Sickest Deaths Ever

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What do you think are the sickest deaths ever in horror films?
Mine are:
1)Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) in the Crow, not really a horror but still really sick anyway.
2)The wire people in Ghost Ship
3)Anyone from the original crew of the Event Horizon
4)Ash's girlfriend in Evil Dead 2
5)The lawyer from 13 ghosts (crap film, good death)

the lawyer in wishmaster 2 i believe... " wish my lawyer would **** himself"

Jason X - Hot chick gets the liquid nitrogen facial, then Jason just slams her face on the desk, physically bashes her face in, leaving a gaping frozen bloody hole, then literally tosses her of to the side by her head.

That was complete and total ****ing domination personified.

Best. Death. Ever.

Also, the laser grate in "Resident Evil", the aforementioned sliding glass door death in "Thirt33n Ghosts", the wire snap in "Ghost Ship" (only good thing about that movie), and of course, Stephen Dorff in "The Gate" when he crushes his Dad's face, to have a pool of puss splash out on him, followed by his Mother's head falling off and rotting on the cement.

Definatly The General guy in The Extended Edition of Day Of The Dead

In the original Hellraiser when the father was strung up the hooked chains..."Jesus Wept". This isn't in any movies I've see, but a person being quartered. Also not a horror movie, but in this racist movie three white boys chain a black kid to the back of their pick-up and drag him on the asphalt, the kid does everything he can to keep his head from touching the so he would stick his arms and legs down and it was just wearing away at the flesh. They finally stopped and checked if he was dead yet, he wasn't so they wrapped the chain around his neck and torso and went alot faster this time and took a sharp turn and he was ripped apart, this was actually based on a true story, but who knows if it were really that gruesome.

The eye splinter scene in Zombie

The castration in I Spit on Your Grave

The fire extinguisher head bashing in Irreversible.

The family murder in Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer

The Wire scene in Ghost SHip was incredible but not really that sick,
the sickest death ever is either ( the previously mentiones castration scene in I SPit on your GRave, and Last house on the left) or the strangulation of the woman at the end of THE LAST BROADCAST

Primitive Screwhead #1
Toss-up of either of the following from the Toxic Avenger:

1. The bench-press execution scene.
2. The kid that gets run down two or three times, with the last pass going right over his head (I think that was TA... it was definitely a Tromaville release)

The Ghost Ship and Event Horizon references rank up there as well.

I agree Uncle Frank death was very well done. Too bad is kinda short! Let's see sickest deaths for me:

The homeless guy drinkin the bottle of Viper in Street Trash.
The kid trap in sewers by the Blob.
Jason Killing the guy in the wheel chair was sick.

Jason or Leatherface?

After renting this movie tonight, there was nothing really sick about that murder. 3 people got their necks snapped. I expected alot more out of this movie as well. Very predictable, but still a decent B movie for 1986.

It was disturbing becasue it is extremely realistic and believable. The nature of the murders are mundane, but the grainy film, and the fact that it was a family made it very very disturbing.

The burning at the stake in The Witchfinder General
Sergent Howies demise in The Wicker Man

Not some much sick but chilling.

One of the guys in From Dusk till Dawn 2. iS impaled on a pipe, thrown off a roof and lands on power cables, catapulting him back up.
and electrocuting him.

Maybe for most people. If it were all kids being raped and killed, then maybe it would get my attention.

I guess some of us are extremely jaded. embarrasment

I'm not too sure that any deaths have sickened me that much, but the melting corpses at the end of Evil dead has always stayed with me. Even if it does look cheap.

i just think ALL The banned cannibal movies that are around out there just have the SICKEST Deaths Ever c'mon eaten alive whats worse devil LOL

Being burnt alive and while still on fire, eaten?

nah being boiled alive'd be worse

yeah i suppose
you know in i spit on your grave, you actually see some guys balls get cut off? thats just confused thumb down

Couldnt agree with you more dude

amlap, is that the tall guy from phantasm on your sig?

oh day of the dead, near to the end a pile of zombies rip a guys body in half spilling out his intestines and insides

and City of the living dead,when a girl spews her insides outta her mouth

Im not sure what to pick for the sickest deaths. But here are some that come to mind:

Aliens: At the end when the android gets the unexpected tail through the chest and starts spitting up all that fluid and gets ripped in half.

