how did spidey make his costume???

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how the hell did he make such a top quality costume? he is just a high school kid!!!

Yeah. He couldn't have made by himslef. He probably booked it somewhere, that means somebody knows he's the spider-man.

did you seriously start a thread for this? its not that hard to sew you guys!

read the comics. he made it himself.

Red Superfly
The Spider-granted him web-weaving abilities right? Maybe the spider granted him special knitting powers too.

MUAHAHAHAHAH LOL superfly. i love reading ur posts.

I never had the chance to read SM comics sad


Well his costume in the movie rocks so I doubt he could of made it on his own. And if he did then it would have taken him months but it took him like, 2 days. Also he obviously made more then one.

ok....this is pointless. If we're dealing with a genius-kid who can make webbing, webshooters, spider-tracers, chemical compounds, and other elecctrical devices....I don't think he'd have a problem with sewing. And who knows, maybe he started visiting that tailor guy who makes costumes for many Marvel characters (graphics novel--Amazing Spiderman: Happy Birthday). I just think it should smell pretty bad being in that thing all the time...

Didn't MJ make one or so for him as well later on?

No, Felicia made him a costume out of what the symbiote looked like on him. Also, I find it hard to think that, no matter HOW good of a sewer (heh heh) he might be, he could cover it with plastic lines that fit PERFECTLY over the web pattern. Also, it had like a brick pattern on it if you look really close.

In the comics, it aslo said he experimented with a "store-bought" costume and it didn't work. It didn't fit. The gloves and boots kept seperating from the rest of it.

The ONLY way he could pull off the costume being custom-made without giving away his identity would be to have a network of people pick up each one, have it in a sealed paper bag which gets handed off (go to the tailor's at 2:30 and ask for package 1147, bring it to Grand Central, where someone will be waiting for you, etc.)

I think biznizman means the costume in the movie, so the webshooters and others things you mentioned wouldn't count.

He had it made, but he wore his crap outfit that he wrestled in, when he went to the knitters place, so they didn't know his secret identity.. Problem solved.

mega vegetrunks
well actually he did it him self and changed his uniform fom wrestling so no one new it was him it took him about two three months and they only reason he became spiderman the super hero was because hi uncle been died.

Okay, according to the official novel for the Spider-Man 2 movie, at the point in Spider-Man 1 where Peter actually decides to become a hero rather than a wrestler, he got his "official" costume made for him. This quote is taken wholesale from the novel by Peter David:

"He'd gotten it from a costume-maker, actually. On the night he'd trounced pro wrestler "BoneSaw" McGraw one of BoneSaw's victims - The Flying Dutchman - had been so grateful to Peter for taking BoneSaw apart that he'd referred Peter to a tailor who happened to be the Dutchman's brother. "You need anything if you turn pro, we'll take care of you," the groaning Dutchman had assured him as they loaded him into an ambulance.
He'd been as good as his word. When, a week later, Peter - still wearing his identity-obscuring hooded wrestling outfit - had shown up at the tailor's shop with his drawings of the ideal costume, the tailor had set to work and produced two identical outfits, free of charge. One had been hopelessly trashed in Peter's final confrontation with the Goblin, and he was wearing the second.
He wasn't about to explain all that to some guy in an elevator."

So after that is explained to the reader, Spider-man, in costume, claims to the guy in the elevator that he made the costume himself, so I suppose (at least for the movie costumes) you can take either verision, either the wrestling talior version, or the Pete-made-it version (which is far more faithful to the comics.)

I thought that was a pretty cool way for him to have gotten the costume. It also added a little bit of humor to the whole thing.

Red Superfly
Just a funny observation while we are talking about Peter being so careful about hiding his identity..........

(referring to the film)

When Peter asks for his money (wearring the crappy outfit) he takes his mask off! He was called Spider-man, and did all the things Spider-man can do in public.

