end at 4???

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is it true that they're gonna end the movies at #4??????

I very much doubt it, as dan radcliffe has already been asked if he'd be interested in doing all seven


There will be a fifth movie because from what I heard, Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley already signed for the fifth. They're only waiting for Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe to decide if they would do it or not (both of them are taking one step at a time).

And also, the actor who plays Sirius Black in the POA film said that he cannot wait to play in the fifth movie as his character makes an important appearance in OOTP.

OOTP: The Order of the Phoenix will be using Sirius Black's home as headquarters. It will be an important setting. And something happens to Sirius in the fifth book/movie that will forever change Harry's life.

yep... i liked if they change daniel...

No, I want the three of them to remain as Harry, Ron & Hermione no Won't be the same with anyone else acting their roles

i want emma 2 continue (cause she's young) rupert is ok too, but harry is suppose to b the main character so it have to be young, can u imagine harry in book 5 with like 17 years... it just doesn't work, and daniel have sure changed a lot since movie 1 (A LOT) and emma haven't change so much...

Not necessery, they just have to find other talented acters, cause with the time none of them: dan, rup, ema would able to play well the chracters cause they will all be to grown for the roles.

can't wait for OOTP movie! big grin

it'll be tha best smile

....yeah i also heard that they might swap 2 a diff harry and all that "coz they r growing up"....but isn't that THE WHOLE POINT?????.........LOL

if they keep the pace as it is one movie a yr it will b ok cuz most of the actors are growing at the same rate as there characters

im on fire but i dont think im ready to bust a movie check it out im rocking steady! Happy Dance

1) 5th movie comes out in 2007.
2) i'm glad rupert signed on!
3) excerpt from entertainment weekly: Alas, Black is killed in book 5. How did Oldman take the news? "I wore a black armband for a week."

i think that what he did was amazing. after one movie of playing sirius, gary oldman is already connected 2 his character soooo much. i thought it was great that he did that.

I think there would be an outrage with Harry Potter fans if they weren't planning to do all 7 movies. Hopefully Rowlings will get the last two books written soon.

Yeah she's certainly taking her time writing...I don't want them to change the actors...I heart them...JDG I didn't know you went on the HP forum?! o well...

SPOILERS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sooo sad about Sirius in the 5th book..............................I think he isent really dead cuz u never saw his dead body and about what luna lovegood said...about how if u loose sometj9ing it always turns up somewhere...so im thinking jk.rowling might have put that there on perpous

i believe that u dont need 2 c 2 believe (although it might help). i think jkr confirmed his death. b4 the book came out, she said she cried while writing the character's death. but i do like that idea with what luna said...mayb it might b 4 something else

i really don't think it would be the same w/o the same actors and actress...but JKR better write fast, cuz when the movies catch up to the books theres definately gunna be a problem w/ the actors looking too old...

i prefer if they change harry, i dont really like him, i think emma is getting better and rup i think is the best one for ron, i don't think there could be anyone better for ron, and for hermine 2..but harry could be better

they beta make all 7 movies cuz wat bout the people that don't read the books but are intrested in the movie .....


rumor has it that rupert grint has signed on 4 the next movie

dan and emma arent deciding anything right now. plus the stduio is debating whether the three should continue on with the movies.

im not burlyman
I think they should just keep making them until punkyhermy kills Emma

Furious Angel
yes me tooyes

ok if that's the situation then emma wont make it 2 the end of 4th movie shooting.

im not burlyman
did someone say shooting?! ninja

eek! i love shooting!!ninja

i hope they meant shooting as a film

i meant that

cool i knew u did really ....lol

GARY OLDMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eek!

I'm not the biggest HP fan, but I'll watch any and every movie wtih Gary Oldman. Best actor since Christopher Walken. His villains f*ckin rock. (I know, Sirius is not a villain). Alan Rickman(Snape) is also a great friggin actor(plays a great villain also...notice a trend? Yea, i go for the villain)

Book 5 was sad! He was my favorite character next to Snape. Harry and the others can shove it. Well, im liking Harry more as he gets older, but when the first books came out, I didn't really care for him.

u sound just like me i think those are my fav characters too snape then sirius and gary and alan are to of my fav british actors eva

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