Classic battle: Herc. vs. Thor

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Herc. with his adamantium chalice or Thor with his hammer. That chalice or whatever it is was in New Mutants 40, when the avengers tried to stop Magneto from finding the new mutants.
Now i know Thor can summon the storm and all his extras but lets just say its an old fashioned strength contest. He can use his hammer, Herc. can use his chalice.
I think Herc. is suited to take down Thor. He excells at strength contests and is every bit a 100 class fighter.
I like em both as Avengers but i would like to see Herc. level Thor once.

Thor's too fast and that hammer would kick the crap outta Herc if he got good contact.

I go Thor on this competition.


i honestly dont know who is stronger...i heard one time herc held up the island of manhattan or something....i think i heard that from Never...he would have a good answer to this one...but still i think Mjolnir gives Thor such a huge edge...being able to summon the elements and all...but if they were just beating eachother up?....I actually think Herc is more durable and has more endurance actually...he has the powers of a Greek God which surpass Thor's inherent Norse God with no lightning involved, Herc might be able to get him just cuz he can go longer and is harder to damage...i still think Thor is faster though

Good fight. Hercules' mace is damn near indestructible. Hercules is virtually tireless, cannot be killed by conventional methods, and heals quite rapidly.

It was indeed I who spoke of his lifting Manhattan wink West Coast Avengers, I think...? Older comic book.

thor would need to be careful. but i still vote for thor because of his speed. he can deliver more blows than herc, and it might just be enough. close fight though...

I think if Herc gets hit with a full force blow with Thors hammer he may be out. On the other hand if Thor gets hit with one of Herc's earth moving blows it could be all over. I guess the environment has a lot to do with this fight, also who gets the first lick in, also if one was suprised and cheap shotted into the fight. Hard to tell, but an awesome match up.

I know they've scrapped a few times before, but doesnt Thor usually get the better of him? It is an ideal matchup. I belive they're pretty much equal in strength and fighting skills. Ah, what the hell, i'll put my money on Hercules due to the fact that he once got Galactus drunk. Thats not an everyday feat.

he didnt get galactus drunk....he tried...but Galactus explained to him that his physical body is only a manifestation of his realexistence, and it is impossible for him to become drunk, just as it is impossible for him to experience conventional injury....but i think he does take his helmet off and show that he has hair...its a really cool issue cuz galactus reveals how much of a real person he still is in there.

sounds cool

Sunday night i watched some old ass movie...i forget the name.

but it pit up Hercules vs. Sampson. It was awesome. Styrofoam buildings toppling over, men in loin clothe glistening with sweat, Sampsons hair in a pony tail.

And no Delilah anywhere...

Herc.s grip is supposed to be unbreakable. Of course in NM 40 Magneto with his metal costume and magnatizim broke free of it. I wonder if Thor has the power to overcome Hercs grip physiclly like the Hulk mabey could. Magneto's power to lift is over 100 tons by far, seeing as how he lifted an entire train. Frankly it is his ability to surpass strength that makes him so deadly.
Now I'm wondering if even the Hulk has the kind of physcial strength nessassary to overcome a 100 ton + lock like the bear hug Herc. can summon.
I'm not to sure of Herc.s upper limit, but come to think of it, that storm of Thors may not be enough to do more than impead him. I know he cannot die by anything greater than losing a major portion of his body. The one downside is that he has no godforce like Thor does. Yet he is a god himself so if Thor were to use that he would be hitting one who allready is accustomed to such an environment.
Thus it comes down to strength.
The hammer lands deafing blows and Herc may loses some of his senses. Couldn't Thor trap Herc.s leg or arm under the hammer leaving him pinned. But i guess Herc. could dig out from it.
However Herc. could persue the fight in a maddend rage. With the adamantium mace I feel it is a match for the hammer of Thor.
Thor would need all his speed cause i think Herc. may be the Stronger of the two. Herc.s a bit of a bragger thou, right when hes about to win Thor would prob. shot lightning up his ass leaving him sensless.
I mean Thor is like the solid, but Herc. is like the stronger one. That's how i see em.
Herc. takes Thor down in One out of three. First match goes to Herc. next two to Thor.

Erm, Thor is stronger than Hercules. Thor's Godstrike would also likely destroy Hercules. Hercules' adamantium mace also is no match for the enchanted URU hammer, Mjolnir.

Adamantium is VERY overrated. What most forget is that true adamantium (actually, Cap's shield) has been described as the most impervious object ever created ON EARTH. The Beyonder's blast shredded Cap's shield, which supports the statement that nothing ****on earth**** can compromise an object molded out of adamantium.