Body Double: this really wasnt a horror movie, kind of murder/suspense from the 80s. But this hot chic gets a large drill through torso on the second floor and main character sees the drill bit come through the ceiling on the first floor

Dead or Alive - Woman drowning in a pool of her own feces. Urgh.

The Hannibal were that guy get his brain eaten when hes still alive and then Lecter forces feeds some of it to him sick

If he were still alive, it's not a death, now is it? smart

Top on my list is Frank's death in Hellraiser.

After seeing Men Behind the Sun I'll say it now has a few extremely horrific death scenes.

-The man getting put into an air pressurizer and being so pressured that his intestines shot out of his ass.

-The disection of a living young boy while he's knocked out.

-Burying a baby in the snow and leaving him for dead.

The scene with the Russian Mom and her child in Gas chaimber was rather hard to watch. Very cruel film indeed.

Where could I find that movie?

what about in Event Horizon, the guy in the space lock, de dosn't die but god damn that'd suck

It's available online, it was just recently released legitly about a year ago. This, along with Salo is probably the hardest film I've ever watched.

Another sick death is in MAN BITES DOG, where he scares the old woman death, that is twisted. In fact pretty much all the deaths in MAN BITES DOG are very very sick

In i spit on your grave(aka day of the woman original title) u dont see shit really just a jet of blood u dont actually see where she cuts but u know its in the dick/balls area, since thats whrer she stroking with the hand that aint holding the knife lol, the bathroom looks pretty bad when hes dead and she goes back for the body if u wanna see sick see MEN BEHIND THE SUN the cannibal movies or anything else u mentioned are nothing compared to that,allso check out mondo movies theyre pretty bad aswell,1 i would recomend cos its very well made is THE KILLING OF AMERICA,not available in the usa tho im afraid smile

Well he did die after enouth of his brain was taken

Crapping my his own intestines!? sick Man thats a bad way to go sick

The train/sheet metal scene in Final Destination. It wasn't sick, but it was awesome. devil

xLiNdS x 622x
The wire scene in ghost ship was pretty gross...and the lawyer gettin sliced in half in 13 ghosts..oh and the hitchhiker in texas chainsaw massacre (latest remake)

that scene in Gore Gore Girls where the girl gets her head boiled

The first Resident Evil when the soldier gets cut up with those lasers in the hallway that they get trapped in or the way the horse gets cut into pieces in The Cell

The fat lady in witchcraft hanging upside down in the fireplace

so much delious death to choose from evil face
I thought that the gwar deahts in the vidoes were preaty gruesome Like getting skull f**ked to death. Cradle of fear had prettry good deaths and it had dani filth in it. How about in brain dead with the lawnmower.

el barto_1
every death in haute tention is incredibly sick

Originally posted by tabby999
Jason or Leatherface?

I'mpretty sure he meant Jason Tabs smile

oh and to people who were looking, you can get Men Behind The Sun from for sweet f*ck all

Darth Odious
The Prowler: The scene where the Prowler jams the bayonet in the guys skull and starts to twist and dig the knife around in the guys brain. It's seems to be so painful that guy's eye's roll up to whites. Not so much gory, but just really cruel and heartless.
Last House On The Left: When the kidnappers stab a girls over and over until her intestines come out of her stomach. One of them even starts to play with it. Alot of gore and just wrong. Even the killers look a little guilty. Wes Craven said after that scene the crew took a break for lunch and everybody was nervous and silent. Wes Craven even questioned his own sanity.
Maniac: When the Maniac jump onto a hood of a car and blows Tom Savini's head up with a shotgun. Mad gore. Almost funny from the way Tom Savini screams right before impact.blowup

H.G. Lewis films are known for lots of gore as he is THE godfather of gore films.

The Cannibal movies for sure.

Maniac has some pretty sick deaths.

Eyesplinter scene in Zombie.

New York Ripper has some pretty nasty deaths especially the eyeball razor scene and the death at the end.

The original Toolbox Murders has some pretty nasty deaths.

The Prowler knife through the head and shotgun blast.

Haute Tension has some nasty deaths especially Alex's mom.

Deep Red and Tenebre has some nasty death scenes.

Suspiria, the first death and the barbwire death.

Stage Fright has a few good deaths.

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