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Firstly, I know few people who've read hp, or who just like it

I have five BEST friends, and out of the five of them... only one has read harry potter and she loves it

But i truly despise the way other people feel about the book...
If it's not suited to your taste, i understand that... i mean, there are alot of books some people might refer to as classics, that easily put me to sleep

But, one my 5 friends, ((she's a... Jehoviah, i think confused )) her parents prohibit her to read hp/LotR, for the reason that it's against their religion.
Personally, i find nothing relating to "devilry" as many people do...
My personal opinion, I disagree with both drastics- those who truly despise the books saying it's dark and against God.... and those who'd go to all corners of the Earth for the books

However, one thing that REALLY tests me, is when people who haven't even READ one of the books, fall by the opinions of others only, and agree that it's evil, and a poor story line, etc.. I know people like that^^

it's just my opinion, I wanted to hear yours, since you're all fans of the books, and what the people you know say smile

I am almost certain that the books and movies are not allowed at my siblings' methodist day care

Hm... I guess asking this question in this forum you knew the answer in advance, I would go to the end of the world to get the 6 book. and many ppl that know me , my friends and family couldn't believe what was I reading.... I gave up of psyhological and phylosophical books , since I first read HP books. though not completely, but if I have to chose HP would be my choise. God Blass JK Rowling for giving us HArry Potter series!

well yeah, i know you guys love the books, that much is obvious

but i wanted to know, also, what you thought of other's opinions, especially those of the people who consider it to be devilry and innapropriate by their religion, etc

I replied to this without seeing who started the tread .. I though is some one who just pomped in to chanlenge and bash of the ppl here. Yep, I alos heard that certain religouse groups immidiatelly declared the books as satanic... for example the orthdox church here in Macedonia did the same.. but thats so stupid ... I have read the bible... the apocalipse of St Join is also full of mistic figures, events, prophets, creatures and staff like. In the end of the day the HP books are platform of the fight amaong the good and bad in the world... I'm justing frightened how much the religon is empowered even today, like a church daring to prohibit a book, just like in dark age, here in Europe!!!! and then U read staff like Islam and Sharia and that the Arabs should be ashame of, the same shit is happening all over the world, just our chistian prists have more indirect and sofisticated approach...

WOW man I wrote a lot !

yea i agree with u'r opinion tassie, I use that for almost everything I like, if you haven't read the books I don't' listen to a word the person says about because they havn't read it! I do the same thing with country music smile

i hate that...all my friends love it but others are annoyed...

When it comes to religion, theosophy, philosophy, ethics, politcs, science etc I can and have written very long opinions on detailing every possible side I can but I don't want to do that here because I could talk all day, night and into next month about the workings of various chaurches, religions, cultures, people within them, the effects of history, the agendas they don't publicise and everything else.

I'd rather people try and think for themselves, do research and get an aray of differing opinions and advice before they believe something out of blind faith without thinking about the micro and macro picture at the same time. Some people act as if they aren't capable of seeing anyone's view but their own and and then start defending things and beliefs they really have no clue about - they think that reading one book or the series of orthadox 'allowed' and 'edited' and in many cases completely fabricated texts means that they are informed and know all there is to know. When it comes down to it, that's just bull shit. Until you have as objectively as possible weighed up all the arguments for and against something rather then just trying to find arguments that support your preference and ignoring the rest, only then does your opinion in serious discussion have any credibility. You also have to be willing to take on new ways of thinking and be open minded or if you want to stick to your guns that's fine as long as you are not ignorant and take into consideration the flaws of your own side rather then sweeping them under the rug as anomalies and not worth thinking about. Question everything - balance experience and logic because both are valuable not just one without the other because so many things are mixed that it would leave a massive margin for error if you just go on experiences and logic because you will be blind sighted.

Also even though understandably you might respect the opinions and beliefs of people you admire or are close to you (family, friends etc) if you don't do yourself and the things you believe in justice by checking them out to the fullest then at the end of the day - your faith could be completely something that you didn't think it was or expect it to be and even the people you believed could have been fooled. If you're going to have faith in something, make sure it's worth it and organised religion has may ways of keeping people locked into their consciousnous and it doesn't even have to be a direct influence, the same goes for science and every other ideological establishment - there is enough in there to keep you skeptical and distrusting of everything but your own stand point within them and it's so easy to get caught up in them if your pre-disposed to certain ways of thinking already.

Basically, before you judge anything, take off the rose tinted glasses and try to see things from other perspectives and be as objective as you can because it's easy to miss things as well. If after everything, you still feel the same way, then hey - at least you know you tried and really have reason to believe what you do instead of just following others.

Note: All 'you's in this thread are generic and not aimed at anybody specifically.

