A big NONO in a guy!

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lil bitchiness
Ok, so guys usually talk what they want their girl to look like and most of them are like, super skinny, nice legs, long hair, big/small boobs i dont want an ugly chic, i dont want this i dont want that...personality, is totally unimportant...but what pisses me off the MOST, is that most of those guy who demand that are big fat men losers, who come on to women who look like they just came off the cat walk.

You wanna score with a girl like that, try looking as half as good as those chicks do!

What really pissed me off just now, is i was browsing through the internet just now, and i came across this little section of guys talking what the girl was ''SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE'' and i read it and it was full of...boobs, legs, ass...she needs to be like this, she needs to be like that...and when i looked at the pics of the owners of the site (and the autors of that little piece of writing) they were, fat and ugly and very dirty looking!! There is a constant pressure on women to look good WTF?


NO Hairy backs

NO Greasiness!

NO Conjoined eyebrows!

NO rug chests!

NO spotty backs!

NO spotty fronts!

NO ugly repulsive feet!

NO shitty hairdos!

NO dodgy facial hair, ie nose, ears (all other facial hair is mmm)!!

NO yellow teeth!

NO disgusting lips!

NO sparrow legs!

NO bad breath!

NO scary staring pervy eyes!

NO gorilla arms!

NO flab!

NO beer guts!

NO black/yellow toe nails!

NO bod fingers!

NO mucky necks!

NO ass hair (or any other inappropriate disgusting hair)!

NO waxy ears!

NO snot faces!

NO bald spots!

NO chapped hands


When they all fulfill that list, we shall all look as the models!

I fail...I have a bunch of those.

http://www.killermovies.com/forums/attachment.php?s=&postid=1095132 how bout that is that good wink

You'll never find a man who hasn't got at least 3 of those

haha what you discribed sounds like my dog whaahahhaha

NO Hairy backs sick
NO Greasiness messed
NO Conjoined eyebrows blink
NO rug chests - GOD NO!!!!!!!
NO spotty backs sick
NO spotty fronts- very gross that one is.
NO ugly repulsive feet-sickening
NO shitty hairdos-gotta love the do rock
NO dodgy facial hair, ie nose, ears (all other facial hair is mmm)-shaving is a must for me
NO yellow teeth- *ewwwww*
NO disgusting lips-gotta be full and soft and pouty
NO sparrow legs-none at all
NO bad breath ewwwwwwwww
NO scary staring pervy eyes messed
NO gorilla arms no
NO flab definately not
NO beer guts eeyuck
NO mucky necks- gotta be kissable
NO ass hair (or any other inappropriate disgusting hair)-thats just wrong

the only thing i have on that list was ass hair but that is gone now and dont ask.

lil bitchiness
I know that, and my point is that they all look at all these super looking chicks, but when thy all fullfill that list, we shall all look like models!

Full list mad
an **** that, I like myself, they don't like me screw them, not needed happy

NO Hairy backs - My back isn't too hairy.

NO Greasiness - I try to keep washed up to beat the greasiness.

NO Conjoined eyebrows - Don't have.

NO rug chests - I'm proud of having my hairy chest.

NO spotty backs - WTF?

NO spotty fronts - What's a spotty front?

NO ugly repulsive feet - Mine are hobbit feet...nah, they just have a bit of hair on the top.

NO shitty hairdos - My hair will be cut soon.

NO dodgy facial hair, ie nose, ears (all other facial hair is mmm) - No dodgy hair for me. smile

NO yellow teeth - I was a smoker, they are yellow, I just bought some tooth whitening stuff today.

NO disgusting lips - My lips get dry, so I have Avon Moisture Therapy Lip Treatment.

NO sparrow legs - Huh?

NO bad breath - I try not to let my breath get bad, that's what mouthwash is for.

NO scary staring pervy eyes - Don't have.

NO gorilla arms - My arms aren't real hairy, I think they are just right.

NO flab - Got it.

NO beer guts - I don't drink, so my gut is all from eating a bit too much.

NO black/yellow toe nails - My toe nails do need a bit of cleaning. Easily fixed.

NO bod fingers - Huh?

NO mucky necks - What's a mucky neck?

NO ass hair (or any other inappropriate disgusting hair) - What the hell do you want us to do? Shave our asses, but not shave our legs? That's idiotic.

NO waxy ears - I clean my ears daily.

