If you could make a film what would it be called?

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Sex Pistol
Not only do i want to know what it would be called but i also want to know who would be in it and what it would be about.

Mine is about a group of friends in the seventies become a punk band. I would star- Gary Oldman, Ewan Mcgregor, and Debbie Harry (Need a girl, and hopfully she can act).
It would be called 'Fist cuffs and handbags' because thats what they are like when the argue with each other, and its the name of the punk band.

So everyone go mad!

Nice smile
But I think this is not the right forum, it probably belongs to Movie Section... I think messed


The Trouble With Being Me it's a coming of age story, an action-adventure/romantic-comedy about boy-meets-girl, girl-gets-taken hostage-by-terrorists-bent-on-world-domination, boy-becomes-man-to-save-girl/save-world sort of thing...

it's kinda like Die Hard lite, or Die Hard:The College Years but only because when I originally wrote it, it was called Die Hard, Too and I was in college at the time...

Lord Soth
I'm actually in the process of writing a screenplay, and I know that it's about assassins, but no name so far

I'm always in the process of writing some sort of story or screemplay too... so many ideas, so little me, and so little time... and so little Me Time!!


it would be called:
My week of naughty fun with Lindsey Lohan and Rose McGowan

I have several stories that I hope to turn into movies... quite a few actually. One that I am near completing which I will try... "very hard" to turn into a script deals with Native American witchcraft that was used on Menonites families invading scacred ground. Good fun it is... hehe.
I don't have a name for it yet but when I complete it I will.

I've written a number of screenplays, but the one I love the most and have gotten the best comments from is called The FanFic Lounge. It's based tightly around LOTR, so I would have to have the original cast act it out. Orlando and Elijah would have to play double roles, because they would be themselves and Frodo and Legolas. There is also a Secretary, but I've been told that she acts a lot like me, so... embarrasment I guess I would play the Secretary. I'll post it somewhere so you all can read it one day.

xmen fan
ok i think it would be van helsing!

Sex Pistol
Er thats already a film.

I've written loads of stories and i want to make films out of them. Mainly action mixed with psychological horror. (kinda like battle royale the comic.) Coz books cannot explain action scenes at all. Try writing commentary on the Helms deep scene in LOTR, and you'd have a hard time. But i cant draw sop comics woodent be good but my mates becomming a director soon so maybe after a couple of films he'll help me out (yeh right).

Psychological horror? What the f**k? Well, to each his own, I guess. I know some people wouldn't like my idea, but I'll say it any way. A mix of The Last Samurai, LOTR and Inu-Yasha. Call me crazy, but I think it's a good idea.

Samurai would be in my movie, but they are Ghost army, summoned to protect Japan from, invasion. But something goes wrong and the Samurai are hell bent on taking over the world. They can only be stopped by the only living Japanese with Samurai in his blood. He must defeat the ghost Lord Samurai. He might even have his own ghoulish friends to help him. The title maybe, Sammy the Samuarai Slayer.


Well my story is kinda like on the same lines as the running man but not as cheeeeesy.

Sort of like, aload of guys goto this island, and theres all these gangs but proper gangs like with a theme, like the killer clowns where they all wear freaky clown costumes. And then to make money, they have to get a camera, and film someone dieing a most horrible death in order to get money.

But theres alot more to it but none of you are probably bothered so i wont go on big grin

Sex Pistol
Wow that sounds really good. Maybe if you directed it in a sort of Quentin Tarrantino style, it might get even better.
But thats just a suggestion.

My would be about about two hit men dress in black, a young sexy female stripper, a vicious cop, a gang of violent thugs, and a young boxer in love with strippers. The plot and story line I'll save it for later. I would call the movie:

Shoot'em Big Blues!

Sounds like a manga comic. But cool aswell.

Yeah, kinda like Manga. With all the gore and violence in it.

xmen fan
prolly,Begone....that would be the name,it would be about a witch with super powers and she roams the night looking for her long lost love until she finds out he's dead then at the end,she kills herself and meets with him again in heaven thumb up

Mine would be called Episode 7, but thats just a working title. It would be dedicated to the memory of George Lucas.

I would try to get the main actors back (some might need a personal trainer, but I'd whip them into shape...Carrie Fisher would need A LOT of work), and set the film along the SW timeline to take advantage of their older appearances. EU history would remain intact, my movie would fit right in.

Not sure about the plot yet, but the villian would be Darth Shadow, and he would refer to himself as 'super' all the time. in true SW fashion, he would go out like a bee-yatch.

i like films. Make one.

