WHy Does Michael Myers Need A Mask?

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Why Does Mike Need a mask my guess is that he musta watched masked killers wen he was younger.

who cares.... erm

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i know realy.... its probally cuz hes ugly...... just like jason...... but freddy likes showing us his ugliness

Mr Parker
No that cant be because in the first film,Lori grabbed his mask and took it off and we got to see what his face looked like briefly.If you freeze the frame,he looks just like any other ordinary guy.I just always assumed because since it was halloween,he just wanted to wear a mask like everybody else does.

Okay this is going to sound very (VERY) dumb, but some ppl think is because he was once a trekkie.

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lol captain kirk was thats who his mask is

Yeah is a Capt. Kirk mask but the idea of Michael being a fan of Star Trek sounds too stupid. Sounds funny but is kinda stupid.

Yeah I agree,He's just wearing it so Dr.Loomis and the cops won't notice him.
But then again their's no real answer,because no one says why in the movie.

Because it's an easy way to make him 'mysterious and creepy'

agree and its true^

Maybe he wans to hide his face because he is ashamed at what he has done. Maybe that shame is what makes him keep killing.

Alot of necrophiles feel dirty and disgusting because of what they do but they still enjoy the pleasures of a cold dead body.

im not a big halloween fan but there arent to many threads that are to interesting to me right now so I decided to throw my two cents in here.

Mr Parker
Actually I think you and Backfire BOTH hit the nail right on the head on why he does.I think you both have the right answer.I believe its the combination of what you both said.

Evil Dead
Nastybutlerbob............I have been wondering something.

Is "mansevant" an actual word that I do not know the meaning to.......or is it "man-servant" without the "r"?.......

I dont no why he wore it in the first place but now he is pretty much deformed. the explosion in H2, burnt in reserrection, hit round the head with metal pole in H6, poked in the eye with a coat hanger the list goes on......

Michael Myers 1
Maybe its the same reason why alot of horror icons where masks (jason, leatherface)

You are all wrong. Michael does it because it is Halloween. If he walked around without a mask killing people, people will know he is really killing people. When he wheres a mask everyone thinks it is just a simple prank or joke. Also you can not identify him if he is whereing a mask. If Jamie survived without the help of Dr. Loomis and never took off his mask she would have never been able to identify. All she could say is "He wore a white mask." Police aren't going to just find one guy out of a whole bunch of trick or treaters that has a white mask. Although that is not stated in the movies we can make the hyponthises and conclude that THAT is the reason Michael wear a mask. Of course not following excluding the logic of the movie Backfire is correct in his statement.

but he cant die so why does he care?

Because police are too much of a distraction and I don't think Carpenter ment for Myers to be immortal.

Michael Myers 1

haha, do u mean the characters or the gurl

Michael Myers 1
both big grin

haha! laughing out loud

How did I miss that? Thanks for pointing it out to me. Yeah its supposed to be Manservant

Lord Soth
I can answer your qurstion in one word....because

Is to do with Halloween tradition when the Celts used to sacrifice war criminals, the insane ect for the good of their foodstock and or to see "into the future".
Part of their festivities included that Halloween be the one night where society collapsed and everyone would go crazy for the night, disguising themselves in costumes and behind masks.
Seeing as Myers is insane and the Celts are mentioned a few times throughout Halloween 1 - 6, it seems as if this is the reason.

Or it was just a good idea for a movie, as John Carpenter said he wanted to make Myers look like a human with a mask that represented the human face, only it was pure evil behind it.

i read a interveiw with Carpenter, and they asked him what he thought would happen if they put Myers up against Jason or Freddy and he said Myers'd get his arse kicked, the one from any movie he didn't make, but his origonal Myer's would kick ass. and as for the mask, why not, who cares, he can wear it if he wants

Maybe he cant stand looking at his own face in the mirror anymore

This thread is about why Michael Myers wear a mask. The person wants the truth, not jokes. If you want to make jokes, I suggest you make another thread. There is actully a person who really wants to find out as much as I do, we do not wish to hear pathetic jokes.

That's what I got so far; visit the link below.


I would guess because it dehumanizes him to a degree. If you woke up in the middle of the night and saw a figure looming over your bed which would be scarier?
A guy without a creepy mask or a guy with a creepy mask?
Most people will say the guy with the creepy mask because you can't see his face.
Regardless, the movie would have not been nearly as good if the character wasn't wearing a f($(%*$ up mask.

Probably because he's an insane, sister killing, psychopath. We're lucky that Myers wasn't wearing a pink tutu with steel dildo as his killing weapon.

No no, steel will not do, I'm allergic to certain metals. Plastic or other please.

FistOfThe North
i could've swoen dr. loomis explained this but wasn't it a psychological thing. The "we all wear masks" theory (to hide, or to be someone else, etc)

Old Myers wore a mask, just because

New Myers wore a mask because he was a whiny little emo-***** with self esteem issues...

Either you people are trying to make up a pathetic joke or you don't know shit. Rob Zombie never wanted anyone to know why Myers never could die from gun shots, why he kept coming back to live. It was a mystery that could never be solved, and that's the beauty of it.
I feel back for those people who really wants real answers, they can't go no where without some fat homos like you keep on talking about dildos or make up these pathetic answers. This website should be closed, it is no help.

For those who wish to know real answers, go on Yahoo! or on WikiAnswers.

Why don't you take your only two moronic posts and go away to Yahoo land on your own. Ta ta.

The Nuul
Because he doesnt want to have people see his face when hes watching people having sex through a window.

Peeping Mike.

Originally posted by MildPossession
No no, steel will not do, I'm allergic to certain metals. Plastic or other please.

...Looks like somebody is in need of a hot beef injection...

I think it's because Myers sometimes cries so that's why he wears a mask. His anger and suffering as a child attracted a curse: all the members in his family that kept shut while he was abused by his parents are concidered to be traitors so they must be killed. And i also think that's why he has to kill unwillingly because of the evil celtic "Curse of Thorn", seen as a rune on one of his arms. Originally called "The Shape" he is a human impulsed and empowered by a a force of nature -mysterious supernatural unkillable force. So i think he uses the mask so nobody sees him crying. mad

Originally posted by shagmobile
Why Does Mike Need a mask my guess is that he musta watched masked killers wen he was younger.

why do you need a mask?

the ninjak
Michael Myers has the same problem as the killer in Red Dragon had.

He believes he is the Boogey Man. Who will one day rise up and consume all of his victims. When Michael wears the mask he becomes something more, an idea personified.

Fortunately for Michael he is the chosen child amongst cultist druids of THORN that infused the demon into Michael and made him a creature that must sacrifice his next of kin. Which is why he is always hunting family. And with the druids making Michael a death avatar, his persona can now flurish.

That's why Michael wears the mask.....that and he may of liked Star Trek, it was a mask of Shatner after all. stick out tongue

^I don't think the curse of thorn thing is canon anymore?

the ninjak
Regardless he is definitely altered by some force.

According to me He's Ugly

Godzilla Rulz
He wears it so you don't see his face making him scarier. At least, I'm pretty sure that's why Carpenter gave him the mask. This is also why he looks like an average man, you don't know what to expect him.

As for why the character would choose to wear a mask, watching through the original franchise, it seems he sees it as his true face as Rorschach said "give me back my face!" Remember when Micheal had that Nixon mask or w/e it was, he didn't try to kill the girl until he switched masks again. Just my thought.

Good point

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