NO snot faces - I don't have.

Supermodle guys should get supermodle girls and then go down the ladder and so on and so fourth and gold diggers should get old rich men this is just how the system works people

laughing out loud nice Ken stick out tongue

I myself don't want my woman to be what you described Lil...I am a personality guy myself.

just so you people know...


cry that's sweet

Ill be a persoanlty guy once i have to actully live with the girl until now I want the perfect girl sorry just how high school works

lil bitchiness
Yeah, i know Ken. But what im saying is the guys who are so picky and shallow about the girls usualy have most of the above, yet hey pressure women in looking good!! What the feck is that all about!?

If I like the girl for her personality, I want her to like me for mine, if she is only in it for the looks, then screw her.

The One Himself
OMG I don't have any chances with Lil... no

im jus looking for a cute girl that likes me back, lol

laughing out loud I will just point out, that guys who are looking for model girlfriends are very shallow and should die, how many percent of the world fits that category, they will all die lonely sooner or later, after about 4 divorces yes

whoa, slow down there nelly... and from what society defines as "super models", to me are walking kites... put som meat on [email protected] it!!! mad

Those are the ones that never find true love, they all fight a bunch.

Nobody is perfect, so don't try looking for a perfect person.

If they look perfect, then you should compliment their plastic surgeon.

lil bitchiness
OMG!!! laughing out loud hahaha!! Too true!!

My point is that, men cant be so shallow, and cant hit on girls who look much better than they do, and whe they get rejected, they call them lesbians...just...stupid!

laughing LOL!!!

Hey sometimes it's true about the lesbian thing...laughing out loud

I just hate when people make negative comments on my looks, it makes me feel ugly, and insecure. Some of you know what I am talking about from our MSN convo's, how down I am on myself.

lil bitchiness> well, yeah I agree.

I like down to earth guys who like me for me, not what the newest jeans do to my ass roll eyes (sarcastic)

dont ever be insecure ur a awesome dude. ne girl that says sumthing to u like that **** them they dont know what a cool dude you are never listen to other s negitive opions unless they are constructive and they are trying to help

lil bitchiness
There is a constat pressure on women though!!! Gus costantly pressure them to look good, and THAT is just wrong, since half of that me cant fullfill the list above!

I never know what is constructive or not, I'm used to true negative comments from people at school, and friends and family...none of that was constructive I know that.

that's just mean mad
people who judge others negatively are the ones who have sumthing to hide or prove whistle

As long as the woman looks halfway decent, and cares about herself enough to stay clean at least, she's good in my book.

Somehow though, I got lucky and found a very hot chick, that likes me for me.

People who don't take care of themselves are nasty messed

lil bitchiness
Exactly!! messed


But then there's the people that really do try, but their body either sweats too much or they have naturally very oily skin. Then you have the people without the money to pay for hygeine products...I had to dip into my New Zealand savings today to get tooth whitener and shampoo...I am down $20.

all of what you just listed are easy to find in a guy... if you know where to look.

lil bitchiness
OMG!! Would you please read all of my first post...i have not listed what i dont wat in a husband SPECIFICLY, i have indicated that all guys who demand women who are like models all look a great GREAT mess.!!

i only read the first post.. that's all i intend on ready unless you tell me.
but all i was sayin is if your wanted all of the above on the appearnce of a male. easy.

Lord Soth
NO Hairy backs- Not me

NO Greasiness- As in hair, or what?

NO Conjoined eyebrows- nope

NO rug chests- nope

NO spotty backs- nope

NO spotty fronts- nope

NO ugly repulsive feet- well, you'll have to be the judge ther, i don't know feet

NO shitty hairdos- I just let it do whatever it wants to

NO dodgy facial hair, ie nose, ears (all other facial hair is mmm)- I'm fine there

NO yellow teeth- I don't brush my teeth as often as I should, but it's not a problem

NO disgusting lips- again, I can't be a judge

NO sparrow legs- ?

NO bad breath- Depends on if I've eaten anything...different or not

NO scary staring pervy eyes- Not me

NO gorilla arms- No clue what that means

NO flab- ack, gotta work out some then.....

NO beer guts- Don't drink beer, no problem........

NO black/yellow toe nails- how do you get those, anyway?

NO bod fingers- ?!

NO mucky necks- ?!

NO ass hair (or any other inappropriate disgusting hair)- Some but not a noticable amount

NO waxy ears- ?!

