Maybe this?

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Well, we all know that, on that one night when james and lily died,

lily was with harry, and james defended the door

ergo- james died first, then lily.

In GoF when the spirits of those voldemort had killed were coming from his wand, james came out before lily, meaning he died after her.

theres a few things i think about this.

maybe james survived the first aveda, like harry did, maybe its justa potter thing, making it possible for neville to be voldys bane.
why would it be a potter thing...well rumours are that harry is a decendant of slytherin, or gryffindor
being a decendant of one of these would prove a 'reasonable' sxplanation.

or maybe harry uses a timeturner, in his seventh year
being old enough, and being the double of his father, maybe witnesses saw harry at the door, harry dies, lily is killed, james discovers them and is killed.

therefore leading to a good reason for harry to die,

it also means voldemort eventually wins

After all, even harry cant tell the difference between himself and his dad from a distance, POA remember, and he has seen his dad in photos and in the mirror of erised.

also the only witnesses would be from a distance, nobdoy is going to want to get too close to voldemort and the death eaters are they

voldy somewhere in PS says he killed james first (thanks exa smile)

Well maybe he thought he had, aftrer all he hasnt SEEN the grown up harry yet, so he wouldnt know any better.

although when james DID actually arrive, how would voldy explain that,

maybe he thought it was a dummy, a close friend using a pollyjuice potion perhaps...just to throw him off the trail

The exact quote (I knew it was somewhere in there stick out tongue )

"I killed your father first and he put up a courageous fight... but your mother needn't have died"

freaky, sometimes i think that JK made a mistake but know that she realize that she's gonna come up with some lame excuse...

:exa- good detective work love *gives a nice lovely jewel*

That is really good detective work! I wonder if it really means something.

i don't think it means anything it would be kewl if it does smile but don't think so tho... roll eyes (sarcastic) confused

Why dont you think os?

cause do u think that james is alive??? it would change the book waaaaay too much, and it's a bit late for that dont u think?

actually, if u have a copy of the hardcover 4th book u can c that james comes out then lily. then in the paperback version, lily comes out then james.

whats hardcover? messed

laughing love thx stick out tongue

But you're the one who did the detective work smile

Hmm, that's interesting... You mean the hardcover that was published first?
Seems like it was really just a mistake
Does the context also change in the paperbacks?

It was an editing mistake which the first publications of GoF are full of. This was corrected in subsequent versions. Lily really was killed after James, so she should have got the line, "your father's coming, it'll be all right. He wants to see you."

Oh- alright
but i dont have the paperback i have the hardback and still james is out first.

But why would JK make such a huuuuge mistake

I dunno but i read the harcover and the other book and they were the same...

Welcome back saurons chance at being hailed amazingly amazing

it is too strange.

but theoretically you r right. blink

yeah but i think that if voldy was looking for two of the most loved wizards
people are gonna protect them

there was the whole spell thing, maybe some old class mates were using a pollyjuice look like lily and/or james

or maybe thats what voldy thought
he kills harry
he kills lily
he kills james

he thinks there were two james's/ meaning one oculd be using a pollyjuice potion

which could be one of the missing death eaters in book 4 who was actually one of james's friends, after all snape wouldnt be the only spy would he.

i thought the second missing deatheater was karakoff (sorry, wh have different spelling) i mean that krum's headmister.

The Ones
if he killed the grown up harry first. wouldnt he have come out the wand?

no because for that to happen harry would have to have already gone back and be killed

i dont know how to explain it, its time- its unexplainable

sombody get my good mate stephen in here, nothing good old mr hawes cant explain

i though the missing death eater was SNAPE.................. cuz he's playing both sides (in a way...but ultimately on the good side)

The Innkeeper
Snape-the one who betrayed him-
Karkaroff- the one who deserted him

but im sure there was more than two missing spaces

I wouldn't doubt.......

Hey Y'all

My sister and I were debating the other night what might happen during the sixth and seventh books. We figured that the time turner may be involved.

Since harry knows about the time turner, common sense would tell us that he'd at least be interested in going back in time to try to kill voldy before he kills James and Lily. But being that, in the third book, that what happened in 'realtime' and while they were using the time turner happened at the exact same time, my theory would not work. Because James & Lily came out of Voldy's wand, and if Harry did go back and do that, then he would not have a scar, and the history of Harry Potter as we know it would be so much different--and that's not happening at the same time. As a matter of fact, why would Harry be smiling while Voldy was approaching him? Maybe he saw someone else?

But just think-- the time turner and the order of the phoenix; what about Neville? What will the Harry Potter club's involvement be? The possibilities are so mind boggling, I cannot see straight.

What about if a wizard or two dies while being 'pollyjuiced'--would the pollyjuiced version of the wizard preserve and come out of the wand? Maybe Harry was able to get his parents into hiding and got two people to sacrifice their lives with the pollyjuice potion, and then let voldy do his thing to Harry.

Speaking of wandless magic, doesn't harry potter do that at home during the summer?

The Innkeeper
Harru for his dad
and hermy for his mam because harry nd hermy couple up wink stick out tongue

What about snape and karkaroff? Just a thought...

But then the story must be a bit different! in the hard cover, James comes out and says something like"Your mothers coming, she wants to see you..."
What does Lily say when she comes out first in the Paperback version?

Oops, sorry embarrasment I should have read through the whole thread before posting. I know the answer now, so don't bother answering me. big grin

Ya, it was just an editing mistake on JK's side of things, prolly wrote it at 4 in the morning and wasnt paying attention lol

All sounds like really cool info ( mistakes could happen for a reason )

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