Why did Jack Sparrow do that? Please!! tell me, i keep wondering!

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Jack Sparrow was fighting with Barbossa, and Will Turner with some other pirates. Then Jack Sparrow turned into a skelleton and back to normal. Will turner stood next to the box with all those golden Aztecks in it. Jack Sparrow had two of the last coins. he made a cut in his hand and threw the coins to will turner. Then Jack fired at Barbossa, and he said that jack couldn't kill him. but then he died. Will turner also made a cut in his hand and threw the last peice in the box. I learned that only Will's and his father's blood was needed to end the curse. Why did Jack Sparrow made that cut in his hand then?
please reply! I watch that movie too often and every time i wonder...

i cant believe no ones replied!!!

soz im a potc freak. everyone that took a piece of the treasure needed to repay blood. thats why barbossa said 'who has paid the blood sacrifice owed to the heathen gods?' and all the pirates shouted, then he said 'and whose blood has yet to be repaid?' and they said 'hers' when they thought she was bootstraps daughter.
jack (he rocks SO hard by the way!!!) took a piece of the treasure when he said 'for example, when you have killed norringtons men. every. last. one' so he had to pay blood as well as will because he was bootstraps son, gettit? hope i helped!!!

I don't really recall Jack cutting his hand and he also only stole one piece of goldconfused

no he did cut his hand but he only took one piece of treasure

oh really.. I'm watching it at this very momentbig grinbig grin

hey yeah! you certainly helped me with it! It was hard for me to explain what i meant, i'm dutch sabbie? Well, thanks for your reply! according to me you are not only a POTC freek but also LOTR which is my favorite movie!!!


because HE took one out and IT needed HIS blood and the one Will's father gave him, Will had to cut his hand for it. pirate bunny

he cut his hand because he has taken a piece from the chest which is why he became skeleten after barbossa stabbed him. barbossa didn't know that he had taken it then barbossa didn't think he was dead because he didn't know will had cut his hand aswell.

yeah. and barbosa died after will dropped both his and jack's medallions into the chest with all the other medallions cause all the pieces had been returned and the curse was lifted.

hey LOR is my favorite movie too!! well, Return of the King, then The Two Towers, then the Fellowship of the Ring, then, POC of course!

Yup, Jack cut his handsmile I am a witness.... I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!


yeah!! that's one of the best movies ever made!!!! i hope the sequel's as good!!!

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Well i'm so glad everyone understands the movie, if you have ?'s just pm me. i live w/ a movie nutto and I'm becoming one as well. I'll most likely be able to help you DON'T FORGET!!!!!!


hello fellow thread deserters!!!

Y hello there JJ

thanx a lot for thAT i reely nderstand it now , i was a bit confused wen i saw it!!

my fav movies are potc, lord of the rings and hary potter specially the 3rd one

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