PotC2 chain story(caution:may be random)

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This is where I thought we should have a thread where you make up the sequal person by person,like a chain. Tell alittle, and if no onehas started whre you left off in the next 12 hrs.,then write more! You may make it random,chaotic,creepy,gross,depressing(just dont kill Jack k?),romantic,happy,dreamy and/or hard core etc...Anything you want!I think we should make a make fun blooper type one for laughs, but its up to you! I'll start...
Elizabeth is making out with a man in a nice suit when will walks in."Elizabeth how could you?!"Elizabeth sits up with a blindfold over her face."What?Will?"she takes the blindfoldoffand looks at Will then at the man she was making out with."Commidor!Your not Will!How could you do this?! You mean last night....was you? sick "Elizabeth looks sick."No honey....that was me..."says Will with a smile."Oh good, I was starting to think that Commidor handcuffed me haha!".'Handcuffs?I never did that!"Elizabeths face drops and she looks at commidor."Dont look at me, this isthe first time I've done anything.""Well no more blindfold for me!I dont even know who's who anymore!Could of even gone with Mr.Gibbs!LAAAAAAAAAA!"Elizabeth leans over the bed and throws up."Someones gonna get hanged!"Elizabeth screams as Norrington backs up."Will, why'd I let you talk me into wearing a blindfold!"Will shrugs.

That may have been really sick! hAHA I thought is was still really funny haha! Have fun ppl!

coolsmile but peaches? i think its to dificult for me. i can't speak english so good!


Jack da monkey jumps through da window and jumps on elizabths head. Screaming like mad she tries 2 throw him off but he clings on.

(sorry had 2 bring da monkey in2 it LOL couldn't help my self)

Elizabeth starts running around room with Jack da monkey on her head then she slips in her spew and falls flat on her face

Commador Norrington screws his fac up in disgust, "Well, Will (well Will Will well!) I'll leave you to clean up this mess." He takes one last look at Elizabeth who fell into her spew, then walks out the room. This leaves Will with the bedraggled Elizabeth.
"Now look what you have gone and done! You're meant to be the Governors daughter! Well brought up! You BELONG with Mr Gibbs, where we found him! Sleeping with the pigs!" He walks out of the room and out of the house, down to the docks. This is where he finds Norrington. "Damn you Commador." He swings a left hook to the Commodors face. He feels the jaw move painfully under the pressure of the punch. "Mr Turner! That is an offense to an off--" Norrington didn't get to finish his sentence, Will had already thrown an uppercut to his chin, sending him flying backwards. Pinning the Commodor down he starts laying into him. 1..2..3..4 times. "DAMN YOU COMMADOR!" Some officers of low rank come to pry Will off Norrington (with great difficulty). A civilian goes and kneels by the unconscious Norrington, putting his two fingers to he Commadors throat, looking up at the panting Will held by the two officers, he announces "He's dead."
A huge smile was on Will's face, even though he was in a damp and dingy cell, he was happy. He had learnt how to be angry today. He threw a few punches at the air in front of him. 'No more Mr Nice-Will/Sissy-Will.' He thought to himself.


Elizabeth comes running out and c's dead commodore
Will laughs insanley then gets taken away 2 an phyco isylam

Jack da monkey follows elizabeth then jumps on her head again

Coincidently, the boat taking Will to the small island boasting the pscho asylum is intercepted by The Black Pearl. The crew of the ship are killed, & Will is taken aboard The Pearl. "Wait!" He says to Jack, & Will sets the other ship on fire. As the Black Pearl sails off, the crew watch the other ship fall apart.

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well this is a good time 4 u 2 start practising isn't it?????

oh thats right...
but jdg... i can'ty understand the first beginning.
coz it are a lot of difficult words.

Its all just a whole lot of err gross stuff

Elizabeth falls in water coz monkey is on her head and starts drowning MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sry I need 2 kill some1 & if i tried killing will I think there would b a lot of angry people so she was next in line *evil grin*

Jack & Will look back at Port Royal in surprise, there seems to ba a big celebratioon going on. Will looks confused, so Jack explains in a very simple way, "Oh good, Elizabeth is dead." He smiles & gets back to the wheel. Will, on the other hand, didn't take this news so well. After half an hours stunned silence he starts miandering around the ship mumbling inane babble. Jack's attention is brought to this, 'not good for morale' he thought to himself, then said out loud to a pirate just standing there, "Oi, You! Get over here, stop wandering around like you're lost & get that loonatic--" He stopped mid-sentence as he realised who he was speaking to. "How the hell did you get on MY ship?" Jack asked Bo'sun, former pirate of Barbossa's crew.

johnny.d girl

Elizabeth climbs onto the ship that will and Jack are on. "Ha, I'm not dead. sorry folks" Will looks happy to see her. Jack rolls his eyes and shouts NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Elizabeth starts to get angry and starts to shout at Jack da munky. Then she falls back in. Will jumps in after her and doesn't come back so Jack goes in after will, He sees hair floating above the surface of the water and yanks it up to see if it is will. Onstead he found Elizabeths unconciouse body so he shoves it back under the water. Later that nite on the ship Will is sad that 'liz is finally dead and asks Jack if he at least found the body.........Jack replied NOPE!! *he takes another swig of rum then goes below deck to get drunk again* 'Lizzes body is seen floating outside the Ships window so Jack closes the curtain...........

..........To be Continued.........................


-meanwhile out in the middle of no where-
Nemo is swimming and has been caught by Jack da monkey who throws him at elizabeths dead corps which he is sitting on & floating out in the middle of the sea

Suddenly Jack can here ticking...tick....tick....tick...He jumps up & shouts "NO, he's back! I thought I killed that crocadile! ARRGH the ticking!!"....tick....tick....tick...Jack seems to be going slightly insane when Bo'sun taps on his shoulder & whispers in his ear "Ah, Cap'n, that was Peter Pan." Jack looks confused for a moment then nods his head as he finally realises his mistake. "Right then," He walks off to go on deck, "Then off to NeverLand then." Bo'sun is now seriously worried, "That was Peter Pan too Cap'n." "Oh," Jack continues back up on deck & finds Will. While he is standing beside him he looks at him strangely, "Ye don't have a pet named Tinkerbell by any chance?" Will just looks at him strangely & says no.

i want peaches back.....
oeps beautiful story's!!!!

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ME 2.........but i juss luv reading these!!!!! LOL

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No she dont

Will walks off on Jack
"Ok then"
Will walks around boredly! Then starts dancing 2 gay music!!!!

Suddenly a Pirate yells 'Man over board!' A small raft of an odd shape can be seen gradually floating nearer. Will & Jack are brought back to the railing where they were previously. Suddenly Jack starts laughing hysterically. With eyes accustom to conditions out at sea, Jack can make out the "raft" bafore Will can. When the "Raft" comes into view of Will he starts mumbling, covers his mouth & runs off (he goes below deck & attempts to bite anyone who comes down there). Jack looks back at the "Raft", "Leave it in the sea boys." He announces to his crew, then goes back to his cabin. The crew of the Black Pearl (+ Bo'sun) watched as the stinking decaying body of the late Elizabeth Swann floats by. Bo'sun grunts, then goes off to find something more interesting. The crew get back to their duties. Un-be-known to the pirates a mad & mishappened Monkey by the name of Jack crawls up the side of the ship & disappears into the woodworks.

<a few weeks later>

Jack is complainng to anyone who would listen that things were slowing down. A pirate walks up to him to stop his whinging, "Look, things wouldn't BE slow if the pirates weren't DISAPPEARING in their sleep!" Jack looks at him wierdly, "Huh? Did they go to NeverLand?" The other pirate looks annoyed "NO! They just disappear! With naught but the screeches of the night to say what has happened." At that moment screaming can be heard from Will's 'quarters' below deck. The famished man comes running up onto deck. He looks ragged & half eaten. He runs up to Jack & grabs his shirt, yelling "JACK! MONKEY! JACK MONKEY! ARRRGH EATEN BY JACK MONKEY! EEK! ARRGH HELP JACK MONKEY!!!"



Jack: Riiiight
*hits crazed pirate over the head and he falls 2 the ground*
Now who has a better bloody excuse than that!!!

Just then Will comes up on deck screaming like a girl.

Jack: *he sounds like Elizabeth*

Will faints and lands next to the unconcouse pirate. All the other pirates give them a weird look then Gibbs go's over 2 Jack

Gibbs: I think ye might wanna take a look below deck> U know just in case. It might be bad luck if we dont!!
Jack: Would u bloody shut up with all ur bloody bad luck man. *sighing Jack goes below deck*.....................

....Rasping huffs can be heard in a dark corner of the ships belly. Jack walks in & announces to Gibbs That there is NOTHING down there. But that was before Jack. Jack the Monkey launches himself at Jack from the darkness. His screeching can be heard all over the ship. Jack (the Pirate) runs on deck screaming. (Gibbs:*He sounds like Elizabeth*). Just as everyone has ran to the railing to get away from the Cannibalistic Monkey a small house falls onto deck. THUD! A man, with a chainsaw for a hand walks out of the house & annouces "I'm Ash!" Jack walks up to Ash & says "Good for you." Then looks past him at the house. A pair of hairy legs with red stilleto shoes on can be seen sticking out from underneath. Ash turns to see what Jack is looking at, pionting at the legs he asks, "What the hell is that??" Jack looks at him "The Monkey." & shrugs. Ash looks disappointed, "No Evil Dead then?" Jack laughs, "Nah, we delt with them last movie!". "Oh, OK." Ash continues to look slightly lost.......

