Short Daniel Radcliffe Interview - but interesting!

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Assuming there will be a fifth movie, it would be really strange to see someone else play Harry! It would be strange to see any of the characters played by someone else because we've watched them grow up and know them as the characters they play. However, I can understand that when you grow older or play one character for too long there's the need not to get type cast, get so far into something that you can never play anything else or the audience can't accept you in any other roles. Ideally it would be nice to see them all stay to the end but when it comes down to it, their lives come first and they've made a hell of alot of money already, who knows, they might not want to act (might want to do something different or study etc) or work anymore, period! smile

i know! well he said that he'd do as many as he can considering his and harrys bdays are very close and that he hasnt grown very much so he still retains the "harry" looks...i hope he doesnt!!! <: (

But one question:
he said, "The only way Voldemort could die is if Harry dies as well."

I only remember the prophecy saying Neither can live while the other survives confused So Harry doesnt have to die for Voldemort to die.... does he??

there is going 2 b a fifth 2007 (which sucks). i dont know, tassie. we still dont know what the power is...i dont believe it's love but i think love has a part in it.

thats true tassie...its says "the other can not live whilst the other survives" so one of them is technically going to die in the end. do you think harry's powers that were transferred from voldemort would leave as well? like his ability to speak parseltongue, gifts for defense against the dark arts, etc? that would suck!!! : / i hope that doesn happen!

i dont think so. it's in himself right now. it cant just get sucked back up.

well they are connected...somehow...ahh its late. 10:15 pm here i think im going to bed..cheers!

yes they are. and night!

don't u guys think JK would b upset 'cause all the information that daniel just gave 2 the press?? confused

morning!!! ^_^. maybe shes a tad disappointed...but then again its only his opinions,...we dont really know if any of that is going to happen tho...i duno : /

i dont think so. jkr said that even her daughter doesnt know what's going 2 happen next. what he did is basically what we do hear-he voiced his opinion.

I am not Harry


I think if Dan goes then they'll all go..................

I don;'t want them to go...but they are getting way to old.

They need to start filming movies I am sure the actors are getting bored playing the same roles.

Both JKR and Professor Trelawney wrote the prophecy VERY carefully! stick out tongue
(thats what JK says)


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