If I recall correctly, two of the most indestructible substances in the entire Marvel Universe are that which comprise the armor of the Celestials (which Mjolnir has already opened up) and the armor of The Destroyer.

Adamantium is below both.

Argh, I cant remember, but i'm certain your right (thanks for the correction). Yeah, it was pretty cool to see Galactus take his helmet off and act like an ordinary Joe.

in the new Thanos series he gets blasted by Thanos for trying to harness the Infinity Gems and his helmet comes off. he looks bad ass without that goofy thing. And under all that armor he's actuall pretty buff.

ok recently i think hercules got depowered and is no longer immortal so now i think thor would beat him even worse than before.

Krissy Von Doom
Hercules' mace might not have the fancy powers of Mjolnir but it'd be effective in beating Thor down. Wouldn't Hercules gain Thor's powers if he grabbed hold of Mjolnir?

And Cap's shield is made of adamantium (for indestructibility) and vibranium (for force absorption).

yea but herc cant lift it

which issue was this in???

hmm...this is gonna be hard...i never owned the issue but I will try to find out...I think it also included the origin of Galactus in it

norrin radd

Thor's powers don't come from Mjolnir, and he doesn't use it that much anymore. New Thor would decimate Hercules. As for Classic Thor vs Herc, they have fought before and each have gotten the upper hand. It's tough to say which is stronger, but Hercules is the only one who can't be killed. Even if a major portion of his body is removed, Zeus has the ability to bring him back if he so chooses. I'd say in a hand-to-hand fight, with Mjolnir Thor has the upper hand; in a wrestling match, Hercules takes it.

From Marvel Directory:

Before he came to live on Olympus, Hercules's favorite weapon was his large wooden club. The club was supplanted by his current weapon, his Golden Mace, which is not actually made of gold but was forged by the god Hephaestus from enchanted adamantine, the legendary substance after which Dr. Myron MacLain named his artificially created adamantlure. The Mace is therefore virtually indestructible, and has survived direct blows from Thor's hammer.

Hercules' mace is not adamantium, it is the legendary mythical metal adamantine. The two are similar in name because the creator of adamantium named adamantium after adamantine. Therefor, his mace is not from earth, and Thor would have a much harder time compromising it. It still does not give him any extra powers though. Classic Thor vs. Classic Herc strength and fighting prowess only...I'd say Herc. With extra powers, and at their current levels, with Thor having become a god amongst gods, and Herc without his immortality, it goes to Thor. IMO.

thor without hammer or anything = herc

they are the exact same almost, but thor does have his hammer, so he wins

I would say hand to hand it would be a helluva fight but i think thor would ultimately shade it as i think he is slightly faster and in a fight of equal strength i think that would be decisive

what is hercs limit? i mean he has lifted an island, how many billions of tons is that? almost makes the hulk like a girly man

Ok Hercules is Immortal

Thor Isnt (Although hes extremely hard to kill)

They are matched in every department Physicaly (Hell in the offical roleplaying game they had the same stat line!)

Thors Hammer gives him one huge edge and they are both better hand to hand combatants than Captain America (Thousands of years experience will do that to a guy)

My personal Opnion is that the classic Hercules character is way way underated and Thor way overated (Although I like them both)

However hand to hand no weapons I have to give it to Herc eventualy the Greek God would wear him down.

With weapons I give it to Thor hes better with his hammer than Herc is with his mace as he uses it a lot more often.

All in all its a toss up.

Hi Heracles i do agree with you that hand to hand it would be an absolute classic battle but wheras you think hercules would shade it i would give the nod to thor i just think he is the slightly better warrior but it is so close to call that i think that most marvel writers would have it ending up a draw as usual.Overall though if they are allowed to use all their powers then thor with the might of mjolnir has too much at his disposal for herc.

I think any writer would have them fight to a stand still hand to hand.

And I agree with Mjolnir with all its powers at his disposal then Thor has to much offense for Herc.

My basis that Herc would shade it just comes from my love of the classic Herc character and the fact that hes a true Immortal and has been on the planet longer than Thor therefore I think he has that little bit of an edge experience wise.

you make some good points herc i guess it just comes down to the fact that i slightly prefer thor to herc wheras you lean slightly the other way i do think hand to hand it really is way too close to call and i must admit looking forward to herc mini series he is a great character i often think he and thor are like brothers under the skin

doctor ketchup
i like hercules more but im going to have to go with thor

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