the movie 2 open.....i mean anythin cood hapen in it...
i think this one is goin 2 b just as good....i mean if they r goin 2 take that long it beta b good!!

and not to mention Johnny D in the movie.. what can go wrong?

"But why is the rum gone?"

"What say you to that?"

"Me, I'm dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly...stupid."

"You're not a eunuch, are you?"

---Captain Jack Sparrow

I am sure they are going to say something about Will being a eunuch in the second one...Johnny Depp is so funny! (and hot...lol)

mmmmmm_ob :)
well i hope they manage 2 fit as many of the good quotes from the first film as they can big grin
I think the next one will ROCK!! rock


those are all my fav lines so i have none to list

I like all of the ones listed as well, but I do have one more to listsmile Never have to many eh?

MURTOGG: This ship is off limits to civilions.
JACK: I'm terribly sorry. If I see one I shall inform you immediatly.



Uh, my last line didn't post correctly! I but smile (Smiley) and then messedIGH: and it didn't work...


Okay I can't type sigh it won't let me... Any1 know why it is doing that?

I didn't know there was a sigh smiley lolconfused but yes their are so many great lines in the movie.. so little room to type every single one of them

mmmmmm_ob :)
lol......the writers n the cast dun wel smile

The opertune moment thing was forshadowing the ending.. so maybe they wont use that

My personal fav.lines...

The hole movie one day when im bored ilm gonna type up the script form memory.. yes im a freak who cant type XXD


mmmmmm_ob :)
sum1 olredy typed out the whole script....that person must o been reeeeeeeeeeeely bord....

Hey I type up the holescript too!

Lady Bri
"Will you be saving her, then?"

"Pride of the King's Navy"

"But why is the rum gone?"

"There'll be no living with her after this"

I think those have already been said though...and they're all from Captain Jack...

that's because Johnny D's a genius and wrote most of 'em himselfbig grinbig grin

mmmmmm_ob :)
lets try n see how many they COULD get in the 2nd movie...cos there mite b alot that wont get in...

Savvy is such a Johnny trademark!!!...he even uses it in Once upon a Time in Mexico...i thought that was pretty cool

mmmmmm_ob :)
yeah...wen he was improvising he used alot of lines from his other movies...he's cool smile

I cant remember Savvy being used in PoTCblink

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