Which franchise will most likely have a sequels made within the next five years?

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Besides Child's Play cuz theres already a new one in the mix

I think it should be Phantasm because the 4th movie in this franchise left its audiences hanging.....A Nightmare on Elm St. might have one made too, prob of Freddy's murders as the Springwood Slasher.

hell raiser there are suposed to be 2 released this year. After that I think the Freddy vs. Jason franchise will see a few sequels

mee too i think fvs j will get one but for now i think its a prequel for the nightmares...

How about all of them? Duh.

F13 they must have 13 movies there's 11 so far

Evil Dead
- I see no new NOES movies being made. They're done with them. It's all about Freddy vs Jason now.

- Friday the 13th will probably produce another sequel right after the next F vs J movie to capitalize on the new found popularity.

- Halloween will probably produce another sequel in the next 5 years. After the last movie being panned by all critics and even fans......I don't see how they're going to get funding.....but somehow I bet they will. If nothing else, expect a straight to video release.

- Hellraiser.........I hope so. Deader and Hellworld are both supposed to come out this year. Hopefully after those they continue to keep making great sequels. They can go on forever as long as they don't repeat a previous movie (like Hellseeker did with Inferno, same concept). The Hellraiser series is truly original as it isn't centered around a central figure.......it is about a concept: lust, greed and the pursuit of pleasure. As long as those three things exist in this world they can keep making great sequels.

- Phantasm........doubtful. Oblivion was horrible.........they had a hard enough time getting that one funded. I can only imagine how hard it would be to get part 5 funded after the last one was hated by everybody......critics and die hard fans alike. The only saving grace for the future of the series is that Bruce Campbell did say he may star in part 5 if it ever gets made. It sure wouldn't help them with the critics but atleast the horror fanboys would be happy to see Campbell in it.

- Wishmaster........god I hope not. The first one was great.....second was ok.........third was awful......fourth was acceptable. I've completely lost interest in the series.

- Leprechaun......I didn't even think they would get Back 2 the Hood funded.

- Puppetmaster.......I'd like to see one.....but again I doubt it.

yeah, the next friday is in the pipes, but then again, we've all seen how long those freakin pipes can be, with releases being sceduled for 2005 etc

there is already another halloween in the making.

Thank God TCM wasn't one of the choices.

BackFire got any info on it?
Hope to hell they don't make a Jason vs Freddy sequel.....I already saw them fight in the first one and thats all I wanted 2 see, them fight once!!!!!not again and again and again.....and again for another 10 movies

Well F13 can only have 13 movies so they can only have 2 FvJ seqauls. then it's Myers vs Freddy but Jason will finish Freddy off so F13 pt 13 will be the last Freddy movie

As Bf said they're salready writing another halloween movie so thats a definate.

got ne info on it slayer?

no but i'll go check now. On halloweenmovies.com

The script is currently being written, i think it is being released some time next year.
Hey Korree! (Michealmyers1 i think) You'de be jealous, there was some competition where on the website where if u win u get 2 get killed by Micheal in H9. Some girl called Heather won.

i dont know if they got killed, i thought it was as just and "extra." anyway, Jason Krueger there is going to be a second one, the board was full of posts about it for ages till that Freddy Vs Jason poll the mods made came up. look in that,

Im gonna say hellraiser.

No, there have only been 10 friday the 13th movies made so far. Freddy vs. Jason dosent count.

Mr Parker
Yeah that would suck if they made another sequel to it.Once is enough.I sure hope they make a Jason Vs Michael movie in the future.by the way when is the next chuckie and halloween movie.I voted Halloween.They will probably make maybe 31 of them do you think? big grin Since Halloween falls on the 31st.

yes it does

F vs J isn't a F13 or NOES movie, ok! Please it is apart from those movies. Halloween has been pulling out more sequels as of late so it seems like that would have to be the most reasonable answer.

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