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Hmmmmmm.......*sticks nose in air* Not writing anymore chained story's.......jussssst reading....!!!!

LOL Love it Joscail

Jack is now slightley annoyed that he has a house on his beloved ship and yet another bloody crew memeber so he goes of 2 his cabin 2 get drunk!

Will: (awake now) Hey U ash U didnt pick up a dead corpse on the way here did ye??? Err How did u get here??

Gibbs walks inside house and looks around.

Gibbs: This HAS 2 b bad luck

Gibbs walks into the bedroom 2 find his err Granny in the bed!!

Gibbs: Err Granny Y R U so hairy??
Granny: What??

Granny: You're meant to have a red cloak on! Imposter!

Gibbs: What? What cloak? What are ye--

He was cut off by a thumping noise down the chimny. A furry green man comes down the chimny dressed in a red & white suit

Green Man: HO HO I am The Grinch, here to steal Christm--HUH? Where's the tree? Where's the presents?

Granny: AH, Little Red Riding Hood! You have made it here to see your sick Grandmother at last!

Gibbs: (to Grinch) Who are you

The Grinch: (to Gibbs) I told you, the G-R-I-N-C-H: Grinch! (to Granny) Who is this Red Riding Hood?

At that moment Ash comes back in the house. With a roar he swings his chainsaw & cuts the Grinches head off.....


Gibbs runs from house screaming like a girl
Will thinks He sounds like elizabeth and starts crying WA WA WA
Jack comes out of his cabin completely drunk

Jack: What the bloody hell *looks around* I must b drunk *goes back in cabin*

Ash comes running out carring the grinches head.

Ash: Muahahahahahahahahaha
Grinch: Oh come on u really call that killing some1 yikes I could do better with a plastic spoon than u with ur bloody chainsaw

Ash looks confused and throws the head overboard. His head lands on Elizabeths body and Will cries even louder then they all hear Jack yell

SHUT UP U BLOODY WHELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly out of nowhere a glowing angel/fairy appears. She removes the red shoes from JtM's feet (which start twitching) Then puts them on Jack's feet.

Angel/Fairy: (to Jack) You have the magic slippers now Jack (smiling) You can complete your journey, just follow the yellow brick road. (She starts to fade) oh & click your heels together to go home.

Jack looks at his feet, he takes a few cautious steps. Then starts strutting!

Jack: Oh, look! They are just soooo becoming on me. They match my bandana perfectly! If only Elizabeth was here to see this!

(From the side of the ship): I AM HERE!

The stinking rotting corpes of Elizabeth hauls itself on board.

Elizabeth: & I'll have those shoes if you don't mind.

She starts hobbling towards Jack.


He runs to the other side of the ship. Ash swings his chainsaw up

Ash: Finally, a corpse to kill!!


He runs & pushes Elizabeth's corpse out of the way, taking the full brunt of the blow. His head rolls across the deck.

Ash: Damn, oh well.

He beheads Elizabeth then throws the corpse over board. Turning to do the same to Will's corpse he notices it is missing. Next thing he & Jack no a horse trots out of...of...somewhere, & walks to the middle of the deck. Will is riding the horse, with his head under his arm.

Will's head: I am the HEADLESS HORSEMAN!!!! I come for your heads!

He rides past gibbs, chopping his head off on the way, he then gallops the horse into the house that is still sitting on deck. He has taken Gibbs head with him. Will & Granny stick up conversation.

Jack: WTF?!?!?!?!?!
Will: Muahahahahahahahahaha *comes flying down the deck on his horse called Donkey and chopps off Marty's head*
Jack Arrgh Bloody Whelp stop killing off me crew *shoots will*
Will: Owwwwww *starts crying* I want my MUMMY

Wills mummy comes out from nowhere!!!

Will: OMG!!! Hmmm I want my DADDY

A very dead looking Bootstraps appears next 2 wills mum. Jack faints from shock!!

Will: Yay Im headless and magical. I want my Elizabeth!!

Elizabeths corpse appears on deck.................

NA NA nanana naa naa, nanana NA... In a galaxy far far away A fingure dressed in white clothes jumps onto the deck of the Black Pearl from...somewhere & swings his lightsaber: "I am Luke Skywalker, & I'm here to defeat the darkside!!"


A Pirate starts walking to the row boats.


Bo'sun stops & stays aswell

Jack: NOOO YOU (points at Bo'sun) OFF GET OFF GET OFF

Everyone stops moving.

Luke: (Looking at Jack & raising the Lightsaber) You are taken by the Dark side! I MUST destroy you!

Jack: How'd do you mean??

Luke: (stops & points at Jack's feet) No-one who isn't taken by the Dark SDide would wear shoes THAT out of sinc with the rest of their outfit.

Jack: Oh? They go fine! They become me very much! How dare ye say that!! Atleast I'm not wearing such nuetral colours! & white gets SOO dirty, it's hell on the wrists trying to scrubb the stains out.

An aging man walks up to Jack from...somewhere & hands him a funny plastic bottle.

Man: The new NapiSan Wonder White! Removes stains & leaves your whites looking as good as new. Just pour some on the stained area & put it in with the rest of your washing! Your whites will be whiter!.

The man disappears.

Jack looks confused then hands the bottle to Will's mother. She looks absolutely thrilled to have such a product & immediatly leaves to go put a white load in the washing machine.

Luke: What you're wearing is DREADFUL!!! It looks as if it hasn't been cleaned in 6 months!

Jack: WHAT?!?! How offensive, these clothes haven't been washed for OVER A YEAR!!! six month INDEED?!?!?!?!

Luke: My outfit is better!

Jack: NAH

Luke: YEA

Jack: NAH

Luke: YEA

Jack: NAH

Luke: YEA

Jack: NAH

Luke: YEA

Jack: NAH

Luke: YEA

Jack: NAH

Luke: YEA

Jack: NAH

Luke: YEA

Jack: NAH

Luke: YEA

Jack: NAH

Luke: YEA

The arguement (if that's what you can call it) was then stopped by the squeak of an aquatic animal just off the Port side. Everyone one moves to the left railing & looks over. A boy on the back of a killer whale with a bent dorsal fin is waving up at them.

Jack: What the hell is wrong here? Why me? Why now? Why me??????

Little girl appears next 2 Jack

Girl: Fishy Fishy Fishy Im a parana!!! *runs around and eats Luke*

Wills mum:*comes out with white clothes and makes every1 change*

Jack: NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO Keep away from me..........

LOL this is hell funny

Yep arnt me and Jos smart

Next thing they now, Jack, Will & his Mother, Elizabeth's corpes, Ash, Luke Skywalker & Granny all disappear in blue light, then reappear in some highly advance (technology wise) room somewhere. They were on a rasies plateform, brightly lit. Two women & 2 men, all wearing uniforms, were in the room. One of the women stood behind a comsole of some description on the other side of the room directly opposite to them. The rest stood before Jack & the others. the other woman, destinguishe from the rest because of red on her uniform, where others had yellow, spoke:

I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager. Sorry if we have caused you any form of alarm

<Criket noises can be heard>

Captain Janeway: (looking at Will & Elizabeth's corpes, then at a black man with pointy ears) Tuvok, escort those man (indicating Will & Luke) to the sick bay, see what the doctor can do for his...predicament. (to the woman at the console) Ensign, transport that body to the morgue. (turning back to Jack, Ash, Will's Mother & Granny) Now, If you'd please follow me, I'll take you to a more comfortable place to talk.

They were taken to a room with a talbe in the centre. Everyone sat down.

Jack: Where are we??? (He looked out the window, which had nothing but Space & Stars outside.

Captain Janeway: I told you, the Starship Voyager. During some scans we discovered a lot of interuption with the time-space continuum, we pulled some of you out of there berfore you all died.

Ash: oh? ok? Where is the ship exactly then?

Captain Janeway: In the Delta Quadrant. (<blank looks&gtwink In space.

<More blank Looks.>

A voice, coming from seemingly nowhere says: Sickbay to the Captain, could you please switch to the medical emergy program.

A man appears in a picture on the wall, he is moving...Granny gasps, Will's Mother faints, & Jack & Ash don't know what to do.

Man on wall: Captain, the men that you brought aboard earlier are well, with all their body parts back on & functioning. Lieutenant Tuvok is escorting them to you now.

Captain Janeway: Alright.

The picture disappears. Then The man from the room they were originally in walks in with Luke & Will following, they were both rubbing their necks.

<<Yes, we are smart, all this story has been written by us two, except the first bit by Peaches & 1 bit by J#1!>>

<Yes we ssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo smart HE HE>

Luke: Well this place feels a little more like home

Jack & Will give Luke a funny look then 2 people come walking in holding FBI badgers. 1 a man the other a woman

Man: Im agebt Mulder and this is *points 2 woman* Agent Scully. We have reson 2 belive that U R holding Alien life forms on this err ship!

Captain Jainway nods 2 2 men and they drag Agent Mulder and Scully from the room with Mulder still yelling

Mulder: The Truth is out there!!!!!

Jack: Ok!!! Im getting out of here now!!

Jack leves room and Will just stands and stares not knowing what 2 do next!!