Now considerring how sleazy and how much of a sell-out the conning promoter was - wouldn't he just use the fact he has seen Spiderman (you know, the guy who shows up days or weeks later fighting crime, with the exact same name and super-powers as the wrestler he hired). It was something I never understood about the movie, such a stupid mistake. Even the cops saw his face. Now considerring the same cops were probably chasing him, and then theres the cops who would have seen him at the warehouse - they would put two and two together, and they'd go and find this promoter and find out who he was - putting up an e-fit of Spiderman because about four people got a good look at his face.

All because the moviemakers didn't THINK!

And to stay on topic: Aunt May's sewing techniques + Spider web weaving powers = TAILOR-MAN!

Is he strong? Listen bud, he's got radioactive blood
Can he stitch? Can he thread? He made the duvet for Aunt May's bed
Look out! Here comes the Tailor-Man!

the cops didnt saw his face he got away first. they jsut pointed the holo on him

In case there are people who find this costume-thing amusing or absurd, I don't know what's so funny about Spider-Man making his own costumes ? Ever thought how Batman makes his outfits ? I don't think he will be up all night, needles and pieces of cloth all around. He probably just orders a costume from some expensive tailor, or has his scientific team create something.

Since Spider-Man is, apart from his powers, just a - mostly broke -human , it's very logical he creates his costume all by himself. Who should do it in his place ? His secret identity is supposed to remain a secret, you know...

(I'm talking about the comic Spider-Man, not the movie Spider-Man).

Red Superfly
No they didn't NEED to see his face.


Those cops would say: "Hey we saw a guy in red and blue with a big spider symbol on his chest" and would make a description of him.

The cops that saw him down at the indy wrestling fed would obviously hear about this "suspect" obviously, and say "Hey we saw a guy wearring that same outfit, we saw his face he had brown hair and was late teens"

They'd go to the wrestling fed, where there would be a big investigation -because both the crook that was killed and Peter were seen there.

Couple of weeks, Spiderman shows up catching crooks. Spiderman would be wanted for questioning about a murder and being an accomplice to an armed robbery. They would know Spiderman is white, has brown hair and is a teenager. His friends and family obviously worry about Peter as he is, they'd probably start putting two and two together eventually, especially Harry.

Think about it - all my friends have also said the movie did this too openly. It's really stupid and makes the cops look like a bunch of dipsh*ts.

Stormy Day
Actually the way they explain it in the second movie is that he went to a sewing person or something with his already cheap mask on and he asked the guy to make him one.The guy made him two for free.

they didnt see his emblem, it was too dark he was inded the compound,. also in the fed they(cops) didnt saw his emblem cos it was under his jacket and cloth...........the mistakes in the movie are, they one u pointed about the guy dont explore peter identity.....but come to thing of he may have died of subit stroke.......or even got scare to death that the boy woulkd kill him too.
the bigger fault was the lunch room scene.......that was made for comedy purpose only ina tenn way. cos **** everyone saw him beating thompson, fliping in a 3 way mortal, and carrynng a thing in web shape on HIS HANDS!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHRGGGHH (even at the theater i complained that to myself)
this is going offtopic u know.............

here it is

noe tell me you can identify his wrestling emblem?
as for knowledgment this scene was edited and they blurred his emblem for the purpose you mentioned. and the face as you see he hide.

Stormy Day
I dont understand confused

Red Superfly
He's in a red and blue costume, thats' a pretty vivid ID.

Also, the cops chasing the cab would have seen A MAN SWINGING THROUGH THE AIR AND LAND ON THE BLOODY CAB!

I think they'd put two and two together that the guy they saw CHASING the villain would have also STAYED with the villain up to the warehouse.

Give cops some credit man.

Stormy Day
stick out tongue

tell me the truth would you realise a red and blue fliying thing is a man, and that man should be a wrester? cos they dint have a big glance on him, he fleed away too fast over the rooftops.
remember nothing like that existed on the word, they couold though it was a alien, and tell me who would believe them,? or like daredevil , a understand my point now? red

Stormy Day
I still dont get it confused

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