which fight sequence was the best

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beatrix vs vernita
beatrix vs o-ren
beatrix vs elle
beatrix vs budd
beatrix vs. bill
beatrix vs. crazy 88's
beatrix vs gogo

Gosh! This is tough!!! Okay, I voted for Beatrix vs. Elle. Two deadly women assasins fighting agaisn't each other isn't very common in movies! Women can be tougher than guys in fights. wink

beatrix vs vernita
beatrix vs o-ren

i like these two cuz she did what she meant to do

GOGO V. B., Gogo was kickin B.'s A$$ untill well... That was smart righting i was wonderin how B. was gonna get out of it

confused there was no beatrix vs budd

i vote elle.. that was such a bitchy hate filled fight big grin

actually the fact she went to his house to fight him and he shot her down

I voted for the Bea/Budd fight just because I laughed when he shot her... it was a good scene. You totally aren't expecting it (oh, wait - that's right... I read the script beforehand... so I guess I was)

i agree on the fight with Budd, you think shes gonna kick his arse, but nope, she opend the door and gets blown away

i just voted for her vs the crazy 88's it was just so long and great, but if it were a one on one i would have voted for the Go-Go fight

Beatrix vs. Bill not really just the fight but that whole part, the questioning and everything leading up to it was emotional and a very great part of the movie.


i agree with the bill fight altough he could have done so much more with it. my vote is a toss up between crazy 88's and vernita.

88's- becauce it was just so extreme.

vernita- because the movie opened up with it, and the ending with her daughter and everything. plus alot of ***** talk!

i think vernita was the only friend she had in the divas

that beatrix vs bill fight, its wasnt even a fight it was a movement of 4 arms and one neck, just pissed me off, great film but.........sigh what a lousy death.

i was expectin at least 6 good minutes of fight.

Rebel Racer
deff beatrix vs Crazy 88's

Agent Elrond
The 88's was good. All those dead and hacked up bodies and the way they covered up the floor

According to Bill (when he is talking to Budd) The gang is not all 88. Is only a nickname. I think they are like 44 members only. stick out tongue

I'd say beatrix vs gogo,
gogo has a more interesting weapon of choice

and plus it make you wanna run around spinnin things in the air.........is that just me embarrasment big grin

Gemini no Saga
I voted for beatrix vs o-ren , it's the best fight in Kill Bill , with the song of Santa esmeralda...!!

The Bride vs.the Crazy 88!!!death giljotiini smokin'
The coolest fight sequense I've ever seen!So old school fun!
Uma wearing Bruce's uniform kicking a$$ covered in blood!!An explosion of anger!blowup

The Bride vs. Go Go!
Adrenalin!!It was so hard to fight Go Go!shock

The Bride vs.O-ren!
Fantastic swordfight ending with a breathtaking surprise.Oren losing the top of her head!death

Beatrix vs.Elle!
One of the most entertaining fight sequences ever directed!box

The Bride vs.Vernita!
Super beginning for vol.1!

Beatrix and Bill!It's not the just the fight but the fantastic feeling! thumb up

The Bride vs.Budd.
There wasn't an actual fight between them,but the shooting,burying and getaway of the Bride was fantastic cool

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