Or maybe just a cool ass slaughter house movie. Thats my new genre im going to make slaughter house movies which means, untill the film conatins someone or some people losing over 10 pints of blood its a slaughter house movie.

Or if a head explodes ofcourse. blowup

If i made a film... i think i'd call it 'Still Standing' some kinda horror thing hehe Blood hehe big grin

DeathHawk!(The Liberator)
Bout a guy whose sent back from the future by some techno-guru religious nuts coz his mad and very powerful father kills him and his family.
I thought about it while under intense meditation and hallucinations.
it's a sci-fi pcycho very disturbing thriller.
Well this Hawk guy kinda grows up with this chip embedded in his brain so he's programmed to do all kinda weird shit. Perfect soldier/assassin/warrior if you can collude that
Grows up in our time raised and adopted by the monk who flees with him
Well along the way after discovering his powers he opens a doorway to the future hell dimension he came from and all sorts of trouble begins.
He's the last of his kind descendant of a noble and powerful line of warriors.
He aint the chosen one as such but hell he accepts his fate and takes the war to his evil dad and all the other evil shit in this psycho-verse.
He has to prevent his death from the hands of his father. So he's basically fighting himself(?) as in the way I play it he and his father are bloody alternate twins of each other. Meets his real mom almost falls in love with her so the crux is he sent Loon-ku back in time with him as a baby coz he wasn't strong enough to defeat the darkness within him. so he kinda sacrificed himself and on and on and on and on it's a maaaaaaad story yo(Need anotha trip to keep on redefining it's implications)
It's in trilogy form
DeathHawk 'The Gift & the Curse'
DeathHawk 'Deuce with Death'
Deathhawk ''Dark Soldier'

actors well Fortaine aka DeathHawk tricky there
Loon-Ku(his Mentor) hmmmm probably Jeremy Irons
Rodger Berber(friend) Ving Rhames
Jana Andrews(his mother) Vanessa Williams
Nina Lee(helping him out in all things good true) still tricky there
Damn never really thought bout who would play whom work on it now for interests sake..

man what were you taking. Sounds cool. Slaughter House movie Happy Dance

Man i really don't know but thanx anyweyz!
I've also been trying to work on a new kinda genre too ya know. Your slaughter house sounds pretty cool, damn workable!
Still elevated..... rolling on floor laughing cool

Thomas H
thomas does them all...hihismile

You kidding I'm in fraggin' Nth space by now!

Dawn of the dead should have been a slaughter house horror. big grin. Although there was a new genre that has come out when shaun of the dead was realeased. Its called 'romzom' which stands for romantic comedy with zombies.

Sex Pistol
Actually its not just 'romzom' its a 'romzomcom' for romantic zombie comedy film. the website is www.romzom.com do you get it? i think its really funny.

But anyway getting back to subject, what would your film be called, be about, and the thing most of you are forgetting to tell me, who would be in it.

Oh also, i would like you to tell me if you couldnt direct it, for some reason, who would be the director to direct you film.

Mine would be Danny Boyle. He's my all time favourite (And trainspotting is my fave film)

Ok then lets go.

Film Title: Gut Sport (notice the title even has gore included)
Director: Me

Main Plot:
Set in the not-too-distant-future. About 2040. An island off the coast of scotland is up for sale and someone buys it ready to introduce a new sport. But this sport has nothing to do with fun and games. Special Forces are sent round some of the worst parts of the world and have orders to capture the most dangourous gangs. Every gang has their own theme, trademarks and weapons. They are all sent to this island and set up their turfs. Now heres the clever part. People from prisons around the world with 'life sentences' are transported to this island and are in a constant fight for survival. One of the people transported was an innocent man called Leon who was blamed for murdering someone and the story follows him and the other convicts. The gang with the highest kill count wins the sport until all convicts and other gangs are dead. Will anyone survive this Hell? Well ill have to make it first.


Main Convict (Leon): Tyrese or That Big Dude from Dawn Of the Dead.

Thats about it. If any of you could be arsed to read that.

Sex Pistol
That sound great! At first it sounded like that manhunt or something (cant really remeber what its called.) But then twists started to happen. That is really cool.

But if you couldnt direct that film, who would you have?

Just out of curiosity, have you seen LEON recently? If you have, it shows on your description.

interesting kinda like a revved up Island of Dr Moreau. I would definetly see it. Tyrese huh that's sounds even cooler I admire that fella

I would choose him only coz hes big muscley and looks like an ex-convict. If i was to have a director do it, mmmmmm, thats a hard choice. Quentin would make it too much of a comedy element i think. Guy Richie would make it too under the top, wakowski brothers would make it too over the top. Probably the dude who directed fight club. Coz he kinda has a twisted sense of film making and always makes films just right kinda like the baby bears porridge in goldy locks.