NO snot faces- nope

NO bald spots- I'm 16, ,so fine there

NO chapped hands- Nope

Silv are you suggesting we grab a mach 3 and run it down our ass crack? jesus christ n good lord almighty you must be nuts?! You know some guy could cut his ass straight off. or worst yet....getting waxed. ouch! doctor

lil bitchiness
Yeah...getting waxed is a b!tch but us girls do it..not for you guys, but for us, So why not you lot do it for us too...

Greasy and heary men are nasty messed

Lord Soth
What do you mean by greasy?

oh i agree, even as a guy...i'm pretty sure most of us don't like being near the greasy or hairy guy. I wonder if it'd be alright to make a shaved, trimmed, natural thread. I dun wanna make it, but i'd prolly poll it.

lil bitchiness
Generaly greasy...hair, greasy body...greasy, i dont know how you want me to explain it really confused

Lord Soth
Okay, that makes sense, sort of...

lil bitchiness
Again, im not critisising all guys, i am critising the ones who DEMAND awesome looking girlfriends, and they themselfs look horrible!! yak!

what is the point of this... oh yes venting rage over something read on the internet...

TOH - and you would want a chance because...?
Ken - nice to be able to admit it
Myself - I cannot beleive I was once had conversation to myself while being buzed

lil bitchiness
Ohh, you found me to tell me if my thread has a point hen none of yours have any.

If you dont have anything to say about it, dont reply and b!tch, because no one is interested!

Tired Hiker
I have hair on my ass, but I wouldn't consider it a hairy ass. Do you see what I mean?erm

lil bitchiness
Why dont you take you little comments and shove then where the sun dont shine?

lil bitchiness
erm kind....of!

I have hair on my ass, but it's just not a lot...like TH says for his...the bad thing for us guys to have on our asses...boils and zits.

lil bitchiness
laughing out loud

thats funny, but at the same time revolting sick

It's true though...

Everyone gets them, * Glares at eveybody * Don't deny it.

When you get them, just get rid of them as fast as possible.

Tired Hiker
Yeah, I usually get zits on my ass when I don't change my boxers for a week. big grin

lil bitchiness
I know men are supposed to be a bit on a ....erm odd side!!

But why all the pressure on women to look good? I mean personal hygene is vital, but, why so much pressure? erm

lil bitchiness
Woah!!! I DID NOT needed to know that!!

I guess most guys want the woman to look like the women they see on TV or in porno's...

And TH, that was WAY too much information, change your boxers once a day dude.

Tired Hiker
I only shower twice a month! big grin

lil bitchiness
mmmmmmmmm sexy!!

TH -- * Slow hand clap *

Good for you numb nuts. yes

lil bitchiness
I bet he smells so great....mmmmm lavender!!!

I smell like some generic Cologne and Aftershave.

Tired Hiker
Last time I brushed my teeth was sometime back in 2003! big grin

lil bitchiness
I cant wait to kiss you!!! I'll be totally able to tell what you ate for Christmas...

How about scrubbed your ass crack? It gets sweaty there.

lil bitchiness
sick uuuuuugh!

I bet that was sometime in 1999.

Tired Hiker
Damn, Kenny. That was gross. laughing out loud

lil bitchiness
Fecking nasty!! sick

Is that any worse than not changing your boxers for a week, Mr. Skidmark?

Tired Hiker
Yeah, I was totally joking about the boxer thing.


That would just be...wrong.

And remember!!!! Always use bleach when washing your white boxers. yes Get out any stains that may have been left.

With colors, use Clorox Bleach for Colors...big grin

Tired Hiker
Yeah, so you get it . . ..that was the whole point of my joke!

Yup...I knew it was a joke.

No one can be that nasty...can they? blink

Tired Hiker
I hope not. ninja

* Shudders at the thought *

If there are anyone that hygienically declined, keep them away from me.

lil bitchiness
blink This is like....rank!

* Goes back to thinking about cleanliness *

Salt water helps kill bacteria in your mouth.

Tired Hiker
Yeah, let's talk about something else, m'kay? yes

I clean my finger nails everyday...yes

lil bitchiness
I have excellent personal hygiene! big grin

I am a lazy bastard!

