is there going to be a sixth book?

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hey i just wanted to know if JK Rowling is going to write a sixth Harry Potter book? i just got done with the fifth the one and it was alright, but the Goblet of fire was the best so fare in my op. well if anyone knows about a sixth book write back.

Agent Elrond
not for awhile, i'm guessing 2-3 years, then there'll be #7 some more years after that, so we got awhile until there are all done

She's writing 7 books in all smile

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Im reading the goblet of fire right now...about 100 pages in
I really enjoyed the 3rd one......

but I know alot of people said they thought this was one of the slowest ones......

The Ones
there might be more than 7, jk said in an interview she might write harry potters life after he leaves school

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The six book is comming out by the end of this year !!! I got it somewhere in mugglenet, a POA review, among the other things they said that the six book should be out somewhere by the end of the year /2004. So it will be fun!!!

we hope ... we cant wiat for ever for the last two books beacuse the movies will catch up with them and the dates of realease will be further apart which means waoiting longers

please check for topics before posting...................there is a 6th book topic already......... *goes to find it......*

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