<LOL Js#1 will b happy she loves X Files HE HE>

Jack finds himself in a hallway, made with such wierd materials that he starts getting confused. He walks into a room that has a glassed off office to one side & beds to the other, With technical terminals & tables with wierd implements arrayed across them in various places around the room. The mane whos face had been displayed on the wall in the other room walked out of the office

Man: Please state the nature of the medical emergency.

Jack: Huh? Who are you?

Man: I'm the Doctor, now who are you & what do you need?

Jack: I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, I don't need anything.

Doctor: Well Captain, I suggest you find were you are meant to be & be there! & in the meantime change OUT of those clothes, they look like a walking disease!

Jack: I will NOT follow your orders!

Doctor: Fine, then just go away.

The doctor disappears. Jack looks worried about this, things like this shouldn't be happenening, he should be back on his ship. Then a short women walked in, she was not in the usual uniform of the ppl on this ship but sporting the badge they all seem to wear.

Woman: Oh hello! You must be one of the visitors! I hear you are from 16th century Earth, how fascinating.

Jack siddles up real close to the woman & says (in a voice that he THINKS is seductive): Yes, I can be REALLY facinating!

The women screams & runs away out of the room & down the hall. Jack shrugs & walks out, then womders down the hallway, with no destination in mind. Not that he knew any destination around here. He wasn't sure weather to believe this Captain Janeway (A female captain!!!! What sort of curse-ed bad luck is that). Anyway, he's walking along when all of a sudden he's not in the ship any more, but he, Will & Ash are all in some wierd desert like area. Two men, dressed in black suits holding some type of over-sized VERY wierd pistols, say that they are alien invades & THE MEN IN BLACK are here to take them into custody. The three of them are marched away to some type of cell. Jack starts thinking of ways to escape.

Happy Dance

Dancing Banana!!! YAY Happy Dance

Happy Dance Happy Dance

Wats asylum?

Next thing they know they have been dragged into the MIB's headquarters and Will has been taken off into a diffrent room while Jack and Ash where locked in a little room with a window veiwing a brick wall.

-2 hours later-

Will walks in wearing a black suit and black sunglasses.

Will: Follow me

Jack and Ash look confused but follow will. He takes them through a door and next thing they know they are back on the pearl.

Jack: YAY

Will turns to them and pulls out funny looking silver thing.

Will: Look into the little red dot please

Jack and Ash do as there told then FLASH. Will is gone and Jack and Ash look around in berwilderment

Ash: What the??

haha its funnystick out tongue

It is??? Where is Jos she's got write da next bit or some1 else who likes writting??

The Black Pearl is sailling along, It's brig swelling with plunder taken over the last month. Jack has pulled himself together, but can't help but wonder where Will has gotten to, but dedduced that he jumped overboard to float away with Elizabeth's corpse. The Pirate in the crows nest yells out "SHIP ON THE HORIZON!" Jack runs to the railing. There was a ship, & it was gaining on them fast. No there wasn't A ship...There was a fu**en FLEET of ships!!! Jack's nuckles went white from gripping the railling. The fleet was on full-sails & oars. They were gaining on them quick. Ash walks up to him (now a full fledged pirate, & a handy fighter with his chainsaw!)

Ash: Cap'n, we can't fight 'em, they are too many!

Jack: I KNOW THAT! Sh*t.

The inevietable happens & the fleet catches up with The Pearl.

---An hour later---

Jack & Ash, being Captain & First Mate, were invited aboard the lead vessal of the fleet. It was a fellow pirating vessal, to the relief of many of the Pearl crew. They were sailing to launch a massive invasion on Port Royale. They were going to rid the place of the Governor once & for all. They were all greatly releived to here of Norringtons death by Will's hand, & were disappointed that he wasn't here. Anyway, Jack agrees to join their fleet, & spends the next few days en route to Port Royale.

---A few days later---

A mas-attack on Port Royale left the town dumbfounded - but mostly dead. Jack & the captains Rogue, Malay, Bish, Toggle, Demage, Leef, Casin & Grute were all sat around the sitting room in the manor house of the late Govenor when a pirate runs in a informs them that Seven Pirate ships were anchoring & the captains were coming ashore. Jack & the others go to the docks to greet the new arrivals, only to be shocked when they are greeting five females & two males. A pirate introduces them as Captain Joscail Barbossa (& Jack the Monkey or just JtM), Captain ArrghPirateGirl (& Rummy the Monkey), Captain Johnny.d Girl (& Cheeco the Monkey), Captain Ghem (& Gilbert the Miniature Baboon), Jessie Sparrow (& -- Well, no Monkey), Captain Machete_Guy (& Google the Monkey & Captain Asonja_Ruegerka.

Jack looks at everyone then back at Jessie who say "Hi father, long time no see." Then back to Jos.

Jack: Sh!t...

Jos: Why, hello JACK. How be ye on this FINE day.

APG: We want some land

JDG: & gold!

Jack: What??

Ghem: Just gimme Rum & I'll be happy!

A_R: No, gimme something to Kill people with!!!!

M_G: So long as I have my Machete I'm happy!

Jack backs away from the two guys.

Jos: We came to--

Jack: (cuts Jos off) Wait a minute, who said--

Jack gets a back hand slap to the face.

Jos: Next time it will be my fist! DON'T CUT ME OFF!!! We heard you took Port Royale, we want a cut in the plunder. Or...

Jack: or what?

Jos, JtM, APG, Rummy, JDG, Cheeco, Ghem, Gilbert, Jessie, M_G, Google & A_R all stare at Jack. Jack starts to tremble slightly.

Jack: FINE!! What ever you want!! Just DON'T stare at me PLEASE!

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"An institution for the care of people, especially those with physical or mental impairments, who require organized supervision or assistance." (Definition from Dictionary.com)

a place like in that picture is where I am!

LOL really?

Yep!!!! yes


yup lol

hey There peopleum hold on please.I am in school ..yikes Teacher

Cool Im a captain YAY

Err Ill write the next bit L8ter coz Kazzi keeps bugging me bout going 2 the shop C ya's

Okay...Glad ye like being Cap'n!

All the others apart from Jack start going through all the plunder happily. Jack stands angrily watching them go through it. Even ash has picked up a nice new machet 2 carry around.

JDG: Hey APG look what I found!

APG goes over 2 JDg and she shows her a ring.

APG: Oh. I want it goive it 2 me!!
JDG: No its mine!
APG: No my precious

APG grabs the ring off Jdg and they start fighting over it angrily. Then Jos comes over and slaps them both telling them 2 come 2 there sences. APG throws the ring over board angrily then walks off 2 find somthing else thats nice.

-half an hour l8ter Jack & co R all sitting on deck boredly wondering what 2 do now-

Jessie: Dad Im bored
Jack: Shut up
Ash: She's got a point!
Jack: I said shut up!

Jessie and Ash walk off and go over 2 Joscails ship where they play cards with Rummy and Cheeco. Jack desideds that maybe some1 might know where will is so he goes around asking if they have seen him.

Jack: Hey U er Ghem Have u seen Will?
Ghem: Oh U mean the dorky looking whelp guy who must b a eunach?
Jack: Yeah thats him
Ghem: Nope sorry havn't seen him.

Just then ............................


Ash: Look I don't know what you're talking about!

Jessies storms back onto The Pearl, Ash close behind her.

Jessie: Dad, he wants me to steal your plunder & sail off with him!!!! That's mutiny! he should be shot!!!!!!!

Ash: WHAT?!?!?! Jack do you seriously believe that? (turns to Jessie) YOU WERE THE ONE WHO SUGGESTED IT!

Jessie: I did not, Rummy told me that's what YOU wanted!!!!!!

Ash: Cheeco told me YOU wanted that!

They pause, then turn & glare at the Monkeys who had just jumped aboard.

Ash & Jessie: YOU!

They run after the Monkeys & the four of them disappear into the streets of Port Royale. Jos raises her eyebrow & turns to Jack.

Jos: don't bother with the whelp, he has found his calling. Best leave him be & let him live his own life. In the mean time we have to work out what we are going to do about that.

She points to a fleet of navy ships that were coming over the horizon.

Jack: Damn. I know, we'll give 'em her

He points at Ghem

Ghem: NO I will not be thrown off to some Navy vessals!

Jos: No, they wouldn't want her.

Ghem: OMG they SO would want me!

Jack: Fine, we'll give her to them & send them on there way.

Ghem: No I don't want to go with them.

Jos: They have high standards, too high for her.

Ghem: If any standards are too high MY standards are too high for them!!!

Jack: So she goes.

Ghem: NO

Jos: wasting time!

Jack: then what do you propose.

Jos: I have technology that is sufficient.

Jack: What technology?

Ghem: Would it even work?

Jos: I'm Borg.

Ghem: I guess that means yes.

Jack: you're what?? Borg? What's that?

Jos: Never you mind. Just leave it to me.

---a few hours later---

Joscail's ship anchored back at Port. She had sailed out soon after she had told them to leave it to her. There had been alot of green light, & explosions, but she wouldn't say what she had done.

JDG: Tell us what happened.

APG: It looked so exciting from over here I can't image just being there!

Jos: Details are irrelivent

Jack: What is Borg??

Ghem: We have a right to know what you done. We should be told.

JDG: yeah, what Ghem said!

Jack: What technology? What is Borg?

Jos: irrelivent!

APG: Tell us please! I'm dieing to know!

Jos: All the more reason NOT to tell you.


Jack: Borg?

Ghem: Jack shut up! Jos, don't insult us!

