Worst Fate?

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My friend has been begging for me to put this up for a long time, so I shall apease her. I hooked her onto Tarantino a couple weeks back, and now she's completely obsessed. mwahahaha... I've brought another into the fold.

yay another QT devotee

lol. I'd been raving about his movies for weeks, so she begged me to bring PF and RD over (it was her birthday, so I bought her KB). Our other friend said she didn't like them. She kept falling asleep during Pulp Fiction and then she's like "I didn't get it."

I can't believe that I voted for the five palm!

I like the choices but I'm going with the "getting your head smash with a hospital door" (Buck)

shake zula
eye plucked out. especially if it's your remaining one...

yea, i voted for the ey, and not only did she lose an eye but then she had the snake to deal with as well

lil bitchiness
Having other eye plucked out....cry Poor Elle!!

lol - yes, that poor sadistic murderer... tear.

lil bitchiness
Although.....shifty you could have included in your poll:

-having your fish heads poisoned

stick out tongue mwahaha

lol - I started with only the DiVAS, then added Go-Go.. then figured I might as well put other because so many people ate it in that movie.

what about living in a whore house, ran by a really old guy with a horendus drug addiction thats melted your nose?

Good! She deserve that for poisoning Pai Mei fish heads!

evil face

Shake your first, Winddancer!


I voted the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. How terrifying those five steps must be!

Haha I sound like something out of a grammar book

In the script they're supposed to duel with Samurai swords on the beach, and then she does the 5 point palm. So either way it was gonna be the palm.

Cool...and that duel....is it on tape? Cause i heard he did two endings....that would be so COOL

I guess if he did 2 endings, that's one of 'em.

That was hard!

1.I think losing the top of you head must be really painful...death.O-Ren's last minutes nust have been hard!!

2.Random dismemberment!!giljotiini

3.Five point palm exploding technique!!Hard five steps!

4.Having her remaining eye plugged out must have been tough for Elle...eye

5.Go Go's fate wasn't the best either!death

He was a miserable old fool whistle Its what happenes to miserable old fools! evil face

Poor elle cry

have yall forgot he snatched her eye out just cause she called him an old fool

Although it didn't actually result in a death, being buried alive would be the worst there is. Outside that I went with the Five Point Pam Exploding Heart Technique, because although the end looks painless, you know whats going to happen, and you know you have to take those five steps....

Actually you can just sit there and call someone to perform acupuncture on you.

Or live the rest of your life in a wheel chair. I wonder if that would work.....

i think budds was the worst, because he never got a chance to fight back like all of them

Heaven's Sword
Board with nails into your temple. Poor Gogo, she was my favorite character!

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