I think his names....David Flincher or something. He did se7en aswell.

Ofcourse my movie is a slaughter house movie. Full of blood, betrayl and ofcourse swearing.

O yeah, it is quite alot like manhunt, apart from its more group related than once man taking on an army of gangs. But it has the same sick humour and the same kinda gore. So manhunts a real influence. Except its a computer game ofcourse wink

Sex Pistol
That was kinder metaphorical. Good on ya!

xmen fan
hhmmmmmmmm,rose pedles!

Dark angel(not the show), there will be three movies.. because its a trilogy
And it would be based off the book I read called darkangel. Its about a girl name Aeriel(main character) and her servant Eoduin. Eoduin got swooped up from the sky by a beautiful but deadly darkangel. So aeriel trys to rescue her friend. But she does not know is the darkangle is bound to steal a maidens soul once every fourthteen years. When Aeriel arrives at his castle she had to serve all his former brides, which one of them was aeriels friend, but her friend had already lost her soul. Now Aeriel is suck there.

If i was doing a childrens movie I would do The Phantom Tollbooth based off the book.
And if I knew a good way to make Dragonlance work I would do that to, but that would be really hard, at least i think it would be.

Exploding heads and tons of blood don't do it no more. Its really difficult to scare people these days. Find something that really bugs the shit out of most people, including jaded motherfoes like me and most of modern gen next. Go for really nasty shit... like scientifically possible shit like flies that infect you with their seed in your flesh. Go further down the line but do not forget atmoshpere, a good story, characters and probability in reality. Bah... screw what I said. Just go make a movie. If you can't send me the cam and I will make one that will kill you upon viewing. Ok I'm lying... I'd probably make something stupid like... remains of the day... care! stick out tongue

Slaughter House movies are not about horror, they're about blood, guts, humans being opened, gore.

They could even be cheesy.

-Person1: So how'd you like my joke?

-Person2: That joke sucked.

-Person1: Die *****

*pulls out a katana sword or a chinese broadsword slices the lower region of person 2's belly and you see all his intestines spill out, and then he chops person 2's head off and person2's body falls over and you see all the blood spill out of his neck.*

Savvy? rolling on floor laughing

Ahh gotcha... gory shit. Peter Jackson style... only it is funny. Kinda like those when Accidents happen stuff FOX always shows but doesn't.

For a scene does this rank as gory...

Person 1 cuts Person 2 with said Katana sword... but Person 2 gets away and unbeknownst to him, he runs into Person 3 who is more stir crazy.

Person 3 finds Person 2 in a darkly lit room being filled with in every orifice with battery acid from hoses. It is leaking from the katana cut in his belly.

Yeh yeh Braindead is a perfect example of a slaughter house movie only slaughter house movies are serious rather than gory comedies. big grin

coolThat crazy dialogue up there is straight outta a very nasty movie!! evil face smokin'

i developed a story back a few years ago called "THE SPIRITS WITHIN" pretty much it was a look into after life and spirits that escaped the after world and come back to earth comsuming human souls.

then i have another one called "ASSORTED" which is a story about a man who imagines killing people and torture but never really comite the task. during the movie he becomes so deluded with his visions that he doesnt know who he is and he tries to find a new life.

then the last one i started on which i kind of droped was kind of a momento rip. its a about this guy who cant remember his past, he pretty much wakes up everyday with someone elses memories. and sometime during that day that person dies. he pretty much gets a glance into the person's life. well what happens is that he eventually starts to try and piece things together and find out who he is, but in the long run you figure out that he was really hiding himself from the past, he was a doctor who developed a memory eraser (i swear i thought this up before eterinal sun on a spotless mind) and he erased his life because he killed his family and things. i havent got a name for it yet.

yeah well those are what i got.

For me any movie that has an exploding head in it is a true classic! Any movie with extreme gore and violence deserves to be recognize as a great film. cool

Romance Three Kingdom
Base on the game

i have a few film ideas, the first one is, "Thurmopoli", i dont know if i spelled it correctly..... pff who cares, its is about the battle of 300 Greeks against the army of a half million persians, and about 2 brothers doomed in a battle that they cannot escape.

i dont have a title for the second but it is about the war of 1812, about this young man who just moves w/ a new family to washington dc just before its burned to the ground by the english. story still in details

Robyn Gorilla
I actually just finished making my own full length comedy movie called Sister Sarah's Sky. Here's the log line: A 14-year-old closet Commie from a conservative Connecticut family spends the summer in California with her Bohemian Aunt & Uncle and their eccentric artsit friends.

