Cool Way To Die In The Movies!!!

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Now here is an idea I had last night after watching T2. The T-1000 stabs you and he goes inside you and forces all that is inside to come out and whatnot. You explode when he does this super fast... he basically pours himself inside you and reforms himself while inside you. confused
Anyone got any more death ideas?

You pretty much described Agent Smith's "death" in "The Matrix", when Neo enters him, causing him to spontaneously combust.

The most creative and effective death scene I could conjure up was already done in "Jason X", the liquid nitrogen face smash. The only redeeming quality of the movie, but damn it was cool.

Its true about Agent Smith but it wasn't gory.

(yeah t-100 dosnt do that)Damn u i was gonna say that!!!!!!! I lov that death in jason X (but crappy movie)
hmmm....I liked in misery how that guy got shot through the back by a shotgun, it looked coollaughing

The concept of T1000 doing that in a liquid form is much cooler than encoding yourself into somebody like in the Matrix. How about a spoof movie where they rip out some guy's jaws and makes them eat themselves to death. confused

Speaking of jawas i like in the first how the guy gets eaten, man that was gory!

I say the coolest death was in Scanners. One of the brothers uses his scanners powers to burn an melt the other guy. That was cool!

A UK magazine recently did a "top 100 movie deaths" poll, and some of the results were published via the AP, but I haven't been able to find the original list (not even on the site for that magazine, the title of which eludes me now).

Anyway, the shower scene in "Psycho" was number one, followed by Slim Pickens riding the bomb in "Dr. Strangelove" and the Wicked Witch's demise in "The Wizard of Oz". Anyone else remember some of the others, or better still, where I can find the complete list?

In the film the Titanic

No one coul'd show more compassion than Jack, how he selflessly lay in the cold for Elizabeth was so sweet, he truly loved her.

that was so selfless and loving

im not burlyman
laughing out loud!

i liked the way the half human alien died in alien ressurection. Sucked out of a pea sized hole into space. Gotta be one of the best deaths ive seen.

Wasn't that one of the ideas from the original Alien for the Lambert character to die?

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