The Matrix is Anti-Bush

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Yes, I know it was said, but I don't remember the thread it was on, and it wasn't on the right topic, so I thought I'd post this:
Hitler, or Hussein, cant tell, then George Bush Senior, and George W Bush in the same frame.. as the architect disses the "various grotesqueries overcame"... laughing out loudlaughinglaughing out loud

(Whoever actually said this, come forward so you can get credit smile)
(But I took the picture wink)

That's changed! I think...

I just took the screenshot from my DVD about two minutes before I posted, mailed.

i didn't see dubya on there, but i did see sr. on there...and did you really expect the bros. to be pro-bush when all of Hollywood is anti-bush?

He's there, if you meant you can't see him now. If you can, then.. ignore that comment Jedi.

And I never expected the W. Bros to be pro-bush, I just never expected it to be integrated into the second movie of one of the greatest trilogys ever. stick out tongue

JediHDM is 'current'...

It is... smart

The Alpha
I cant see Hitler.

it looks like hitler is in the far right corner

I always thought the Matrix was "Anti-Government" not just Anti Bush.

And believe me, both Hitler and Bush are shown on the screens (bloody big versions, spread across multiple screens). I noticed it the first time I watched the movie - it isn't hard to see.

I think it was me that said it but i dont want to take all the credit if someone else saw and said it too. I think it was the funniest moment in the trilogy other than when trinity said merv.

it makes sense for bush sr + jr to be shown along with hitler because of what they represent - control at its worst.


hitler - dictator, genocide, invading other countries.
bush 1+2 - dodgy wars, dodgy elections etc

so both show the bad sides of humanity - as the architect says.

however (and i might be reading too much into this) they also show examples of negative control - so illustrating the situation that the human race is in.

i'm really trying to understand your thinking...but i can't...i don't see how either of the Bush's show the 'bad side of humanity'...especially to the point of being placed up there with Hitler, Hussein, and really is beyond me...

The Alpha
One can say the reason is that Wachowski Brothers are Asians.

Um, maybe I'm just not on the same medication as some of you, but where the hell is Hitler. (yeah, I read above where someone said far right corner but you must have some pretty sweet meds to make him out of that)

Lil Seraph
The Alpha > One can say the reason is that Wachowski Brothers are Asians.

Hahaha! Asians.

wtf are you talking about?


bush jr became one of the post powerful leaders in the world even though he wasnt voted for and is a fool.
he started an illegal war for oil/finish his dadddys work.

this ties in with waht the architect is saying when they appear on screen.

Yomammy> Hitler is there, just not in that picture that was posted...

mook> illegal war?! it wasn't a war to begin with, and as for it being for wasn't voted for...he WAS voted for, whether or not you agree with who voted for him is a different story, and to call a person a fool is to say that you would, by far, do a MUCH better job...And about the is amazing people are still saying this is about the oil...let me tell you something. The reason the French, the reason the Russians, didn;t back us up on the war, was because, if Saddam Hussein remained in power, they would continue to get money from him, which at the time WAS get your facts straight. this was not about oil for us, and whether or not it was about finishing what 'daddy started' it yet to be determined.

they invaded a country for no reason and without the UN's backing - illegal war.

the election was a joke - read 'stupid white men' by micheal moore for all the info on how he stole the election.

he is a fool - and at no point did i say i wanted to be president so its irrelevant for you to say that.

yeah russia and france *stayed out* for financial reasons.
however america *went in* for financial reasons, namely;
- huge contracts to american businesses to rebuild iraq
- oil

"and whether or not it was about finishing what 'daddy started' it yet to be determined" - so you cant deny what i said.

well...i can see we are going to disagree no matter what either one of us says...

First off, UN backing means nothing other than 1 thing, that even the most spinless of countries agree to something and that happens HOW often?


You can't say that there was no reason. There was plenty of reason. Just because the findings didn't turn out as planned doesn't mean "they invaded a country for no reason". This is a subject far too lengthy to get into in this forum/venue.

Well speaking of jokes, Michael Moore is such an incredible source that it's not even funny. If Rush wrote a book about Clinton, would you bleeding heart libs take it to heart? Hell no. Fact or no fact, you'd blow it off as a righty taking a swipe at a lefty. Same thing goes with Moore writing about Bush.

As far as the election being a joke, take these things into consideration:* The electoral college works. It's worked for years and will continue to work for years. "popular vote" does NOT count for a number of reasons and this is a fact that hasn't bothered the libs until 2000. Hrmm, strange. Sore Losers ya say?

* If Al Gore had won is own fukking state, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now, would we? Gee, when's the last time that a major pres candidate couldn't win his own damn state?
huh Um, you need to back up this stupid statement with some facts. Especially where the "oil" comment comes into play. If the US went in for the oil, please explain why gas prices are 50-75 cents more expensive now than they were before we went into Iraq. Bush, personally, must be pumping the oil and storing it all at his ranch, right? "Oil". Phftttt. stupid stupid fukking comment and you libs continue to spew it without backing it at all.

Forever will some of us ponder the inabilities of Clinton to do much of anything other than chase skirt, rather than attend to matters at hand (no pun intended) with Al Queda being one and Iraq being the other. Instead he simply ignored all attacks on US soil (93' WTC) and all foreign US attacks. A dick in hand is worth 100k terrorists in the brush, right?

Actually it was me, on your Today's the day UK thread. I'm sorry I took so long but it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate a secure broadcast position.

What I was saying was that the matrix was anti-Republican, because of both pictures of the President Bushes and also Cypher aka Mr Reagan as he is referred to by Agent Smith in M1.

I was afraid to say this before because ultimately I knew where this conversation would lead and surprise, surprise I was right.

lololol too funny

Yup, you were right about that one all along stick out tongue

Vote Korri!

Our Mayor of London described Mr Bush as "The biggest threat to life on Earth, the World has ever seen."

Darth Revan
laughing pretty cool

Is anyone from the European mainland? How much do you pay for gas and oil there? I wonder how that compares to North American prices?

And corporate North America (including we Canadians, I hate to say) have a very effective formula; build weapons, sell them to weaker states, then build better weapons and run in and destroy all their (our)tanks and guns. Then we sell them weapons.

And democracy doesn't work, because well... people can be kinda dumb sometimes, and there's always the whole "tyranny of the majority" thing. So yeah.

(this thread is the conspiracy theorist's dreambig grin)

I find that to be HIGHLY amusing...and am greatly surprised that I didn't spot that before blink I will have to watch that tonight...laughing out loud

Actually you're right.

The advantage of selling weapons to other countries is that you can sell them inferior weapons and also you know their capabilities better than the ones you're selling them to.

If you don't do this you run the risk of them developing their own weapons with unknown capablilties. Which was what in many ways the Cold War was about. (Industrial espionage).

Secondly although we in the West like to think that we are promoting Democracy we are infact promoting Capitalism and Plutocracy.

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