Matrix Online

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Yhea you read it right it's Matrix Online. In conjunction with Warner Bros. and Everyone who made the Matrix Movies possible. They have made an online game where you can be a Matrix Character and as complex as this might not seem the possibilities are endless. It's going to be a Computer Based Game with in game chat and communities. It promises to be Larger than Ever Quest. Take a look at their Home Page if you have any questions I have read alot about this so feel free to ask.

i feel like i went back in time or atleast news did

the release date was pushed back again...i recieved an email saying mid november now...

Good, the more tiem they take with the game the more polished it will be.

The Ones
its going to be out 1st october

well at least i will have my new computer erm

Wow, golly gee, there's a matrix game! And it'll be online! eek!

Old news... by far. Sorta like saying "Hey! There are two sequels to The Matrix!" only not.

there are 2 sequels to The Matrix? WOW!

I bet the second one is confusing and the third one probably sux all around...

... either that, or they are deeply moving, provocative, philosophical masterpieces of modern cinema...

... either way, I'm sure the Matrix:Online experience will probably have equal range and attraction and staying power...

roll eyes (sarcastic) embarrasment confused eek! laughing Happy Dance

Agent Elrond
Isn't there a thread for the Matrix Online already made. Nope, there are several.

The Ones
and this is one on them

..which should be closed.. they don't even give new info, like Sega's partnership in the project, so it's useless.

Here's a funny comic about why Matrix Online may be crap.

Haha, they do have a point there, but I doubt that would be any part of the game stick out tongue

lol, there is a chance that you could be the one but it's extremely, extremely small...And I hope that you won't act THAT air headed.

take it easy stick out tongue it was funny

The part that I thought was funny was the names of all the characters. All the different palindromes for "the one" and "neo". I'm sure that part will be true.

I hope they do something so everyone doesn't do that. My name will be the one I have here when I get the game.

I have no idea what my name will be.

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