Golden Globes

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A Beautiful Mind won Best Picture tonight. Crowe took home Best Actor smile

Lord of the Rings left with nothing.

so a beautiful mind will be this years gladiator, how interesting

Gladiator sucked ass.

I'm just pointing out the fact that I called that A Beautiful Mind was the best movie of the year. I'm so smart.

that doesnt prove your smart .it just goes to show you how predictable award shows are now of days.

i just said that because...well... i meant that it will be this years over rated movie starring russel crowe.

No movie I've seen this year deserves to win best picture. But I have yet to see Monsters Ball and Black Hawk Down. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Ps. award shows are bullshit roll eyes (sarcastic)


ellen burstyn gave last years best performance...simple fact of life.

the moulin rouge soundtrack should not have won that award, that's for sure.

Bad Boy
As a film, I hated Moulin Rouge- it was so depressing. However, as a musician (and a film critic) the score was fantastic. It was extremely creative and coming from a great composer to. Have you heard the Plunkett and Macleane score?

The best score won but if anything else should have one, it should have been Pearl Harbor by Hans Zimmer. It was a beautiful score which sends shivers down your spine.

However, the greatest score (and most underrated) of all time has to be Armageddon by Trevor Rabin- pure class!

Why does John Williams always have to recieve a nomination? Even when he does a bad score he seems to be nominated!

I couldn't mean that Beautiful Mind won best screenplay.. I mean come on, that guy wrote Batman and Robin...

King Jedi
I'm not suprised that LOTR didn't win. There's bound to be a backlash against all the sci-fi/fantasy films like FOTR, Harry Potter, Shrek and A.I that were released last year.

The critics and writers have to be seen to be different.

I have to say, neither the Pearl Harbor nor the Armageddon soundtrack had any appeal to me. And I can't see your problem with John Williams.

For some users it might not come as a surprise that I would've wanted Howard Shore - LOTR soundtrack to win, but I do think he did an superb job, and the soundtrack has gotten positive reviews everywhere I've seen.

King Jedi
I'm not having a go at LOTR but I honestly can't remember the soundtrack to the film. confused

ok we get the point, you despise everything LOTR.

LOTR was pure crap as a Film, they better get their act together, I knew it was'nt going to win anything.

There was'nt an award for, faithfull transition from book to movie. Other than that, LOTR, deserves nothing. And yes the Score was Crap too.

John Williams? Why? Because this guy makes an Honest effort to make every movie sound different, Yes the music within A.I. stands way out, compared to LOTR. I hated A.I. to a degree, but at least I noticed something different being done as far as scores go.

Oh yeah, Pearl Harbor Score Sucked as well, AND the song made for the Movie was Corny too. What is this, Lets Copy the "Titanic" Feel to every movie that's made, which IS essentially a SPECIAL EFFECT movie, but is Trying desperatly to attract accolades for being a TRUE Drama, with REAL MEANING, and EMOTION? Pure Crap. Even Titanic is the Biggest FAKE in history, but, Critics wont Let Crap Like that happen again.

Pearl Harbor, Amageddon,..not Drama award Contenders. Not on any level, and the Pearl Harbor Score Sucked. Amageddon...yes it had a better Score, ...But come on, Lets get real.

Sissy Spacek deserved the Globe, so did Crowe. A Beautiful Mind did not. I hope it's not another bullshit year like last year with Gladiator! What a joke!! roll eyes (sarcastic)

Everyone needs to remember, the Golden Globes don't mean anything. (The Oscars really don't either, I guess). But the big show IS the Oscars.

Texas: I don't know why you see "A Beautiful Mind" as a bullshit movie. Just because Russell Crowe is in it? I hope not, because that has nothing to do with anything. "Gladiator" obviously should not have won last year, I don't think too many people would argue with that. Let me ask you this; what is better this year than aBM? I don't think its an EXCELENT movie, but its pretty damn close. It's better than anything else I've seen this year.

FLIPMODE, Titanic was not the biggest fake in history.

Kiwi Leia
Nicole Kidman wins an award and shes an Aussie, Russell Crowe wins an award and hes a Kiwi....and the Lord of the RIngs done with kiwis and in NZ will win something at the Oscars..............

And whats happening up in the northern Hemisphere hmmmmmm
Yea thats right your putting us down....ok....

I mean its tough enough to get a chance to become stars in America for people from down here, and yet we are getting all the way to the top...........

Russell Crowe RULZ!!!!!

Bad Boy
Why is it only the arty films that get awards. Surely is a popcorn film is amazing it derserves awards.

Armageddon score was amazing!

Actually I don't think that's true at all..most arty films don't even get nominated.. I think it's the run of the mill crap that the industry tends to uphold.. Look at Gladiator and Beautiful Mind.. Those are both "popcorn films" and they act like they're truely amazing....

King Jedi
I don't despise it. I was just dissapointed.

I don't think Flipmode likes it though.

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