Err...I mean, my armpits are clean.

lil bitchiness
Like, last year, i went to a festival, and we camped out in a field (obviously seeing how it was a festival) so thats the only time i didnt have shower for 2 days...no Bleh, i hated it, but i saw all these awesome bands!! eek!

Tired Hiker
I love those festivals!!! eek!

I usually shower every morning before work, shave a little, use a bit of gel in the pelo, and I brush my teeth in the morning and at night before I go to bed. I buy my deoderant at the dollar store! big grin And I use mouthwash before I brush! That's important! I lag on flossing, though.erm

I shower at night before getting on the internet.

I shave whenever I damn well please, I just shaved a bit over an hour ago.

I brush my teeth after lunch (I don't eat breakfast) and before going to bed, but if I have something stuck in my teeth or some shit, I will brush them real quick whenever to get it out.

I need to use mouthwash a bit more though, and I also lag on flossing.

lil bitchiness
Yeah...i go to Leeds fest every year eek! its a tradition now!! happy

And if you do shower you get shit from everyone cos you were ment to be scraty at the end of day 4 blink

Tired Hiker
Oh yeah, totally. At Reggae on the River, you just swim in the river and that's the shower.

Hippy's roll eyes (sarcastic)

lil bitchiness
oh and I have shower before bed, sometimes in the morning too...if ive been up all night studying then yes. Brush my teeth, use mouthwash, which i have to use anyway, because of my tongue piercing..get my hair done..nothing on it usually...wipe face with face wipes every morning too..make up..only eyes...and then grab my books and run to the lecture...usually.

lil bitchiness
Yeah...thumb up

I like it because there is a lot of my friends there and we all camp together..its so cool!!!!!
Go to see bands sit arround getting drunk!! yey!! Cant wait for August now!! Its gonna be gggggreat!!

Your boos?

I bet you mean boots...or boobs.

Tired Hiker
books maybe? erm

lil bitchiness
yeah...it was books!! ding ding ding, Hiker gets 3 points!!

Tired Hiker

Do I get any points for improvosational skills in trying to figure out the word?

lil bitchiness
Yeah...you can have a brownie!!

Special brownie?

i only have dodgy facal hair, thats the only one i have

lil bitchiness
Sure! thumb up


* Eats the brownie ... Starts trippin' out *

could you please specify on that shitty hairdo
cuz I'm not sure that I have one or not
think tom cruise in MI2

omg, how bad is it when you like eat something at work, and get it stuck in your teeth. I usually don't bring a toothbrush to work, so it'll sit there until i can get home. It doesn't happen often, but damn does that suck.

Yeah and i shower 2x a day, once in the morning and then once in the afternoon when i'm done working out. I hear you on the flossing TH, but its a SOB to me because i have a permanent bottom retainer.

Well all you sexy super slim cat walk models will be glad to know the list describes me perfectly.... big grin

What? It's not a good thing? confused

Oh! sad

u are sooooooooo right!!!!!
oh well
as for me,it's if a guy is dumb
and doesn't look at women beyond their status as sex symbols!

That's mean embarrasment

lil bitchiness
hah hahahaha!! Where did you find this...100 pages back...

What made you bump it?

OTBS.... Obsessive Thread Bumping Syndrome... embarrasment

OMG I never saw this before. I really don't understand the purpose of this. no

btw-As a guy I have none of those things. (except for my sideburns and light mustache)

lil bitchiness
If you have a read through my first post...the whole of it you will understand the purpose...
Also, i said ''all other facial hair is mmm'' meaning its great, i love facial hair...

I just read throught the whole thread. Is okay now I understand the purpose of this thread. Don't let those morons get you upset, they don't really know the beauty that all women possess. Can you give me a link to those idiots? I'll give them a piece of my mind.

lil bitchiness
Thanks Danny, you are super sweet! happy

If i can find it, i'll post it...it was a bit ago that i found the site smile

No problemo Milla thumb up

I'm going to blast those idiots to kingdom come!!!! miffed

As my legs are actually quite strong (stronger than my arms certainly), I could safely say that I pass on all those little quibbles (except maybe shitty hairdo) However, when an anglo-european or Mediteranean man grows old, it is inevitable that he will gain hairs on his back sad And some people can't help being greasy sad

I don't find skinniness so attractive really, a girl has to be curvaceous in a HEALTHY way, not pumped up. Say PROPERLY female.

