The Meaning Of Life (Monty Python)

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Crash Overload
So I was at Wal Mart Yesterday, Decided to check out the audio / visual center to see if they ahev anything good. They did, So Iw as about to buy Jhonny English, when I see that they had "The Meaning Fo Life" sepcial edition DVD. So, i already watched a couple of Monty Python Shows, and "The Life Of Brian" iI decied to buy it instead of Jhonny English... BNIG MISTAKE. Meaning FO Life is The NASTIEST, GROWSEST movies i have EVER SEEN. A TEacher got his wife ina class room and tought the kids all about foreplay and sex.... then it goes on to so restaurant where a HUGE guy walks in and starts puking away... all over people... and on the menu... then the waiter steps in a the bucket filled of puke, and all the slim drips down.... the guy orders a buck of frogs legs and eggs and paty all mixed in togetherr... URGH..... NASTIEST thing i have EVER SEEN.

(added from latter on)

URGH sick sick sick

umm, wow

The Meaning of Life is a totally different kind of movie : you just can't compare it to the Life of Brian, Holy Grail or even MP's Flying Circus. Actually it's a good film in its way. It's obvious that it is less 'popular' (accessible) and may seem nasty, but it's because it deals with totally different things.

Crash Overload
Althought, i will give them a good note for the Grim Reaper Near The End...

It is one of the funniest moments in the history of cinema when Mr Creosote explodes!

Crash Overload
You Have a weird sense of humour... confused stick out tongue


meaning of life has to be the best movie of the monty python series second to maybe the compilation of "and now for somthing completely different" Life of bryan is one of the most boring comedies i have ever watched, and holy grail is of course a classic but the humor isnt as smart as meaning of life

Heck yeah, Mr Creosote is a defining comedy classic moment! That sketch won an award, I believe...

Jest wan waiferrrr theeen meeent?

Red Superfly
Holy Grail is my fave Python movie. Brilliant. "NI!"

Mine is Life of Brian

norrin radd
WHAT THE........ how can you talk about the GREAT monthy pythos and johny english, the pythos are SO much better.
the meaning of life is not so good has the holy grail, but who cares its a great movie, and jonhy english PULEEZZ.

HEY red NI, for you to, i am sir not so brave as lancelot,lol.

And of course life of brian is also genial.

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