Van Helsing

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I saw this last night and it was dire. The acting was nothing short of appaling, theres no excuse for this from established actors like jackman and beckinsale. Worst of the bunch was richard roxburgh as count dracula, someone needs a word with this guy before he ruins another classic character. Roxburgh's was easily the worst dracula ive seen, includingthe guy from dracula 2000, his acting was amature.

The movie began to look up when frankenstiens monster was reintruduced but soon took a turn for the worst again.

I was quite tempeted to walk out half way through and was glad when the pile of shit reached its predictable finale, AVOID THIS MOVIE.

Van Helsing is the best film i have ever seen! big grin

Kate Beckinsale love love love love

Evil Dead
I heard it wasn't a horror movie..........that it was a straight up action movie.

that's not a horror movie!

I dont have a clue what the hell any of you are on about? Van Helsing is a comedy. Besides hugh jackman made the biggesr mistake doing that film. Anyone read the comic battle royale?

What the f**k?

It was no more than a weak CGI pantomine and im being generous saying that.

movie was ****in awesome

I asked my pal Tommy who saw it, he said it was excellent, i asked if i would like it ?.
He hesitated as if thinking about the movie and then said "Aye ye wid like it" (in his Scottish accent, as we both live in Scotland), so i for one will wait for the dvd of the region 1 copy to hit the shelves and i`ll buy it.

Kate Beckinsale love if ever there was a reason for buying it she is the reason.

Dark Phoenix223
I thought it was good, missed some story elements, btw.... Why is he immortal, you know, he is like hundreds of years old, and they never explain

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