Just them Jack the Monkey crawls aboard, he is now get metal bits implanted on him, including an eye piece, that is emmiting a thin red beam of light. In everybody's minds he telepathically speaks

JtM: We are Borg. Lower your sheilds and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctivness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

The Borg-Monkey climbs up to Jos's shoulder.

Jos: excuse me I must regenerate.

She leaves The others to their confusion, but they aren't alone for long.......

heeeeey i wasnt added in that one!

ERR M_g u R Ash DEEERRR!!! We gave U a name

as the others sit down 2 a lovely drink of rum a bunch of people creep on board unnoticed by any1 apart from the monkeys who don't seem 2 care. Meanwhile JDG and APG r fighting over the ring once again.

JDG: My Pre..Choke Choke *APG starts chokeing her*
Jack: Would u 2 give it a break.

APG and Jdg stop imediatly and go back 2 drinking again. Just as they sit down Cheeco JtM and Rummy start attacking 3 people who R hiding behind a barrel of rum. Jacl runs over and pulls the 3 people out.

boy: ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Dont kill me!!!!!
Jack: I aint Who the bloody hell R U?
Jessie: Yeah we aint the only person worth killing is Ash *glares at Ash*
girl: Ignore him He has gone dellusional. Im Hermoine Granger and This is Ron and Harry.
Harry: *screams again*
Jack: Righto. What the hell R u doing her???
Hermoine: Hiding from Voldemort.
Ron: Stop saying the bloody name!!!
Hermoine: Ron get over it.

Ron and hermoine get into a long argument and about 1 hour later they finnaly finish.

Hermoine: Hmph
Ron: Hmph!!
Hrmoine: HMPH!!!!!!
Jack: Ok now that that is over who the hell is Vollymall
Hermoine: Voldemort!
Ron: Stop IT!!
Hermoine: Shut Up!!!

Hermoine and Ron get into another argument and Harry ignoring them both says 2 Jack

Harry: He is this ugly evil guy who wants me dead.
Jack: Ok Thats nice U can get off my ship now. Ive had enough of ugly evil guys 2 last me a life time.

Jack gets an angry look off Joscail and Harry starts begging Jack not 2 let them leave.

Harry: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I dont wanna die.
Ghem: Can we make them walk the plank???
Ash: Sounds good 2 me but can we chop ther heads off first?
Jessie: Can we chop Ashes head off afterwods.
Ash: Can't U get over that already It was the monkeys bloody fault.
Jessie: Shut Up im ignoring u!

B4 anyones head gets chopped off a .....................


enormous basalisk flops over the side and feebaly tries to attack Harry
harry:Oh no!!!! The nasty basalisk has returned!!!RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!
Jessie:No way! It's really cute! Dad can i keep him, can i , can i?
Jack:As long as you look after it.
Ron, Hermioney and Harry:Wait! u dont understand! it cood kill you with one bite!
(the basilisk gives Jessie a friendly lick and starts to purr)
(hagrid appears with a flash of blue light and lots of glitter)
Hagrid:But thats where your wrong Harry! with the right handleing a basilisk becomes docile and friendly. I would appreciate it if none of u told ani1 about me using magic either.

The crew all stare in baffelment at the giant man.

Jack:Bloody hell! Where do all threse feaks come fro...
Harry:Hogwarts skool of witchcraft and wizardry
Jack:Watever, NOW GET OFF MY SHIP!!!

The children and hagrid were just being herded to the plank when Will swung across from a ting boat that no1 had seen aproaching on the other side.


Will: *flashes his funny light thingy and they all loose there memories once again and b4 they no it Will is gone again*
Jack: WTF????
Harry: *creeps away unoticed and hides below deck with Ron and Hermoine*
Jack: Er what where we doing?
APG: *scratches head* I dunno
JDG: Iknow think 4 a minute Drinking

They all start parting again and by sundown every1 apart from the Hogwarts kids R drunk including Hagrid
But while they R sleeping an ugly looking er... man climbs abourd followed by a stack of masked figures.
Jessie wakes up and emidetly adresses the new people abourd.

Jessie: Oh great and who the bloody hell would u b??
Ugly man: U don't know who I am?
Jessie: Err R U that guy i kicked in the nose a few weeks ago?
Ugly man: Err no. I am Lord Voldemort!!!
Jessie: Come again?
Voldemort: *gives Jessie a mad look then says* I am Lord Voldemort.
Jessie: Oh thats nice Well Im Jessie Sparrow.
Voldemort: Sparrow??? Now where have I herd that name *thinks 4 a minute* Hmm all well. U Tell me where the Potter boy is!
Jessie: Who the hell is a Potter boy. I don't know any1 who makes pots!
Voldemort: Don't Lie 2 me!!
Jessie: I aint!!
Voldemort: Hmph Well then Ill just have 2 torture u then

Voldemorts er.. mates grab Jessie and tie her up.


Jake who is still half asleep says.

Jack: Thats nice love!
Jessie: DAD!!!
Jack Ok Ok

Jack gets up and c's that Jessie really is getting kidnaped!

Voldemort: Bring me the Potter boy if u eva want 2 c her alive

and with that they disapere and every1 finnaly wakes up.

Jack OMG. What am I going 2 do. Her mother is going 2 kill me. Wait Who is her mother *Jack starts thinking but can't remeber*

While Jack tries 2 work out who Jessie's mother is and every1 else tries 2 work out whats going on ...............

<<<<<OMG, some1 other then APG & myself made a contribution!!!! Amazing. Anyway, Ash isn't M_G, Ash is Ash, M_G is another Captain. Dunt worry M_G, I'll put you in this one!>>>>>

Gibbs walks on board.

Jack walks over to Gibbs & grabs his shoulders

Jack: Where the hell have you been?

Gibbs: My dream house didn't work out, it just wasn't for me. I missed the wide open ocean, the horizon & how the sun's rays tickle the surface of the water before they disappear at night. Night, when the stars unfold there glorious petals & the moon--

Jack slaps him hard on the face.

Jack: Quiet with the poetry whelp. You bloody Eunuch!

Gibbs: (Looking indignant) Poetry is the colour of love & life, a man should--

Jack: MAN?!?!?!?!! Now you're just sounding gay!!!!!! (Calls over rail) OI BASILISK! GET UP HERE! I HAVE A SNACK FOR YOU!

The Basilisks head appears just above the surface of the water.

Jack: YES, GET UP HERE & EAT HIM!!!! (Starts pointing frantically at Gibbs, who is currently looking the other way.)

The Basilisk shoots out of the water, in a matter of seconds & a few water droplets Will is gone...again.


Hermione: Harry calm down, he is not. Just relax would you.

Ron: But Hermione, what if Harry's right?

Jack: Right about what?

Ash & M_G appear near the group of wizards, they had just finished discussing the finer points of "Chainsaw-on-hand" - ery.

Ash: Machete, you need practise to refine the art of handling the Chainsaw.

Jack: (Looking at Ash & M_G) Where the hell have you two been?

M_G: (Holds his hand up, it has been replaced by a chainsaw) Just been fitting me with me own chainsaw-on-hand!

Jack: Great that's all we need. I don't care about Chainsaw-on-hands just help me find Jessie.

Jos walks on board & pionts at Ghem

Jos: We'll give 'em her!

Ghem: I'm not who they want

Ghem walks over to Harry

Ghem: Isn't it him they want?

She grabs him by the back of the shirt & drags him to the middle of the deck. Jos walks over & inspects the boy.

Jos: Why would they want HIM?!?! He is imperfect.

Harry: Hey! I am NOT!

Hermione: Take that back!

Jos: (To Hermione) Why?

Hermione: You were insulting him!

Jos: I was being truthful.

Hermione: You were being hurtful

Jos: We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Two small tubes jut out from the top of Jos's wrist & sink into Hermione's neck. The two of them disappear in a bit of green light.

Jack: What is Borg?

Harry: OMG, you kidnapped her, where did that thing take her?

Jack the Monkey walks up & grabs hold of Harry's leg with his cybernetic arm. His technological joints & implants werr & hum. Harry screams when he sees the Borg-Monkey

Jack: Borg-Monkey???

Borg-Monkey: Don't be fearful, my designation is Borg-Monkey One, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimuktrix Zero One. But you may call me Borg-Monkey One. What is your designation?

Harry: Um, Harry.

Borg-Monkey One: Harry, curious, an odd designation, but it will suffice. That "Thing" that took your friend is Borg, her Designation is Jos 9 of 9, Tertiary Adjunct Unimatrix Zero One, but You may call her Jos 9 of 9.

Jack: What do you mean "Tertiary Adjunct"??

Harry: err, ok then. Well, where has Jos 9 of 9 taken Hermione?

Borg-Monkey One: Your friend no longer exsists, she will adapt to serve the Borg. She is now on a Borg Cube out in space, thousands of lightyears away in the Delta Quadrant. She is being properly assimilated.

Ron: Damn you!!!!!

Jack: What is the Delta Quadrant?

Ron gets out his wand & throws a curse at Borg-Monkey One, but the curse hits what looks to ba shield.

Ron: Damn.

Jack: What is Borg?

Harry: Damn.

Ghem: We must get Jessie back, anyone got any ideas?


APG: *shrugs* Hell no
JDG: *does same thing*
Jack: Well U 2 R a great help
APG: Yep thats us Great helpers
Jack: I was being sarcastic
M_G: I know Y dont we go after theses er things and chop off there heads.
Jack Err right I think we need a better plan
M_G: Whats wrong with OFF WITH THERE HEADS
Ron: and I thought Malfoy was weird.
Harry: Yeah
Jack: Well that ugly dude said somthig bout a potter...

