Thunderbirds (2004)

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Its now become a movie!!! But is anyone interested in it? Post your thoughts on it........

i will eat crap before seeing this movie

A solid 3/4 don't know what The Thunderbirds is, much less, alive when they were popular. That said, this looks to be better suited for straight to video.

I am a Sock
I saw a trailer for it. it's just another Spy Kids movies. I would rather eat crap than see it

It looks so ........stupid. TO tell u the truth it really could of been direct to video. It doesnt have the potential to be a blockbuster. I bet it wont even get passed 30 million at US theathres.

You mean this is a live action version of the puppet Thunderbirds? The "Thunderbirds are Go!", Thunderbirds? The Thunderbirds, were their strings were visible at all times?

I see, well, then this is definately headed for movie purgatory.

Nah its not, its like the other poster said 'its like another spy kids' movie!

Just to clarify, after some research, this is indeed a live action raping of a beloved Sci Fi show starring puppets. This movie will bomb before it even hits theatres.

THESE..ladies and gentlemen, are the Thunderbirds *I* grew up on.

Hey! It's the Thunderbirds eek!

Those puppets were my favorites! Can't remenbe much of the shows, but I do remenber the Thunderbirds.

im not burlyman
This is a slaughter cry Lady Penelope's car does NOT fly!
and to make it worse Busted have done the themetune roll eyes (sarcastic)

What does F.A.B. mean......i have no idea and it's pissin me off alot...

I thought it was a straight to DVD animated, and that was it. You're all saying that was from before and now there's a live action movie coming out?

dude, the orginal thunderbirds crap was hard enough to sit through when HBO shoved re-runs down our throats. Now there is a steriod injected flick of thunderbirds, ooh wow. I mean wasnt this movie already tried, wasnt it called lost in space? Didnt that movie blow hard enough for studious to put two and two together? i guess not. Why did Bill Pxton have to put himself in this movie? He was doing so good, now were back to square one.

Never fancied the series much, and I don't suppose this will be any better.

Mighty Yoda
Am i the only one that liked the movie

Mighty Yoda
Am i the only one that liked the movie

why yes, yes u are

Looking at a movie like this makes me wonder what these movie people are on because I want some!

Mighty Yoda
just seen it again

To quote Jimmy Kimmel. "If you strapped my balls to a cannonball and fired it through the doors of the movie theater, you couldn't get me to see this movie."

Mighty Yoda
everyone has thery're own opioion

Hi, new to the board. I was just discussing this movie the other day. I didn't go to see it and was not around for the old t.v. series - so my question is, are people not seeing it because it's trying to update itself into the Spy Kids genre (in a lame attempt to attract younger audiences and appear updated/hip) or because it's puppets?

I saw the old movies in a box set today for $30,(thats cheap in ausstralian currency)

Mighty Yoda
i can't wait until the movie comes out on dvd

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