We had a blast making it. We shot on mini dv. My husband Michael Glover wrote & directed and I produced. We also acted in it and composed the music. We have a band called Bright Blue Gorilla.

We will be putting a trailer and the dvd on our site soon. My message to everyone is: if you have an idea do it yourself and go for it!

Sounds coolio.

I've made my own comedy sitcom called 'Left Of The TV' which is kinda like friends only the characters are more individual. For example on one episode one charcter is the main storyline and the other characters have minor parts. But it turned out really well, im gonna hopefully do it using real cameras at UNI one day.

Sex Pistol
Good for you! I'd love to do a sitcom. Mines about what it's like to be a teenager in the North east of England. Where the exams start and the stress from school happens. Then theres trying to fit in with your crowd. And not being surronded by mindless charvas. But i think that only the people who live in the North East would get it, and a few in other places.

If I would make a movie it would be called: Dont Look Behind You.
2 main stars: Ashton Kutcher ( who could be the cocky smartass that saves the day.) Gwenn Paltrow ( his girlfriend)

Premise: 6 college kids go on a roadtrip for summer break. There car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. They see in a distance a cabin and go seek help there. They find dead bodies and start to panic. They lose there way in the woods. Then discover that a masked muderer is watching there every move. And he hopes to pick them off 1 by 1.

This is just like an classic and original horror movie. Happy Dance Happy Dance

If i made a film it would be named "Life through Middle-Earth" discussing all the creatures, races, etc. of middle earth and how they lived.

Best Enemies or some other oxymoron.....but i hav noooo idea what it would b about lol

<Chuckles> Best Enemies very funny.... I
Incidentally workin' off Aku's bloodier and bloodier gorier cue I've been jousting one called Bestfriend.
Bout a couple having sex and infidelity problems who meet a stranger on a similar discussion forum on the Net.
One thing leads to another they open up to him and he begins taking care off they're problems like craaaazy.
Killilng off they're annoying bosses, friends and that shit.
He's a jack of all trades.
Gets them money, sleeps with the sexually starved wife and comforts her,takes care of the kids homework,kills the maid and her stupid thievin' boyfriend All this in classic style.
All this is behind the scenes like the closer they draw to him on the Net revealin' their problems the more he takes control of they're lives.
In real life he's like the coolest kid around town college ,bound football star with a very mysterious and eccentric mpm who has inherited lots of money from her very affluent husband who recently died in questionable circumstances.
It's a Cinderella, handsome Prince story that just goes awry like New Millenium style.
He has a buddy that's even worse...
At the end the family mess and problems are over and that's the typical freddie kruger ending they'll Kill again and this time it's our lil family!
Workin on it!
No peace for the wicked...

I would title my film "the worst movie ever made" I would do this so people would willingly ask for tickets to see the worst movie ever made, and when it turned out to be shit they could not say a damn thing bad about the movie, because they asked for a ticket to see "the worst movie ever made"

That's rich and 'd definetly be along with the buy guru!

Lord Soth
I'm developing the story for an idea I had. It's called The Summoner

Ok, i have thought of a trilogy. the first of course would be. "the worst movie ever made"

the second would be "Still a really bad movie, but not as bad as the last"

the third of course would be "an almost good movie"

I feel a prequal to these babies.

I've been working on this one for a long time, yep, so no stealing

are you ready??

It's called "Bus Driver from Beyond the Grave"...pretty self explanitory, eh?

it would star Tim Curry in the title role and a bunch of old british guys as his angry undead cohorts. random people on the public transportation vehicle of terror would include Zach Braff, Garth from Wayne's world, and random homeless people off the street.

I think I've got a marketable idea here, mmyep.

I would so defenantly get drunk and go see that with my obnoxious friends.

I'd call my movie Zion. If you've ever heard of that song by Lauryn Hill..thats what I'd want it to be slightly based on.

Dragonlance, based of the books
Or Darkangel(not the tv show) it is also a book

Gory Game Lover
Red Tournament.It is a cartoon so I do not know who would be in it.It
would be rated R for nonstop very strong language,nonstop pervasive very strong brutal gory violence in every single kind of violence exept horror and terror violence,and nonstop pervasive scary images.It would
be twice as long as Lord of the Rings:ROTK and it would have awesome action violence.