Harry hides in corner

Hary: Dont know no Potter

Just then..........

Yeah I know I didnt write much


A ginger cat with a LARGE GRIN on it's face appears.

Cat: I fear you need my help.

Jack: What the hell are you??????

Cat: I'm the Cheshire Cat!


APG leaps at the cat, but the cat disappears.

JDG: Now look what you've done! Now it wont help us!


In a second Ron is standing there with no head. His body slowly falls over.


Harry: No!!

Harry collapses unconscious just as Jos re-appears back on board. Jessie is with her

Jos: What has happened here? I took the liberty of retreiving Miss Sparrow from the Ugly Man. She is undamaged.

Jessie: Dad, if you'd just have listened--

Jos: This isn't the time for family squabbles.

Jessie & Jack: Why?

Jos points to the edge of the ship where several things were climbing on-board.....

They were enormous octopusses! the whole crew reached for their swords and pistols.

Jack: Back you beasts!

APG:You idiot! They are dumb creatures, they can't understand you!

THE BIGGEST SLIMIEST UGLIEST OCTOPUS:ah hah! They told me that humans were stupid but they clearly understated! you are imbeciles! WE are without doubt the cleverest spiecies EVER! SO THERE! by the way, do you have any rum?

Now he was speaking jack's language!

Jack: sure, but if i give some will you turn around and never look back on our ship again?


the whole crew and the octopusses then enjoyed and delicious dinner called rum. But then Harry and Ron woke up and thinking that they were going to be attacked by the THE BIGGEST SLIMIEST UGLIEST OCTOPUS and his army started to fire spells in every direction!

Harry was about to throw another curse when he looked over to Ron & screamed. Ron's body was headless, that's when Harry remebered M_G haking his head off with his Chainsaw-on-hand. Harry looked down & saw Ron's head.

Ron's Head: Don't worry mate, I performed a healing spell, but it didn't quiet put my head back on.

Ron's body stops throwing curses & sits down.

Harry: Ron! What will Hermione say about this??

Ron: Isn't Hermione dead?

Harry: NO! Borg-Monkey One said she was alive, but was assimilated. Whatever that means.


<<sorry, i didn't exactly finish, but i gotta go, so someone else can keep going.>>

but before Harry could finish his sentance the ENORMOUS OCTOPUSSES were bearing down on them and smothering them! Jack and his pirate friends and crew sat down to watch the show.

After several minutes they got up cos they were bored and wanted sum rum.
While they were away, Hermione appeared again.

Hermione: I am Borg
Ron and Harry(almost ded):Hermione!! We are being killed by ENORMOUS OCTOPUSSES!!!!

Hermione walks away.


All the pirates were instantly grabbed by fear!! What should they do?

APG: *faints*]

JDG: *does same thing*

Jessie: Meh *shoots some of the creatures* DIIIIIIE!!!!

Pikachu dies when Jessie shot him.

Jessi: YAY Look what I did dad

But Jack is dryunk and isnt taking any notice

Jessie: Fine then b that way!!!!

Ghem: He will wake up in a minute


Ash chops the dead pokemon's head off.

M_g: Err dude he was already dead

Ash:.........Shut uP!!!

Meanwhile Rummy and Cheeco are experimenting with Rons wand.

Cheeco: Boogie Woogie

FLASH Cheeco turns into a giant slug with wings.
Will appears and destroyes the giant slug then does his flashy thingy and disaperes

Rummy: Hey where is cheeco.

Notices slug guts everywhere

Jack who just woke up: Hey Y is there guts all over my ship?

Jessie: I dunno!

just then the really ugly dude returns and c's.......

apg and falls in love

rummy:muahahaha *evily laughing because voldemort is under a spell he put on him*

apg: noooooooooooooooooooooo

Voldemort: Come 2 me my love



Mrs Bloom comes on board and APG shoots her 4 making the ugly dude fall in love with her.

Jessie: Oh No not u again

APG: What are you complaining about? He dont LOVE U!!!!

APG faints and Voldemort picks her up and disaperes.


Ghem: Shouldn't We do somthing about that?


Ghem: Apart from that.

Jack: I dunno

Joscail: ...................


JDG: .............BORING!!!

Voldemort comes back with APG!

Voldemort: ARRRR Pleas get rid of her

Pushes APG into Ghem then diaperese yet again.

Harry: Yay he didn't c me

Jack: U mean ur the potter bot

Harry: Errr

Harry runs off. Then ApG says....................................................



Jos stands there, a pistol held in her out strtched hand. Everyone stops & stares at her.

Jos: He was inefficient.

More staring...Cricket noises.

Jos: As you were *Raises an eyebrow*

Everyone starts back to normal again as if let out of a trance.

Ron: What did you do to Harry?!?!!?

Jos: I put him out of his misery.

They look at Harry's corpse, which is being repeatedly kicked by APG.

Ron: Don't do that!

APG: Why not, he's dead!

Harry: No I'm not!

Jos starts shooting him again, repeatedly.

Harry: Errg, don't do that.

Jos shoots him some more

Harry: would you quit i--

Jos pulls out a shotgun & blows a few rounds into him!

Harry: DON'T!

Jos gets uzi's & attempts to make mash of his body.

Harry: errrrrrr

Jos gets a grenade & shoves it down his throat.


Harry: haha no effect!


Gets out a basuka! (haha, eat this Potter!)

The force of the weapons fire blows a hole in the deck, Harry dissapears below deck. The Ugly Man appears on board.

Voldermort: Did I hear some1 say "Potter"?

Everyone: NO!!!!!!

Voldermort: *Looking taken aback* Oh, ok *Disappears*

Harry: Another point to me!

Jos GOD DAMN THAT LITTLE (beep) PEICE O' (beep beep) HIM! HE'S AN (beep beep beep beep beep beep) *Jops walks up to M_G & grabs the collar of his shirt.* KILL THE LITTLE CREEP! NOW!!!!!!

Jos throws him in the hole down to Harry. Everyone listens......

2 M_G scream as he falls.

Ash: bloody whimp

M_G lands and chops harry's head off.

M_G: Muahahahahahahahahahaha Take that!!!

Harry: Is that the best u can do????

M_G: Wha??? *yells 2 Jos* He aint bloody dieing!!!

Joscail screaches a few more bleeps and APG jumps down 2 help try and kill him.


APG and M_G chop Harry in2 tiny little bits but he still seems 2 b able 2 talk!!

Harry: Ow that really hurts NOT!!!


Meanwhile on deck the others R drinking happily thinking that the Potter boy is dead.

Jack: Hey has any1 seen Will??

Jessie: Na but who cares he is just a bloody whelp anyway.

Jack: Yeah U got a point!

Just then they all hear a loud noise.

Ghem: Hey what was that????

A few tiny people climb on board with very hairy feet.

Jack: Oi who the hell R U.

1st: I am Merry!! *looks very happy with self* and this is Pippin, Frodo and Sam.

Jack: Right thats very nice. U can go now!!

Sam: But we cant We need to find the ring.

JDG looks worried.

JDG: Sry no ring here!

Ash: Hey wearnt u and APG fighting over 1 a couple of days ago??

JDG: Shut Up Ash!!!

Ash: But U were

Pippin: Oh I f u did u must tell us at once. the dark lord Saruman is after it.

Merry: Souron Pip

Jacl: Oh great not another ugly evil guy. We are already having troubles with 1 of them. JDG just give them the ring b4 this guy turns up

JDG: Err Um I dont have it no more. When U er told us to shut up we kinda threw it over board.

Jack: Aww Y me??

Just then..........

mrs_bloom comes back on the ship to haunt apg muhahahahahahaha kill me and i shall haunt ye for the rest of ya misarable life
jos: look look
apg:wat r u muttering about
jos:just look
Apg turns round and see mrs_bloom
jos:told ye to look
then mrs_bloom takes out a stake i shall kill u
just then van helsing turns on board and sees that APG is a vampire
vh:die die
apg nooooo *starts running
she keeps running and runs into>>>>>


APG: Arrrhhh Save me crazy vampire killing dude thinks im a vampire!!!

Souron: *looks at every1*

APG relizes that Souron is acctualy a giant eye and screams like a little girl

APG: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Gross

APG runs back over to Van Helsing!

VH: Vampire!!!vampire

APG: No PIRATE not Vampire PIRATE!!!

VH: Oh!!!

Voldemort appears next 2 souron.

VH: VAMPIRE!!vampire

APG: Yes Kill him

Harry's chopped up body: No U cant kill him Only I can

JDG: Shut up Mushed boy!giljotiini

Ash: Yeah what she said!!

Jack: Thats it enough. Im bloody sick 2 death of all U *looks at every1* whateva U r's. NOW OFF MY SHIP!!!!!boat

Every1 looks taken back and slowly all the hobbits Voldemort Souron Van Helsing and the hogwarts kids make there way off the Pearl.

Ghem: Yay U got rid of them

Jack: I meant ALL of u

Ghem: Wha???


Ghem: but....


They all slowly make there way off the ship and into the little row boat.

Jessie: Well now.....

Jack pushes Jessie off and she falls in the boat with the others.


Bruce swims up 2 the boat

Bruce: I never knew my father Waaaaaahhhhhhh

Every1 else: HUH?

