Bonnie Wright... whatcha think?

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Haven't seen a thread about her before... So yeah... What do you people think about her?

She hasn't said much in the movies... She's mostly in the background... But has any of you watched her other movie (Stranded)? And did you see her in POA? With that one line (portrait scene), I think she delivered it very well!! (loved her facial expression!) I really think they made a good decision of choosing Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley.... I love her as much as I do Rupert Grint! =) Can't wait to see more of her in the GoF movie... So far, she's only had 5 lines in all 3 movies sad

who's bonnie wright? messed

^^ She plays Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films

oh! right... anyway i think she's cool wink rock

i like her alot.She seems very sensible and down to earth And she is a capable actor.

I like what I've seen....but I can't really judge seeing as her part in the films (as you said) is mainly background.

really? 5 lines?! doesnt seem that much. and yes, she is a very good actress. even though she had 1 line in this movie, she delievered it well and didnt let the fact that it was her only line in the movie let her say it just plainly.

shes cool ....

1st movie -
"Good luck"

2nd movie -
"Mummy, have you seen my jumper?,

"It was me Harry, I did it. I opened the Chamber of Secrets. But I swear, I didn't mean to. Riddle made me."

"And Harry, you're hurt!"

3rd movie -
"The fat lady's missing!"

(I don't know if that's accurate.. but that's all I can remember... lol...)

shes done pretty damn well for not having a huge amount of movie making experience. i think shes going to grow up very sucessful. shes getting better!! and ginny gets more involved in the 4th and 5th books so lets hope they'll give her her spotlight time ^_^

i swear she said more! must b because she's relevant 2 the plot in CoS. o well. and ladyslytherin, i hope so 2!

yeah shes awes0me!!!!!!!!!!!!
and shes the only actress in all three movies that is the same age as me! woo-hoo!

How old is she? What other film has she been in?

She's 13 this year. She plays young Sarah in the movie "Stranded"

Looks like she's 13 and was also in something on TV called "Stranded." She was young Sarah in it. That's all I've been able to find.

I think she's doing really well and even though I didn't even notice her in movie 1 or 3, in number 2 she really stood out because as was mentioned before she was an integral part of the plot regardless of the limited dialogue lol.

I definitely look forward to seeing her more in movies 4&5 though because she becomes more of a dominant character especially when she doesn't have a crush on Harry anymore and hence is more confident to speak up. Plus, she seems so wise and down to earth in those books and people listen to her and she provides a female counterpart to support Hermoine as Harry & Ron are pretty much a duo within the trio. Basically, I think we can expect good things to come from Ginny smile

very true ... but i dont blame her for not fancing harry ne more......... ergh

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