WOW SISTA you wrote a lot !!1

What I hate is when my friends say 'That's such a stupid book, its for children' and they haven't even read the BLURB!

yeah, you should see what some of the sites i've visited, have to say about hp relating to "devilry"


omg christians r being sooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid with this whoel issue...they burned like hundreds of 4th books when it came out. huh...fine by me...thats their moeny going down the drain.

come to think of it, polluting the environment is bad too, maybe worse than reading a fiction book about magic blink

my mum thinks I am sad. my brother thinks Iam cool.my husband thinks Iam obsessed ( but I think he's into it secretly he loves the films)and my daughter (5yrs old) thinks Iam cool she also loves harry potter.well there you go.


Tell me about !!! How can a book of 700 pgs be meant only 4 children...
and Tigress don't give up, I also have difficulties with my girl friend she simply can not understand " the foolish side" in me reading those books... But for a start I manage to bring her on board, she was sorted to Ravenclaw, but doesn't come at all sad here!

Most of my friends tease me (my coworkers) jokingly...and then others kind of give me that look like I am nuts or something.......

BUT what's funny was I told my husband the same things until I actually sat down and read a book last year...then i was hooked!!!

^That's exactly how it was for me smile

In university I had this friend who loved the books and would say how great they were and I was like 'yeaaah ok' wink and then when asked to go to the moive I said 'nah, it's a childrens film, it's not my thing!' Even though I knew lots of adults were into it to. Then when the film came out on dvd/video my sister got a copy and showed my mum, they reallyliked and got me to watch it, I liked it and thought it was ok and then thought the ending was too sappy. But I dunno, after a little while maybe a day or more I suddenly wanted to watch it again and after that I was hooked and I started watching it everyday, sometimes twice while I was doing my work! Then I realised I wasn't the only one lol cos some of my mum's friends were doing the same thing! Then the second film came out, I watched that at the cinema this time wink , the got Book 5 ordered to my house on the morning of release so I could be sure I'd get a copy embarrasment and then I bought all the other books and to this day I still love it! big grin

I am trying to get my husband to read the books.my mates also give me grief but I don't care what they say I know theyre just jokeing

i try 2 get my dad 2 read it but he wont. i even glued it 2 his pillow but he didnt read it still.

^You glued it to his pillow! Lol! big grin

i was influenced by 2 people from different the ends of the spectrum-- a 40+ year old woman and a 2-year old girl.

the woman was my boss, i couldnt believe how a successful career woman would be hooked on Harry Potter books. I was witness to all the times she told our office messenger not to stop looking for each book in all the bookstores bcoz they were running out of stock! she is our deputy executive director and recommended it to me when she temporarily appointed me as her acting executive assistant. she was kinda like my mentor & i admired her a lot. but i still didnt want to buy the books bcoz i actually thought that its just a waste of money-- can you believe that?!

but i saw the SS & CoS movies bcoz i took my younger brother & his friends to see them. i liked them a lot but i still didnt want to read the books.

then it happened-- one day we tried to scare my 2year old niece to sleep by showing her a picture of Dobby. but instead of getting scared, she liked Dobby! when we took her to the mall, she saw Dobby's picture in one of the video stores there & didnt stop crying until we bought the homevideo! she would watch it like almost everyday until we all got sick of it! when she saw catalogues of HP merchandise, she took out Dan Radcliffe's HP pictures and she would place them beside her pillow everytime she went to bed-- i asked myself in disbelief "how can a 2year old act this way?!"

so i realized then that the appeal of HP works across the boundaries of all demographics -- i said to myself "there must be something in those books, i must discover its mystery!"

and since then i knew i was "doomed" to be a fan! stick out tongue

yah...oops...well i wanted him 2 read it!

It's a shame it didn't work, maybe next time wink lol

i knew i should've stapled it 2 his shirt...

Lol, c_m laughing out loud

big grin

the people i know don't even bother to read the book a sit is labeled a "children's book!"
that is a disgrace for HP books...

laughing out loud rolling on floor laughing Happy Dance cool

angel i swear, it was 4 a good cause!


One one side I pitty them for the fun they are missing
But on the other side I'm a bit jelouse to them, cause I was like them, but the jelousity goes for the moment some of them will start reading the books.. damn it so exciting

The Undertaker
I can't believe how people can go without the pleasures of reading... it's so magical, almost literally so, I love reading...
I don't pity them at all... the filthy, fat hobbitses mad

hp is one of those effed up books that I'll read and like, and then go for it again and despise it. the first time through, these books are great, but, at least to me, they started to grow real predictable; maybe it's just me, I dunno.

The Undertaker
yeah, it's just you^^

laughing I can't believe you're in this forum

me neither

I was never here ninja

The Undertaker
yes you were yes

now post post post post post

I already did eek!

can u explain ?

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