Bruce swims away and the little boat slowly makes its way around 2 the other side off the ship where they all get back on again.

Jack: What the?? I thought I told u all....

Jessie knocks Jack out and drags him off 2 his cabin!

APG: Now where were we???

JDG: Oh yes Van Helsing was just about to kill the ugly evil guy!

M_G: OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!giljotiini

Ash: Aye OFF WITH HIS HEADgiljotiini

Just as Van Helsing goes to take off Voldemorts head a lovely............

silver swan appeared!

Silver swan: I thought i was ugly but then i looked in the wated and saw my reflection and saw that i was beautiful!


Jack staggers out of the cabin, and upon seeing the swan is amazed.

Jack: Ahoy there swan!! If i give u a years supply of rum will you carry me to the Isla de Muerta to get all me treasure bak?

Swan: Sure thing pardner!

Every1 looked on in horrer as their captain took all the rum and flew away!

All: AFTER HIM!!!!!!

so the pearl sailed after the bird......

lol! that is so random! I love this.

Clouds cover the sky and they loose the swann and jack and the RUM


JDG: Me 2. Hey maybe there is some left in his cabin

Goes over 2 the cabin and tries opening it but cant coz its locked


Jessie: If we eva catch up 2 him *makes chocking motions*



Joscail: OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!

Ghem: Oh no not u 2

meanewhile Rummy and Cheeco are fighting over a bottle of rum

JDG: Look they have rum

Every1 lunges at the monkeys and the last bottle of rum rolls away from the fighting group and harry picks it up

Jessie: Hey how can u do that? U meant to b mush

Harry: Magic!!!

Harry turns invisible and he runs off with the rum

JDG: ARRRRRRRR No he took the rum

Voldemort: After him. Get him then bring him2 me so i can Kill him!! Mwahahahahahaha

APG: Err maybe some of us want 2 kill him as well and if u havnt relized we cant go after him coz HE IS BLOODY INVISIBLE

Voldemort: Oh!!!!

Ash: Stuff the potter boy lets find Sparrow he has more rum

Gibbs: Aye

Every1 looks at Gibbs

Jessie: Hey where did U come from???

Gibbs: Err.... *disiperes*

JDG: WTF????


Every1 looks at M_G

M_G What??

VH: Err do all u still want me to take the evil ugly dudes head off??

every1: NOOOOO!!!!!!!

Just then..........

several severed hands appeared and began to tap dance!!



death be upon us!!

Every1 looks at the tap dancing hands in confusion. Then once again Will comes flying and destroys the tap dancing hands but b4 he can do the flashy thing once again Jack and the silver swann land on him.

JacK: Will Where have u been???

Every1: Where have U been??

Jack: Wha??

Jessie: U took all da bloody rum and left with that stupid bird. We could of died

Jack: Meh??

Jessie: Uh

Jessie storms off and Jack picks up Wills flashy thingy

Jack: WTF is this???

APG: Give it here. I know what it is Its a er... silver stick

APG wakes the stick thingy a couple times then jumps on it.

APG: What a stupid peice of junk

APG throws da stick over board


Ghem: Would U calm down

Jack: Aye Now tell me where the hell have u been. Ive been stuck with these er.... people and they are drivng me crazy!

JDG: U already r crazy:

Jack: I am not

JDG: R 2

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Jack: Na-ah

JDG: Ya-ah

Ghem: Would u 2 give it up already

M_G: Yeah ur giving me a headache

Ash: Yeah me 2

Jack: NA- AH

JDG walks off angrily followed by Ash. Then Harry appears next 2 will with an empty rum bottle

Harry: This good shit mate.

Harry giggles stupidly then collapses over the side of the ship

APG: Yay The potter boy is gone

Voldemort: Good Now I can leave

Voldemort disaperes then Pippin comes up to APG

Pippin: But thre is still the problem of our Ring

APG: Errr Its over there

APG points over 2 an island and the hobbits and Souron make there way over.

APG: Suckers

Just then............

The full moon came out and an entire flock of wherewolves came pouring onto the ship!!!!

sorry cant be bothered to rite ani dialouge.......smile


i like mi waving hand....ALOHA, GIMIE THE RUM!!!


Van Helsing finnaly does somthing useful and scares off the annoying wearwolves with his bad breath but while doing so he knocks ever1 else out.

VH: Ooops!!!

Van Helsing leaves b4 any1 wakes up and tries murdering him

(i cant b stuffed writting much more at the moment either LOL)


soooooo, every1 wakes up and goes WTF? and Jack goes and gets sum rum to clear their heads buy while he is gone there is a gr8 cracking sound and an anormous oak tree sprung up out of the deck......eek!

dude im tired i went to the county with sum frends and we didn't gom to sleep till about 3 ever nite!!

u no I have no idea where we are in this story.......muahahahahahahahahaha muahahahahahahahahaha muahahahahahahahahaha muahahahahahahahahaha muahahahahahahahahahamuahahahahahahahahaha Jumpywhistling1

yeah its kinda gone a lot randum and with no plot or anithing



Happy Dance

yup thats the one

just the tommy the rugrat walks out on deck noone is shore were he came from or why he is here but all they know is hes a baby
everyone :meh!!!!
tommy comeone babys lets go!!!!!!
just then tommy turns into mrs_bloom
mrs_bloom:wats rong wit u savvy
ApG:ya keep ruining my life savvy!!!!!
m_bembarrasmentk savvy
APG:would ye cut it wit the savvy savvy
m_bembarrasmentk savvy
apg:shutup savvy
m_b:nooo savvy
apg :yes savvy
m_bembarrasmentk savvy i wont say savvy cos i hate savvy savvy???


then the world blows up and every1 sails off into space, m_g goes mad in the maze of stars so they pitch him over board and climb into their ultro modern space suits. eek! starnge but true

m_bloom:*stops m_g from falling*mine doesnt fit its to short *gives it to m_G* its 3 ft tall not my size
i think thats mine *takes The other one off m_G*its 5 ft tall :P hahahaha
ummmmmm put something on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M_G:totally naked
everyone:*turn in discust*
tommy the rugratstick out tongueoking machete on the bum
kaz(m_bloom)embarrasmentk gets tommy throws him off board
getting sick off him!

(waaaaaaaaaah continue please


im sorry

lol M_g is still insane so they give him a casket of rum to quiet him down cos he is being annoying and running aroung nacked and scrteaming, "I love the moooooooooonn!!!!!!!!!!!!"

naughty m_g, bad naughty m_g!! tut tut tut....

just then he trips and falls on to apg
Apg:get hi m off me ahhhhhhhhhhhh*screaming very loud*
M_G:i cant because im stuck to u *just relises that kaz (m_b)put super glue on him
APG is screaming and just at that moment.....

Jack storms onto thw ship!! he is in a VERY bad mood!!

Jack: There is a terrible storm coming!!!!

APG:Avarst! all hands on deck! Whinney the main sail and pull up the anchor you scavernous dogs!!

M_g: I can't be bothered cant sum1 else do it!

APGsadjust realizing that they r still stuck together) EWWW!! well u cant have dum it aniway cause were STILL STUCK TOGETHER!!!!!EWWWW!!!!!U R NOT WEARING ANITHING!!!!!!!!!!YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!

m_g: o yeah and im not insane ani more that has to be a good thing rite?

Jack: watever, i dont realli care jsut get the ship reddi for sail!

Hannahsadappearing in a puff of smoke, looks round at the mayhem and looks fairly shocked) you do realize that one of your crew is naked and lying ontop of a another crew member arent u?(she says to jack)

Jack: Yeah, doesnt bother me, as long as their WORKING!!!!

the ship was only just ready wen an enormous storm hit it and all the crew were working hard to..

whoops! only just realized that their still in space, well they landed in the sea agen i suppose...

All well.

APG throws M_G off her then brutally murders KAZ;


Ghem: Now Now b nice

APG: Grrr

Jack: Shut up & get back 2 work

Just then a giant octopus comes on deck

Octopus: Hello Would u like some coffee!

Jack: Coffee????

M_G: Coffee coffee coffee

Jessie: Whats the mattter with him???

JDG: Nuthin he is just Crazy

Jessie: Oh!!!


APG: Shut up u

Hannah: All of u b quiet and lets have some coffee!

Octopus gives every1 coffee and then...........

Hello??? Where is Jos she don't come no more Whimper Whimper!

some how kaz wakes up from tha dead avast savvy ye wouldnt be killin me would ya *walks up to apgs face* SAVVY!!!!!!!!!!!
Apg:*whimpers in fear and bows down* (lol)
kaz*to octipus*HEY SAVVY
jack:ill be naming him ummmmmmmmmmmmmm shaz cos hes a pain in da bum like Apg(lol)
kaz:thats not very nice
Apg:yeah wat she said

APG punches Jack in the nose

Jack: What was that 4?

APG: Don't play dumb with me!!

Octopus: Er here have some coffee!!

Every1 has coffee and 4 the next 2 days they all act like coffee addicted prats.

Ghem: This is starting 2 get a bit boring

JDG: Yeah it is

APG: I know lets play pin da tale on the donkey

JDG: We don't have a donkey!

Just then Kaz turns into a donkey!!

Jos: Im going first

Jack: But I wanted 2

Just then............

kaz pins her self on the bum but misses and pokes apgs eye out
kaz:sorry savvy i didnt mean it *wink wink*
Apg:screaming in pain because her eye is out of its socket
jack:lets play squish apgs eyeball into the floor im first*jumps on apgs eyeball
JUST THEN JACK HAS A...........................

chicken thrown at him

Jack: Hey who did that?

kaz:memememememememe it was apg

APG: What?