Is Obsessive Compulsive disorder a turn-off? wink

Ok, since other members have compared themselves to the list, just for fun... Too right!

guys that dont like cheese pie

NO Hairy backs- i aint hairy at all

NO Greasiness!- aint greasy

NO Conjoined eyebrows!- definitely dun have em

NO rug chests!- dun have em

NO spotty backs!-i have a few cuz of sumthin that hit me when i was a kid (scars)

NO spotty fronts!-nuffin there

NO ugly repulsive feet!-i dun think my feet are that ugly

NO shitty hairdos!-uhm.. is wearing yer hair up and stiff (wif a hair gel)shitty???

NO dodgy facial hair, ie nose, ears (all other facial hair is mmm)!!-a lil mustache and short sideburns... they havent grown yet...sad

NO yellow teeth!-abit... nicotine stains

NO disgusting lips!- lips are fine

NO sparrow legs!- dun have sparrow legs... and not chicken legs neither

NO bad breath!- mosta the time it smells like smoke... but i keep a pack of mint strips in me pockets

NO scary staring pervy eyes!-i dun stare and i dun perve

NO gorilla arms!-im scrawny

NO flab!-nope... dun have that either

NO beer guts!-i have one but it aint that big yet..

NO black/yellow toe nails!- my index fingernail is a bit yellow (nicotine stain)

NO bod fingers!- not sure bout wut ye mean there...

NO mucky necks!-dun have em

NO ass hair (or any other inappropriate disgusting hair)!-now i hava reason to shave it

NO waxy ears!-cleans it everyday after havin a shower

NO snot faces!-nope. i dun think any guy has that.. thats juz sick

NO bald spots!-i definitely dun have bald spots..

NO chapped hand- hands are perfect.. dun even have calluses


no they must like cheese pies

cheese pie???? uhm... would it make me fugly if i hate cheese pies???

NO Hairy backs sick

NO Greasiness - It's really NOT that hard to wash every now and again guys..... though the wet look is attractive, it must be water or gel

NO Conjoined eyebrows - Monobrow = Minger

NO rug chests - Austin Powers, yeah baby yeah........

NO spotty backs - sick sick sick

NO spotty fronts - ^Ditto^

NO ugly repulsive feet - Ugly feet can be ignored, I don't do feet anyway laughing out loud

NO shitty hairdos - Be original, but not messy.....

NO dodgy facial hair, ie nose, ears (all other facial hair is mmm) - Side-burns, goatees, Craig David Style all ok......

NO yellow teeth - Follow Lance's lead thumbsup

NO disgusting lips - Try Blistex, it's the bomb

NO sparrow legs - Yup......

NO bad breath - Uh, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash etc........

NO scary staring pervy eyes - Ogling, leering, letching = gross, don't do it.......

NO gorilla arms - Strong, hairy fore-arms are sexy, but not hairy shoulders and the like, once again sick.

NO flab - Some squidge is cute, but don't let it get out of control wink

NO beer guts - Women are the only ones who can look attractively pregnant, so beer guts ARE a no-no ((though I know a guy who really does look pregnant from alcohol, and he got a tattoo round his belly-button saying "Who's your daddy?"!!!!))

NO black/yellow toe nails - sick

NO bod fingers - What the f**k? Lil???

NO mucky necks - "Wash behind your ears guys"!

NO ass hair (or any other inappropriate disgusting hair) - Meaning all of the above hairy no-nos......

NO waxy ears - GROSS!!!!

NO snot faces - For F*ck's Sake carry a hankie, it's not pretty......

dont you find these things indearing Syren?

lil bitchiness
OMG that super made me laugh! hahahaha!

lol i agree smile

cheeky munkey
well said!!!!!!
especialy the hairy backs bit.... havent they heard of wax
i hate it when they have stubble too... it scratches!!!!!!!!!!

i know messed

cheeky munkey
sick im very fussy..... but that list just about sums it up
think we shud publish a guidebook for guys



i have you know the only thing i have on the list is arse hair, not alot and you can't see it because i have blond hair.

My girlfriend doesn't mind my Arse hair smile apperently is feels nice smooth or something embarrasment

cheeky munkey
thanx for sharing that .. hehe, thinkthat was an overshare big grin

ash...sick dont you know when to hold your tongue?

hey i am not Ashamed of my body smile
I dont mind talking about it

cheeky munkey
yeh, but that was a bit too graphic erm

indeed i know big grin

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