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For a long time it was speculated and thought to be proved that Harry Potter did not have Qyudditch scenes in it. Well IT DOES! I recently saw a clip from a scene in the movie, and the Stormy quiddich scene looks brilliant!!!!! Harry is wearing goggles it looks like (although it is hard to see) and then a dementor kind of jumps up, and then you see Harry tumbling in a frenzied summersault thorugh grey clouds and storm down to the earth!

It looks really good...

Another thing....Sirius has horrible plaque on his teeth! ug!

I am seeing the movie on wednesday, even though it comes out tomorrow

ye im seeing it on wed too! I hope they clean Sirius up a bit for the next few movies cos in the books he is supposed to be quite handsome when scrubbed up...

Well, I was looking at the cast list for film 4 (which they are filming already) and he is not on the list. Maybe it is because he plays such a small part in book 4

ye i guess but he will have to be in the 5th one... i mean he has to be there at his own death right...!

Black Onyx
\what the hell you guys get it out 6 days before the us

not fair

well it is an english film an u guys usually get american films 6months b4 we do...


georgina what do u like best HP or LotR?

Umm...I can't really judge because I haven't read the LotRs (yet) but I'm a really big fan of the films smile

i c

ok when u do c the movie if u live in the uk, dont ruin anything 4 us americans please! i know we know what happens but it just ruins the movie if u keep talking about how some scenes were, etc.

WHOEVER does see the movie in the UK when it comes out PLEASE post you comments in SPOILERS........it best for everyone to do it that way until we get through the weekend.

HP3 comes out here in Germany on Wednesday. Then it will be out in the states on Friday (if I have the dates correctly matched with the days!)
big grin

agreed. All britons, we need to post a seperate thread ofr us chat about the films, or otherwise, post it in spoilers.

yeah will do. I can't believe some ppl will be at the pics now watchin the film an i couldnt get tickets til wed! I'm blue...!!!

got news for you... I'm also seeing it this wednesday! happy yup, its opening on June 2 in Manila! and since we're atleast 8 hours advance, that would be June 1 in the US.
and I got tickets in advance, I'm so excited! Happy Dance I got a 7:30pm screening coz I'll be coming off from work only at 6:30pm. I'm going with friends.

I got the tickets last Saturday, and its almost sold out! I bet it was all sold out last Sunday. Only the 1st and 2nd row seats on the left side were available so I got the 2nd row seats -- which is a bit too near the screen for me -- but that's it, that's the best I could get!

and dont worry, I wont be posting spoilers of course.

I am deeing it tomorrow! Cant wait! At 12pm!!!!!!!!!

I posted sum stuff on anova thread but it wasn't really ne thin important-ud hav 2 c the film 2 no what the hell I was on about!
Seriously though IT IS THE BEST!

I saw It last night I am not going to spoil it for everyone but OMG it is amazing deffinatley the best so far, for all those who doubted gary oldman HA he did us proud!

I have seen it too! I saw it two days ago.

I agree about Sirius, although some of it could be improved on his part - but definately the best so far.
BUckbeak was good - and I think that Gambon wa amazing as Dumbledore - completely new life! He was how I saw Dumbledore in the books down to a tea.

Alfonso is very smart in his direction with all of the little continuities after the timeturner had been done.

Was very good.

Mrs Weasley could have been in it for longer though...

I think Lupin was good too - but sometimes a littel unemotional. But overall I love the new feel - it was brilliant, and I was hanging onto every ounce of it!
big grin|

he was very smart. even though i am an h/hr shipper, i did tend 2 like the ron/hermione moments confused

I loved them! Oooooooooh the tension!

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