Jos has colected a stack of chickens and is about 2 drop them ALL on Jack's head

APG: I swear it wasn't me!!!

Jack: Oh..OW!!!

A stack of chickens fall on his head then ..............


kaz:i told u it was apm i told u i told you but u did not believe me
Jack:no buts u did it i saw u ..........joscail*grabs pistol* get down here now joscail now!!!!!!!
jos:uhhhh ok*goes down to jack* dont hurt me please dont *hides behind non-existent leaf*
kaz:now jack dont do any thing youll regret
jack:*gives joscail.........rum???*
apm:*so scared turns into a frog*
kaz:froggy*sticks apm da frog in da microwave* WE ALL KNOW FROGS GO POP IN DA MICROWAVE
machete_guy:*stuck to the ground* help
will some one help me
kaz: look at m_g
jack:hahahahaha yeah
kaz:is any one gonna get him off
apm: noooooo
just then m_g turns into a

BABOON & Gilbert starts flirting with him

(bummer bells going g2g)

Jack da Baboon: Oh Ah Ah EEk

APG: Awww look at da baboon!!!

JDF: He is sooo cute

Ghem: Kinda looks like some1 I know

Jos: Yeah

MG: I wonder who?


Every1 else apart from MG: *groans*

stick out tongue

.....................................& so on & so on.......................................


then every1 turns on m_g
apgembarrasmentff with his head
kaz:ummm ok yeah

Every1 looks at Kaz........

APG: Off With Her head than

Ash: Muahahahhaaaa *chops Kaz's head off*

Jack: Funeral's I love Funerals Drinks all around drunk

Ghem: Waaaaaaaa Hoooooooo Party

JDF: *gets rum out and starts pooring every1 drinks*

APG: *puts music on*

Ash: *puts Cellen Deon's My hear will go on and starts singng 2 it VERY VERY Loudly*

Every1: ...............

Ash: Wat???

Jack: R u feeling alright mate??

Ash: Neva better big grin

MG: Riiiiiiiight
*chops Ash's head off*

-awkwade silence-

Joscail: PARTY

Every1: *continues celebrating*

Just then.........

kaz wakes up
kaz:im awake

jos: damn no oh well PARTY


Apg:*sulks and plots*Y IS SHE NOT DEAD

Meteor: *hits Kaz*

APG: Woot Woot eek!

Jack: blink.......Another Funeral!

Ghem: Im sick of funerals bored

Joscail: PARTY!!!!

Ghem: Thats more like it dance

MG: *kicks meteor*
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA stick out tongue

Meteor: *rolls on MG*

APG: He is dead...Meh!!!

JDG: This is boring *sigh*

APG: Yeah...I wanna b cursed!!! eek!

Jack: no expression Ur all mad!

APG: & ur not???

JacK: No.....wait...No stick out tongue

APG: I disagree

JDG: Same yes

Jack: Hmph schmoll

Jos: It's time to revive this god forsaken piece-o-shit SHIP!!! GET UP GET UP!!! *Starts kicking everyone, who had been sleeping in random places over the ship. Grabs a LOUD bell & starts ring it.* GET UP ALL OF YE!!

*Everyone jumps up in fright of the sound that wakes them from the hung-ova sleep*

Jack: (In Jos's face) Wat da hell ye do dat fur?!?!?! I was SLEEPING!

Jos: *Whacks him hard with the bell* Because ye'r all lazy MORONS!

FNB(APG): Where'd the pretty bunny go?

FNZ(JDG): It was in yer head u stupid Pirate! *Slaps FNB*

FNB: But it was there, I swe--


Jos: That's fer being an idiot! It was a dream u IDIOT!

Kaz: Hey, who gave YOU rite to be ordering us about?

Jos: Go back to sleep! *Shoots Kaz with double barrel shot gun* This is my BOOM STICK! If ANYONE should question my authority AGAIN! They'll find themselve kissing with the fishes at the bottom o' Davie Jones' Locker! GOTTIT!?


Jessie: *Hits MG on the head* nah we don't! This be Jack's ship! This be the pearl! We ain't taking orders from 'er!

Jos: Jack's ship? The Pearl? While you lot were in yer drunken stupors Jack's ship, The Pearl got attacked by muttant monkeys on pot! The Pearl is GONE! Where u stand now is on the deck of The Prince!

*Everyone looks around. The gleaming ship, The Prince, was magnificent to behold.*

Ghem: Ye mean The PEarl is gone? All gone?

Jos: YA! All gone. Bye bye Pearl! Now if ye don't pull yer wieght around here ye won't get a share o' the treasure, will ye!

Everyone but Jos: Treasure?

Jos: Yes, lots of it. A ship full o' bright jewels, bottles o' Rum & gold was said ta have gone down sometime in da early 60's...all we gotta do is find it!

Jack: & how da fcuk r we meant ta do dat? There's a whole lota bloody sea out dere, & only one ship ta find! Could be ANYWHERE!

Jos: With this *Holds up rolled piece of paper.* It shows the exact route that the Minion was set to take. *She unrolled the map* This is the last dock that the jewel ship laid anchor in. *She pointed to one of the dots on the map* Which means it must be somewhere between that dock & the next, which is about where we are now.


everyone but Jos- *looks confused*

FNB/APG- this dont look like a map

FNZ/JDG- it looks like a little kids drawing!

everyone but Jos- *laughs*

Jos- *looks around* where did i put that damn map?!!

ghem- could that be it in your other hand?

jos- *embarrassed* pulls out other map and continues explaning


All of the sudden there is a retching cracking noise.

Jack: *looks over the side of the ship and points down* I think we found it

Jos: *drops the map and runs to the side of the ship to see a mast sticking out of the side of it* ****

random person: *runs out from below deck soaking wet* I think the ships sinking

Jess: *doesnt notice anything is going on* ...early 60's?...theres some good music rite there *starts singing the Beatles Love Me Do...everyone stares at Jess* O wait that didnt happen yet?...I guess theyre still playing at the Cavern then? *everyone is still staring at her* are they in Hamburg then? *cricket cricket*

FNZ: *picks up map* this doesn't look like a map either *holds it up*

FNB: its a hand turkey! see! *holds hand up to the map and sure enough its a tracing of a hand with eyes on the thumb*

Jos: *grabs turkey* dont make fun of my artistic skills!

Jack: *taps Jos* what do we do now? *points to water coming up onto part of the deck*

Just then...

a massive whale with onboard seating comes up to us

jess- uhh are we supposed to ride this thing?

*recording of voice comes on* please pay 5 gold coin admission to board Sir Whale A lot

ghem- but i only have 6....

jos- *takes one gold coin for ghem* there now you have the right amount

ghem- *smiles stupidly*


everyone- *stares at jack with questioning looks on their faces*

FNZ- *jumps on FNBs back and demands a piggy back ride*

MG and kaz- *points at whale*

*everyone else looks around and sees......*

*that the whale is acctualy a giant flamingo*

Jos: Ok how the hell did we mistake a bird for a whale?

Jack: It isn't a whale?

FNB: no expression *still has FNZ on back* I would say its some sort of possum

FNZ: No its a racoon!!!!

FNB: Racoon's don't live in Australia!!!

FNZ: RACOON that lives in Australia!!!!

Jos: *slaps em both* ITS A FLAMINGO & we aint even in Australia!!

FNB FNZ: Were not?

Ghem: Nah I think were in China!

Kaz: I was made in China big grin

Everyone: Bah?

Kaz: *points at sticker on chest that says "made in china"*

MG: Who says we blow off her head!!

Jessie: No way...Do you know how messy scattered brains can get. It'll take foreva to clean up!

FNB: Not a problem, Kaz dont have no brains now don't ye!

Kaz: Brains? wacko

Flamingo: *looks blankly at everyone then*....Im a whale!

Jos: No your a Flamingo!

Flamingo: blink

Jos: Goh *shoots flamingo*

Jack: Hey why did you shoot the whale for?

Jos: *hoves gun in Jacks face* Shut it.

FNB: *finnaly colapses under FNZ's weight* OW....hey look a bunny!!!

Just then the bunny turns into......

A clone of Jack

Jos: ****, that's two, It was annoying enough wiv ONE!

FNZ: Jack! Jack *Waves hand infront of CloneJack's face* wooo Jack!?

CJack: Is there a problem here?

Jos: NOOO, we just got a giant frigging flamingo rotting on our deck while the ship slowly SINKS! but NO! NO PROBLEM!

CJAck: Oh, okay, I'll leave then.

Everyone: NO

Jos: That means YES we HAVE a problem ****stick!

CJack: oh, okay, how can I help.

Jack: ****

FNB: wat can ya do?

CJack: anything

Ghem: wow *pokes CJack* wooow *pokes Jack*

Jessie: by anything wat do u mean?

Ghem: wow *pokes CJack* wooow *pokes Jack*

CJack: I mean anything.

Ghem: wow *pokes CJack* wooow *pokes Jack*

*Water gradually gets higher*

Ghem: wow *pokes CJack* wooow *pokes Jack*

Jos: can u fix this ship?

Ghem: wow *pokes CJack* wooow *pokes Jack*

CJack: yes

Ghem: wow *pokes CJack* wooow *pokes Jack*

Jos: Ghem! Would u ****ing quit it!

