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Why in Revolutions... in the burly brawl... when the two are in the building.. why does smith spit blood when he is hit by neo?
especially since smith is saying earlier that neo has to look past the weak flesh of a human body.. saying that the human body is so weak..
why if he is a program does he spit blood like a human being?

Good question.

You could equally ask that why did Neo spit blood because even though he is human, he is not physically inside the matrix, only mentally.

well, smith actually took over human bodies, and we know that Agents can be killed just like humans, except agents know the reality of the situation.

Agents are programs... they are rogrammed to be real...? just a guess... stick out tongue

Red Superfly
Could have something to do with that Smith being the Oracle. The Oracle is a very human program, not built for war. She probably has blood so that she can live as a human in among the humans themselves.

...a program...with blood? what are you talking about?

The Omega

because Smith Didn'y spit out blood

"do you think that is air you are breathing?"

i guess what i was trying to say is that wasn't real blood it was code. Smith is programmed to perform mostly like a human.. In the matrix he sweats, pees and bleeds. He can't stand it.. "It's the smell"

So although they have all these powers.. i would think that their bodies are programmed to respnond to stimuli as a human. ie when it's hot i sweat. and such

does that makes sense?

I think Omega is right. It is a combination of Neo and Smith that causes the blood, it is not natural for the Agents to bleed. They do not pee, they do not sweat, because they are not human, thus do not need to to believe that the Matrix is real, because they know it isn't.

actually, if u remember, agents DO bleed, watch reloaded...the morphues and agent fight..after being cut by the katana he bleeds too!!!!

I think it is just the rules of the Matrix. The machines design the agents so they bleed so if an agent got shot through the hand or something like that, people wont suspect anything. If there is just a hole with no blood the humans trapped inside are going to suspect something is not right.

like the twins right?

essentially what is the matrix suppossed to be; real right!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so thats why the simulation shows programs having huimane properties.....bcoz who wud believe that the world is real if each and everyone(programs) wud just die without pain........fall without bleeding..........

i.e to make the simulation more believable the agents have been given the properties like bleeding..........

exactly me point smile

exactly my point Freemind!!!!!, its because they want the matrix to seem real, for the people living inside of it.

Every system is built upon rules...

No more needs to be said. smile

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