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With Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise.

Foxx plays a Los Angeles cab driver forced to serve as a chauffeur to a contract killer (Cruise) on a string of hits. Ruffalo will star as a detective on the trail of Cruise's character.

Sounds horrible but after watching the trailer... its still looks horrible.

What are you talking about it looks AWESOME!

Keep telling yourself that. That movie has one trailer out and its already the butt of jokes between my friends and I.

ok, then...

I thought it looked interesting, reminds me of another movie, but I can't quite remember which one erm

shake zula
looks intriguing if not interesting. when was the last time tom cruise played the bad guy? could be like denzel washington playing a dirty cop in "training day". i'm not saying it's gonna be as good, but it may be worth the watch, maybe a blockbuster night at least.

So....what do you really think it's coming out on August 6th. I know that I'm definatly gonna see it!!


The trailer makes it seem as if the movie has no real plot, other than Tom Cruise gets driven around so he can kill people. Jamie Foxx is a talentless waste, and he'll only hurt this film, IMO.

am i the only person raving about this movie??

Cause I went to buy the soundtrack and there was a whole lot of 'em there like nobody bought them.

It looks promising compared to crap put out this year. But I wont jump the gun, it does seem plotless but then again people argue over Citizen Kane's plot and its a classic.

Well, since "Napoleon Dynamite" isn't showing within 30 miles of here, I decided to see what all the hype over "Collateral" was. Safe to say, it's all hype.

Not going to go into detail here, a I am saving it for my thread, which is linked below. A very mundane, and disappointing movie, IMO.

Stormy Day
Im staying away from it.Saving my money for AvP evil face

i wanna see but im broke..ill sneak in and tell u guys how it was

i might see it...anyway its here in 2 months time after US release


This movie is really good. Both Tom Cruise and Jamie Fox did an excellent job. I'd have to say that this is by far Cruise's most convincing role, even though he plays the bad guy for a change. The one problem I always have with Tom Cruise films is that I always see Cruise behind the character he's trying to play. In this film, however, I only saw "Vincent" (his character). This also has more character development than your average action flick. If you're looking for a film that has non-stop action and requires no thinking, stay away from this one. If you're looking for a smart film, this is definitely a must-see.

I want to see this. Everyone I know has said it's good. Maybe I'll get a chance to see it this week. It's not often, if ever, you see Cruise in the bad guy role...also Jamie Foxx is going to be big in the next few years, I think.

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