MG: well, do it, fix the ship.

Ghem: wow *pokes CJack* wooow *pokes Jack*


CJack: ok, I'll fix the ship *Waves hand*

*Waves of water rock the ship, sinking it lower. A gleaming new ship rises out of the water. The lettering on it read "The Minion"*

Ghem: wow *pokes CJack* wooow *pokes Jack*

Jos: *Hits Ghem* whats the go man?

MG: ummm, wrong ship dude!

CJack: *Looking disappointed* oh, really?

Ghem: wow *pokes CJack* wooow *pokes Jack*

Jack: stopit stopit stopit *Slaps Ghem hard*

Ghem: ow! Jack & Jack...Jack & Jack....

Everyone: SHUTUP!


Jack: Stuff this *Hops railling onto The Minion*

*Everyone follows*


before everyone cab get off the Prince blew up for unknown reasons causing Cjack, Ghem,FNZ, FNB and Jos to go flying out to sea.

Jessie: They can fly!!

MG: They can fly!

Peter Pan: They can fly!!!

Jack: Who the hell are you?

Peter Pan: Peter Pan!

Jack: Eh?...What the **** are you doing here?

Peter Pan: Escaping from Captain Hook!

Jessie: Ooo He's meant to be relly cool!

Jack: Really now ugh

Peter Pan: He's a codfish!

MG: Bah?

Kaz: Brains? wacko


FNZ: Do you think they are comming for us?

FNB/Shonk: Yup

CJack: I would have to disagree

Ghem: Wow *tries poking CJack but nearly downs*

Jos: I can't belive this....Why of all the people in the world did I have to get lost at sea with you lot?

FNB: I guess your just lucky!

FNZ: Damn I wish i was lucky cry

Jos: Well we can't float here crying all day! Start swimming! NOW! *Swims away towards The Minion*

Ghem: But they are SO far away!

CJack: & getting farther away, by my calculations, they have raised sails & are heading in the opposite direction.

Jos: I can SEE that, which means we should HURRY!

Shonk: Can't CJack just wave his hand & get us there?

*Everyone looks at CJack.....


waves his hand and makes the sun go dark

Cjack- this cant be good....


ghem- *confused look on face* now that its dark... how will we know which jack is which?

jos- *sighs* what are we gonna do now!?

Cjack-- I'm going skinny dipping!

Everyone-- OH NO YOUR NOT!

FNB-- who just swam by me?

*no one says anything and its silent*

FNB-- OH MY GOD! ITS A...............


Jos: Quit yer screamning!!!!!!


FNZ: Shut it!


Jos: If u don't shut up the turtle will EAT ye!

FNB: HE-- I'm quiet...

Ghem: what we gonna do?

Jack: CJack got us into this mess, he can get us out!

CJack: (sounding tired) Can't. Low energy. Solar powered.

Jos: Oh great! That's just GREAT! A clone that can turn off it's own friggin power supply!

Ghem: Can't we use the turtle?

FNZ: How we gonna do that?

*By this time everyone had gotten into a group near the turtles*

Jack: With this *holds something up out of water*

Jos: It's dark u idiot, how we ment to see it?!?!

Jack: It's rope *Starts roping up two sea turtles*

FNB: We're in the middle of the ocean in the dark...where'd u get rope?

Jack: human hair, from me own back.

Ghem: that is just slightly wrong.

FNZ: but it works.

Jos: ye ready yet?

Jack: Yep all done, hop on pirates *helps everyone onto the backs of the two giant sea turtles*

FNB: Now what?

Jack: umm, I don't know.

Ghem: kick it *Hits back of turtles shell, the turtles begin to move slowly* Yay, I did it, I actually did it!

FNZ: Umm, didn't we forget CJack?

Jos: No, I roped him to the back, he's floating back there somewhere.

*A few hours later*

Ghem: Can't they go any fast--

*But her words were cut short because...

*the ocean started draining*

everyone- jawdrop

...while still on the other ship...
Jess: *looks over the side and sees practically no ocean* uhmmmm...that shouldnt be doing that should it?
MG: I dunno? I guess it is?
Jess: That means no...****
Jess: you dont have any and saying it wont get you any
Peter Pan: you seem too uptight...
Jess: *stares at him* really?...thanks for that observation I'll write it on a post it and post it to my head...wait that didnt happen yet either...
*cricket cricket*
MG: *hits Kaz*
Jess: stop the violence!...you boy wonder! *pointer to Peter* wheres the pixie?!
Peter Pan: why should I tell you?
Jess: cause if you dont your gonna carry the boat
Kaz: brains? *finger in MGs ear*
Peter Pan: still not a reason for me to tell you
Jess: make it a reason!! *points gun at Peter*
Peter Pan: eep...
Kaz: brains?
~~~~~out at sea~~~~~~~~~~~
CJack: *trying to swim on the sand*
Jack: *trying to make the turtle swim faster* c'mon c'mon c'mon! swim swim!!
Jos: theres no water!
Jack: o
FNB: cant we just walk to the ship?
Jos: no

Meanwhile somewhere ..... else happy

Random Guy: *sitting on the loo*

Back at the Minion!

Jessie: Hurry it up already!!

Peter Pan: ok ok *starts making weird noises*

Kaz:........WTF....I mean...Brains?

MG: *throws Kaz overboard*

Jessie: 82 MG* Why is he making those noises?

Meanwhile in the ocean/snad/whereva

FNB/Shonk: We have officialy stopped moving

FNZ/JnCF: We officialy stopped moving around an hour ago

Shonk: No we officialy stopped moving forward an hour ago...we have now officialy stopped moving all together!!

Jos: MOVE DAMN IT!!! *starts whacking half dead giant sea turtles*

CJacK: Aaaahhhh the ocean has turned into quicksand!!! HEEEEELLLLLPPP!!!

Everyone: Why?

CJack: Cooofhiegeoiughwf *bye bye Clone jack*

Ghem: Thats good news right?

Jos: I would say so!

JnCF: I wouldn't sad Now I only have 1 Johnny to look at

Jack: Who's Johnny?


Jos: Wah?

JnC: Ignore her she always says that now roll eyes (sarcastic) AnywaAAaaaahhh

*giant sea turtles including pirates get sucked into quicksand/ocean as CJack was ropped to them*

All on giant Sea turtles: Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

& then after being swallowed up by the sand they end up.......

*In this funny cave below the Ocean floor. It is full of bright jewels & chests of gold.*

Jack: WOW!

CJack: Well, I knew the rope would come in handy!

Jos: Handy??!!!! HANDY!?!???!?!!! We're STUCK down here & all you can SAY is the ROPE was HANDY!!! You're a MORON!! I'm sick of you & your SHIT!!!! Now you will be TERMINATED!!!! *Grabs the clones head & pulls it off*

*bits of electrical cord start sparking, & cause some type of powder on the ground to ignite. The spark travels along the ground, then lights up a HUGE bowl in the centre of the ground, reveal even MORE treasure around the edges of the cavern. Everyone stares in wonder.*

Jos: *whispers to self* Damn! Imagine, I could have the Prince re-built a thousand times over!


JDG: So much gold!

Ghem: What was that???

Jos: *Looks away from gold reluctantly* What was What?


APG: BUNNY!!!! eek!

JDG: No a-

APG: Peanut?

JDG: No it was-

APG: O a dancing banna Happy Dance


*cave colapses*

Jack: Ouch!

APG: My legs?? blink I CANT FEEL MY LEGS!!! Hey wait a minute....Where are they scared

JDG: *walking ova rubble to jewlew ect with 4 legs*

APG: HEY mad

JDG: What?? I didn't do nothing *starts running*

APG: GRR!!! Hey where's Jos?

Jack: *shrugs*

APG: Oh well!!

*swims by*

APG: *kills fish that is Choosewisley* Mmmm Fish

Jos: *Smiling to self* Fools!!!! Hahaha! *Is sailling away on friends ship with all but a few of the riches that were in the cave.

~Earlier~ THE MINION

Jessie: *To MG* Can you see anything yet?

MG: No....'cept sand, sand & more sand....oh & did i mention sand?

Kaz: God I hate this!!!!!!

Peter Pan: *Still making noises*


MG: What is it?!??!???! *Starts running around while screaming like a little girl*

Kaz: It's a giant Bunny!!!!!!

Jessie: No it isn't you morons! The sea is filling back up!

Peter Pan: *Still making noises*

Kaz: *Too Peter Pan* Would you shutu--


MG: *Standing with shotgun* Annowing creep.

Jessie: *Looks at MG, then at the mess that was Peter Pan* You can clean that up now!

MG: *Points out to sea* Look, what is that!?!?

Kaz: Another ship!

Jessie: It's none that I've seen before.

MG: She's floating low, must have a belly full of loot! Lets get after it!

Kaz: Wait, isn't that Jos on there?

Jessie: *Looks closer* Yea, it is! She should have the others with her too!

MG: Well, lets catch up, if you hadn't noticed she's sailling in the direction AWAY from us, so c'mon!

*The Minion sails on in the direction of the other ship.*

*swims by (as ghost)*
says: hi! did u guys see peter pan??
*sees mg standing wiv shotgun and looks at all the piecies "human"all over the deck* WHAT THE H****

Just then....blowup

APG: OMG the smilie just blew up!!!!

JDG: DOES ANYONE KNOW ..... Wat do they call it...u know that kissing thing?

Everyone: no expression