"Sixty Seconds" and it would be a component of about thirty peoples sixty seconds, and then how they all come together at the end and influence each other. Pivotal people would feature more than once, but only for sixty seconds at a time

i would make one called Invitation to a Murder that has a really smart fat girl who's pushed too far and creates adn alternate reality for herself in her sleep except that it gets so disturbing in there that she goes on meds to keep her awake so the real world and her alternate realtiy clash.

Gasp! That'd be an awesome movie eek!

big grin if i ever have tim e ill share it with u guys

The Roman Candles is what I would call my film, it's kinda like Reservoir Dogs when they have a group of people to do jobs with those black suits on, well but there's more people in this group. I'm already writing the script, It's gonna be great i think. They call there names The Roman Candles, it's quite cool i think. Anyone agree?

I'd do a movie like Deep Impact only It'd be more f'd up. People learning early on and the chaos that ensues. Only towards the end when so much chaos has destroyed most of society do they learn the comet's path has changed then at the final ending when they think they've escaped annihilation the comet hits the moon sending large fragments crashing to Earth.... EAT THAT EMMERICH!!! stick out tongue

Puppet Of Doom
Baohban Sith. It'd be some sort of tragic horrible romance based upon this legend. No copying or I'll eat you for breakfast.

Sex Pistol
There is also a rule for this thread. No-one is allowed to steal each others ideas. Ive had complaints from other previous threads ive left on forums.

Anyway, since been at college ive loads of true life stories that would be amazing films.
But at the moment ive got this really dodgy film, im currently writing the script. Its about these to lads that meet in primary school. The become best friends. Totally inseperable, ones the rebel type (His names Damon) the other is the smart type (Hes called Dom) When they turn thirteen and are secondary school Damon talks Dom into selling drugs. They become the schools connection and everyone thinks their really cool. Anyway during the film it shows them trying pot for the first time growing up a bit getting caught for dealing and when they turn sixteen Damons little sister is a total party animal shes only thirteen but she drinks a lot takes drugs and sleeps around, and then at some point Dom sleeps with her. Then damon finds out and toaly kicks his arse... and im not gonna tell you anymore because ive already given to much away.

Sex Pistol
Any1 have any other ideas, or advice for someone else.

If I made a film (ha), then I would call it 'Dance'......and I bet you guys would never guess what it would be about???

Has anyone shown this thread to Eric McElhanon? It's a gold mine for someone like him!

That was too good, round! laughing

Sex Pistol
Round? Dont you mean SOUND?

Im actually thinking about directing a play sitcom. Ive wrote it and that and a lot of my Drama friends at Peterlee college want to do it so im thinking about it now.

The Greatest Story Ever Told 2

Cant come up with something original? can you not.

It was a joke.

I know and so was my post

I wrote one a long time ago called "Just One Star", and it was a slasher movie not that different from Scream, but I didn't rip anything off! Now, I'm working on one called "Ethereal", but I'm pretty sure everyone here would be bored stiff with that one!

But my husband, on the other hand, has about 20 screenplays which are all AMAZING, and I keep telling him to send them in, but I think he's scared they will steal them!

Then copy write it.

'Ethereal' isnt that the wierd thing that Frodo wears on lord of the rings?

I wanna make a film called..."They Crawled From Uranus" but GTA beat me to it!!! sad

lol, thats great!

I write film treatments, but none I want to share online I'm afraid, ideas on the internet are a no no if you don't want someone to steal something.

So the only ones I would put up would be crappy ones from years ago.

Then go on then.

if i could make a film i would call it attack of the cowie

That's mithril.

Be afraid

I'd call mine "A Nightmare On Elm Street". I'd make it about a killer ice cream truck driver. yes

Thanks Mane!

No, Ethereal's definition is;
a) Of the celestial spheres; heavenly.
b) Not of this world; spiritual.

You ever seen "Killjoy", or either "Mr. Ice Cream Man" or "The Ice Cream Man"? Clint Howard's is fantastic, and I just found out its been released on DVD!

I dream of making a film entitled "The Road to Damascus".An epic bible film about Pauls journey before and after he saw christ on the road to damascus.

Or how about the actual Nightmare on elm street?

Urgh don't remind me about KillJoy.

Atomic Rico
I'd name mine "Cereal Killers"
ok, It would be about this crazy guys who kills: Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Honeycomb guy, etc

i have always wanted to just make one great film, one that will be rememvered, and im kinda at an oppsite position compared to u all, i have a name in mind but no plot yet! it shall be called, whatever it is, In the Grey

Everyone wants to make one great film that will be remembered forever.

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